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Plazma Being
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felixwunderlichgames  [auteur] 3 feb om 3:52nm 
Hi Keroppi! It will be coming out on Steam on the 9th February.
Keroppi 3 feb om 2:16nm 
So it's greenlit, and it's completed. So when is it going to get published on Steam?
Scarabarada 26 jan om 10:45vm 
Dream Of A Freshwater Eel =BB$= 29 dec 2014 om 5:05nm 
great game!
Old Man 16 dec 2014 om 7:59vm 
Great game. Hope this gets Greenlit!
devotee 13 dec 2014 om 5:52nm 
Voted! Good luck!
KyleTheCreator 13 dec 2014 om 4:29nm 
Dream Of A Freshwater Eel =BB$= 11 dec 2014 om 11:00vm 
Nice One!!
kelicottia 9 dec 2014 om 1:33nm 
S.T.E.E.L.N.A.I.L. 8 dec 2014 om 3:51vm 
FRiTZΛK 5 dec 2014 om 1:37nm 
voted! :D
RossJessMusic 5 dec 2014 om 12:53nm 
Nice Game Vote this all
FreshDevil 4 dec 2014 om 8:11nm 
gwadakidd 3 dec 2014 om 11:25vm 
felixwunderlichgames  [auteur] 3 dec 2014 om 9:43vm 
Thanks kirbman101 :-D And thanks to all for the votes and comments!
_Mister TIN_ 3 dec 2014 om 5:23vm 
хорошая игра
Daniel4ik 3 dec 2014 om 1:28vm 
Hm.... So, unusual and fantastic game. I'm choosing you! x)
Сандро 2 dec 2014 om 10:25nm 
Шурик 2 dec 2014 om 10:20nm 
kirbman101 2 dec 2014 om 7:53nm 
How has this not been greenlit yet? This is one of the best looking games on greenlight.
KyleTheCreator 27 nov 2014 om 12:06nm 
KITSUNE up !! 31 okt 2014 om 3:39vm 
Looks cool
giperboloid01 5 okt 2014 om 2:16nm 
хорошо пойдёт на смартфонах и планшетах
gokuexe 28 sep 2014 om 3:37nm 
Looks very good ^^
Davey Darko 27 sep 2014 om 1:10nm 
Looks good. Please consider a Linux port for us penguins. :)
THE_MAN 27 sep 2014 om 3:23vm 
Nice game
felixwunderlichgames  [auteur] 26 sep 2014 om 1:23nm 
Thanks for the votes and comments guys :-)
syky_finisher 26 sep 2014 om 12:36nm 
I like it!
Moodbug 22 sep 2014 om 6:55nm 
good luck
Venicia @ Dancetour AFK 22 sep 2014 om 1:18nm 
+ 1 vote :)
Sam Stone 20 sep 2014 om 12:12vm 
yuccatoo 18 sep 2014 om 9:38nm 
looks fine
GameDemonKing 18 sep 2014 om 5:13nm 
danalyze 18 sep 2014 om 5:10nm 
Awesome game!Bought it through Groupees's ShinyLoot Bundle 7 and dailyindiegame.com's The DIG Super Bundle 2.Voted and Best wishes!
devotee 18 sep 2014 om 2:16nm 
Voted, came here from Groupees!
WanderRook 18 sep 2014 om 2:12nm 
+1 voted yes
sarsbaby 2 sep 2014 om 11:28vm 
Beelzee 31 aug 2014 om 10:27nm 
Прикольная стилистика)
felixwunderlichgames  [auteur] 20 aug 2014 om 7:02vm 
Thanks Zeph3r :)
Zeph3r 19 aug 2014 om 9:21vm 
Hey there, didn't see your greenlight until now but I voted and hope you get on steam ;)
55 11 aug 2014 om 10:53nm 
Mux 31 jul 2014 om 12:48nm 
Cool graffic and good gameplay
Nux 25 jun 2014 om 2:39nm 
Looks great!
Roger 25 jun 2014 om 7:35vm 
No mínimo, interessante.
Arczi 23 jun 2014 om 10:23vm 
Nexus13 22 jun 2014 om 9:24vm 
voted - love a cool platformer game with a touch of retro :)
SangeXx 22 jun 2014 om 6:17vm 
SoulRemaker 20 jun 2014 om 1:35vm 
Идея хорошая
Torgan 19 jun 2014 om 10:39nm 
Wolf 6 jun 2014 om 7:51vm