Portal 2
Toxic tales
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Little Box  [auteur] 19 mrt 2015 om 12:11nm 
@daloboy: Great job on the first part. I didn't think of that :D
daloboy 18 mrt 2015 om 5:38nm 
Was fun! Did not have to do the first part. My solution . Thanks.
Little Box  [auteur] 17 apr 2013 om 11:51vm 
Thank you Knckout Mouse. You could check out the other toxic tales items, or the whole collection in my library.

Knockout Mouse 16 apr 2013 om 5:54nm 
Very nice use of hammer to customize the chamber! Caught me by surprise :o)

I kept bumping my head and landing in the goo while trying to make the last step in the final room. Thought I was doing it wrong at first, but I managed to succeed after two or three tries. Good challenges all around!
LeeDavis 15 feb 2013 om 8:38vm 
Please...make the hardest map you can think of...I need some brain exercise.
Little Box  [auteur] 15 feb 2013 om 8:07vm 
Initially I wanted to make it harder. But I thought it would rip it's fun away...
LeeDavis 14 feb 2013 om 10:17nm 
Just read the descriptin...lol funny
LeeDavis 14 feb 2013 om 10:11nm 
Uh! yea...not that hard..but I've played so many P2 maps...it is hard to be creative. However, it was still fun..did it twice.