Silver Knight Armor (Special Ver)
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zacharyb 1 小时以前 
i get the same vision thing
Mormon Jesus 7月24日上午4:41 
I don't know if that's an issue with my game only, but the neck piece of the armour seems to block my field of view... also, you should add complete sets to all categories, like black wings for the black knight, helm and helmet variations for all sets, and maybe some colour matching weapons and shields. Otherwise, great mod. 4/5
ing_gongora 7月22日下午11:02 
this is a excelent mod, great job
BlackIrelia 7月20日下午7:57 
So it seems like there are no wings for the daedric set? I finally made it and i'm kinda disappointed :(
Aldyei 7月20日下午2:09 
great mod, it just takes alot of space in the screen when in first person view
De_Spencer 7月19日下午7:53 
is this heavy or light armour?
SaunaSteem 7月18日上午3:37 
I would love it if the hand models could be worked on when i am about to cast a 2 handed spell with the silver guannlets my hands look like potatoes as well as my finger tips sorta float off when running or moving with a 2h spell
ΘthetaΘ 7月17日上午3:13 
i like it a lot but supper buggy, my head doesnt appear whene you look down half the screen is blocked and you cant see anything while aming with the bow, plz fix
[ Jagged ] 夢幻刀_S3 7月16日上午7:29 
MadMarbleHead 7月15日下午12:55 
While this is good armor when I look down it takes up half my screen.
Roos Skywalker 7月15日上午8:53 
Too bad about the Nexus though.
rodriguezjefferson00 7月11日下午8:47 
The rusted helm makes the whole head dissapear when you put it on. Not really a big deal if you're just gonna make the final set, but it may be a little annoying if you are doing it in the beginning of a new game. Fantastic armor though. Definately going to get a five star rating from me.
Charlesman30 7月11日下午12:02 
It has to be a filled soul gem
lonewolf19982 7月11日上午11:45 
Where it is ?
Frodo Baggins 7月9日下午9:12 
I can't craft the helmet for some reason... it refuses to realize I have a common soul gem
ying_ko13 7月9日下午8:39 
Have crafted armor and it is great.
ying_ko13 7月9日下午12:12 
Really nice sword.
ying_ko13 7月9日下午12:11 
So, where does one find this rusted light armor?
ying_ko13 7月9日上午9:16 
Fantastic! Gorgeous! Intimidating.
Mr. Blue 7月8日上午11:56 
Does anyone know if there's a version of this for the CBBE body mod?
RaZe 7月7日下午1:59 
why does my dlc not load anymore? i lost all my armor and weapons and now im sad :( how do i get it back? and i cant load shit it just crashes.
Lumieré 7月6日下午9:27 
errr when you equip the armor and go in first person view there is a black area bug when you look abit down can you fix this thanks
Wadjo 7月6日下午2:41 
Find the item id of the wings (for example by typing in help rusted in the console, the start of the id is different for different people depending on your load order and number of mods).
With the console open, click Serana once (you should see her item id written out near the middle of the screen). She should now be selected and be the target for commands without a specified target (unlike the player.giveitem-commands for example).
Type in unequipitem ######## 1 or removeitem ######## 1 and replace ######## with the id of the wings.
As always, quicksave before trying any console commands!
Best of luck!
Kjelsberg 7月5日上午7:43 
Gave a pair of Rusted Wings to my follower Serana for transporting purposes. She put them on, but I'm not able to remove them from her inventory again, they don't show up when I try to trade them back. Any easy way of getting rid of them?
.:xlow:. 7月2日上午7:31 
Bad texture with Baiyin Knight Helmet ! plz do sthng.
Jadonson 7月1日上午12:47 
Awesome armor, but the 1st person HUD has some issues. When i look down, this black box covers the bottom part of the screen, almost as if im clipping inside my armor just to look down. It's a minor bug, but still is annoying.
Toasty Bird 6月29日下午6:33 
The reason everybody seems able to only craft the rusted armor is because the other armors require you to be able to smith Ebony armor, Daedric armor, and Dragon armor.
Aristeede 6月28日下午8:17 
who i become the rusted items for build the armor ??????
Brockster99 6月28日下午8:08 
using the whiterun skyforge, with the elven smithing perk i can still only make rusted armor, the holy wings and the two greatswords.
areig1996 6月26日下午7:02 
the hilt of the sword is equal to that of castlevania
Sniperowned 6月26日下午4:55 
this would go fantastic with my Dawnbreaker
Mrmann558 6月24日下午1:32 
great armor, is there a silver knights helm?
libertador1996 6月24日上午11:30 
it´s so beautifull armor
Zimthose 6月18日下午7:59 
i cant find the ID numbers
masadasgirl 6月18日上午6:34 
Same here. I found the wings but no other part of the Holy version...just Rusted.
darkknight957 6月17日下午5:04 
I am thinking about using your armor in one of my mods I don't make amor mods I modify NPCs and game settings would that be ok with you?
Icewulve 6月17日上午11:10 
it takes the necklace slot. it should be enchantable
darkknight957 6月16日下午8:35 
if you type help "name" 4 in console you should be able to find the ID number
Vectoro 6月16日上午12:56 
@enlapucha I'm not the author but I think I can anser that. The wings are equiped in a non-standard equipment slot in the miscellaneous category, which makes them unenchantable. It's so you can't just have every enchantment by making a bunch of equipment slots and enchanting an item in each.
lakeonn 6月15日下午8:18 
good mod
IllumiNotYi 6月15日下午1:18 
item ID's would be nice
enlapucha 6月13日下午4:25 
nice mod, just one thing, i can't enchant the wings, is this meant to be normal or do i have a problem?
KnightValour 6月12日下午9:11 
Very nice and very detailed. Kudos!
TheAutoRebeler147 6月12日上午5:57 
i cant smith them anybody ave any idea why
Malfunctioning_asian 6月10日上午4:31 
How do you make the holy armor? I can only find rusted.
Darthtaiter 6月9日上午11:09 
Just installed it, off to go make myself some of this gorgeous armor.... it looks soooooo beautiful. JackGa-san, thank you so much for working so hard on creating so many lovely mods, including this on. (bows)
TheDragonFruite 6月9日上午11:01 
i like how you can only make rusty items...
Khorne God of Blood 6月7日下午4:02 
The armor looks like it has alot of love put into it, great job.
Nemesis 6月7日下午3:57 
I assume this mod needs an update. Helmet is invisible, unless it doesn't work for any beast race.
The Ruski 6月7日上午9:08 
bros i cant find the rusted armor anywhere do you make it? or do you find it off enemies?