Mining Motherlode Mod (MMM)
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Evil-Fox 2013년 8월 9일 오후 8시 56분 
thats just a common glitch, leave the mine and re enter and it should work. as for mining in the wild, you got me how to fix it, I would just move on in that case.
Machika 2013년 5월 19일 오후 12시 48분 
I don't have this mod but I don't know if its me or the mods I currently have but some nodes don't let me mine them I just stand there. Then I get like a 2-3 sec pause then nothing. I think it seems to happen to the mining veins that are on the ground and not on walls.
SoftTouch 2013년 5월 18일 오후 7시 05분 
I feel that the speed is fine for getting 60 ore from 1 deposit, but u should make a dragonborn version of this mod... By the way this mod works great....
skorne_tetzu 2013년 2월 21일 오후 5시 59분 
Is this still being worked on???
Spicy Industrial Revolution 2013년 2월 16일 오후 5시 37분 
crashes on start :(
skorne_tetzu 2013년 2월 16일 오전 9시 31분 
I'm marking this as 'Favorite' so I can check back to see if what ever the problem is can get resolved. This is a Great Idea for a MOD, and would love to use it. Please don't give up on it!!!
James Bush 2013년 2월 16일 오전 3시 41분 
dont have dragonborn, but if its really a nice mod then i might try to do it again. :)
=HellFire= 2013년 2월 16일 오전 2시 51분 
I have Hearthfire and Dawnguard, crashes on that one.
AbsoluteMkoll  [작성자] 2013년 2월 16일 오전 2시 18분 
Hmmmm. The mod uses a new script thats packaged with the people that have been getting crashes have Dragonborn? I wonder if that has something to do with it.
=HellFire= 2013년 2월 16일 오전 12시 17분 
I can confirm that, crashes on loading the game. Bit of a shame really, since it's a nice mod and all that jazz.
James Bush 2013년 2월 15일 오후 11시 40분 
messed up my skyrim, may be a problem with your mod, maybe i'm just crazy.
SAdoS 2013년 2월 15일 오후 8시 43분 
Engineering, I need more speed!
NzAli* 2013년 2월 15일 오후 5시 35분 
missed0007 2013년 2월 15일 오후 2시 42분 
no longer trying crashes on load.
missed0007 2013년 2월 15일 오전 10시 20분 
missed0007 2013년 2월 15일 오전 10시 20분 
sounds good awfully tired of non respawn working mines&and 12x30 ft veins whack whack 3 ore sorry yu lost lotto
JackJames 2013년 2월 15일 오전 9시 18분 
Ikiro, I spoke with the author and he said he was thinking about making a realistic version.
Sonata Dusk 2013년 2월 15일 오전 3시 09분 
This seems good but im looking for something that simply makes the default Skyrim ore deposites respawn more quickly, Im tired of waiting months in-game... i play as an Arcane Smithy currently and it drives me up the wall that after 2 trips i need to completly uproot and go elsewhere.

Im not sure if im reading right but this mod seems to do more than just increase the frequency on ore respawn, Could you be a little more clear? (favourited, may subscribe when i know more)
Devourer 2013년 2월 14일 오후 7시 18분 
super speed mining ? were do i sign up :x u got my vote ~
RACCOON MAN 2013년 2월 14일 오후 6시 07분 
please add a super speed version
DarkHelmet 2013년 2월 13일 오후 7시 55분 
o and if you could make the ore glow and sparkle of some sort would be really cool also that way its not to easy to find and gives it a natural look
DarkHelmet 2013년 2월 13일 오후 7시 53분 
this mod sounds really really good idea it always made me angry that when you get to an ore mine that you can only get three ores from it. Now there was a mod that i had that let you get ten ores from a vien which was perfect for me but when hearthfire came out i could only get ten stone and clay from each location then i would have to wait for however amount of time it would take to reload itself which i why i uninstalled it. But if you can make this mod work with dragonborn and hearthfire i would be more then happy to install this mod and tell all my friends that play skyrim about it
Ikiro 2013년 2월 13일 오후 3시 06분 
I agree with jjames327, I want things to feel more realistic and speed would be weird. I just want a "mine" to function like an actual MINE, not something I can strip out in 15 seconds and only get 3 tiny bits of ore from. Did I mine it with a sponge or something? lol
Agretalien 2013년 2월 13일 오후 2시 11분 
Rocks and yeah, speed would me awesone buddy
ChromePlate 2013년 2월 13일 오전 8시 44분 
Just having ore is fine by me, no super speed is needed. :)
JackJames 2013년 2월 13일 오전 7시 29분 
I'm looking for realism... How much ore per node? And please don't add super speed.
Malaussene 2013년 2월 13일 오전 3시 24분 
thanks and superspeed would be appreciated
*BYE BYE* 2013년 2월 13일 오전 1시 27분 
nice thanks i always get angry for scrap of minimg a deposit now i can mine till my heart contents
Evil-Fox 2013년 2월 12일 오후 9시 27분 
super speed version, and hopfully works with mod deposits
Pyke dual 40 mode 2013년 2월 12일 오후 3시 07분 
This is nice. will subscribe
jwblaze 2013년 2월 12일 오후 2시 36분 
i'd love a super speed version and when you do can you add my name for the request plz just a favor