Slave Pack Riekling Porter
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sschubby 9 Mai às 21:49 
Can you make it so we can just have an army of these without the back pack?
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 16 Abr às 0:59 
If anyone has a problem of getting Wak Wak to follow you again or trying to get another pet to follow you use this.
Disable slavepack save then ''set playeranimalcount to 0'' then save then enable and do quest and then Wak Wak will follow you again.
It worked for some hopefully works for you.
Antares 15 Abr às 9:10 
@PROMETHEUS: HELP! i waitet month to finaly get to solstheim and try your fun looking mod -i thougjt it a great idea which looks to be created with a lot of love and humour!- and now: "Wak Wak nota worka!" tried everyhing that is usualy recomended. nada.
after i give him the bagga, he disapears, then reapears with bagga, then disappears from the clif and just sits to the right of the boat in a clump of gras (seen from the see) and thats it. cant talk to him, he dos'nt follow.
same thing happend to my friend, after first working fine for weeks. what is going on? major disapointment! can you help, please? thankyou.
nicnac98 7 Mar às 18:39 
*Drop kicks*
YourMomium 6 Mar às 22:59 
I love this mod
ManOnFire 21 Nov, 2014 às 3:05 
wtf i cant talk to him ;_;
ManOnFire 19 Nov, 2014 às 22:33 
The Otaku-est of Otaku 27 Set, 2014 às 17:42 
i dont know if this is explained or not but where is the wak wak island ?
:3 Late Page :3 24 Jul, 2014 às 11:56 
his voice cuts my ears
Mr. Pancake 13 Jul, 2014 às 23:58 
Can anyone pin point his exact location? First time playing this and i'm loving it..
paizuriprincess 26 Mai, 2014 às 17:35 
All this time I've been thinking he's in Skyrim. He's over in Raven Rock isn't he?
!!OrkoTheGreat!! 22 Abr, 2014 às 23:56 
When I tell him its time for him to go home he leaves my house :< where is my litle pack mule going if he is in dog slot of the companion, anyone else have that same problem please tell me the answer :3 I hate to lose the little guy :3 and I tell me he does not go back to his little island if I send him home XD
DBswag 14 Abr, 2014 às 16:26 
Cool idea but Sven is the only slave for me.
Captainflawless 26 Mar, 2014 às 18:17 
Nefnoj 21 Fev, 2014 às 19:41 
Is sweet little Wak-Wak compatible with any other weapons? I feel like his animations would work well with a good few axes.
Tycer 17 Fev, 2014 às 0:16 
Hes Like Smeegle From LOTR
Mjaowz 15 Fev, 2014 às 7:32 
where can i find him?
boii 8 Out, 2013 às 4:21 
The voice acting creeps me out.
-/Supernova\- 13 Set, 2013 às 4:15 
Talos Has Truly Blessed You.
With Amazingness
British Burger King 3 Set, 2013 às 7:54 
Amazing again promethus wows us! :D
mordachai 14 Ago, 2013 às 9:29 
@[L.o.N.] Butcher : That's the price we have to pay for Wak Wak accepting to be the dragonborn's slave and for dragging along that huge backpack, constantly trying to catch his breath and keeping up with his new master ;)
[Bro] Schwork 13 Ago, 2013 às 15:34 
I really love this mod but can you please do something against his loud breathing when hes next to you? its really annoying! (he sounds like he has a severe cold and just ran from morrowind to hammerfell in one go :p)
Crazy Bobert 8 Ago, 2013 às 8:28 
he will not follow me or do anything please help!
opino72 6 Ago, 2013 às 8:53 
Please : Make him following me if I have already a dog and a companion!
devanroth22 2 Ago, 2013 às 7:52 
I'm buying dragonborn now...
maxumous 30 Jul, 2013 às 6:32 
I come across that this mod is not stable. Game stutters with other mods. I have all DLC downloaded. I had to take this mod out of gameplay due to stutter.
Morte-360 29 Jul, 2013 às 17:06 
Reminds me so much of the gretchin ammo carriers from 40k.
cr0ssbone 26 Jul, 2013 às 13:32 
lol can you plzzz make him a playable race!!! goblins ftw:D
Nargoz 20 Jul, 2013 às 10:44 
looks like an awesome mod. sadly getting an error when trying to install this. saying something like "Steam error. could not subscribe to a file"
President_Sheogorath 8 Jul, 2013 às 5:06 
When I dismiss him he wont leave any help please.
theamazingspliff 7 Jul, 2013 às 2:33 
when im not in combat and drow my weapon he drow his spear..but when he fight the spear disapear and he punch withnhis fists..........?
Backdoor Tickles 28 Jun, 2013 às 22:51 
where is he????
Scrub_King 27 Jun, 2013 às 10:52 
near raven rock i think
Pistolwhip 10 Jun, 2013 às 11:01 
where is wak wak island
CTWombat 25 Mai, 2013 às 21:21 
lol i love it is there a way to get one that is compatible without dragonborn but is compatible with dawngaurd
jamison mcgraw 12 Mai, 2013 às 8:24 
my preseous
joseph_mcneely5 3 Mai, 2013 às 8:16 
Looks like a neat mod, but cant get passed bethesda start screen while this mod is loaded.
Silvrskull 2 Mai, 2013 às 8:28 
xtalon you just have to many mods lol i have the same problems every now and then with my skyrim cause there is so much to load ingame
Brother Malachai 25 Abr, 2013 às 5:17 
Does this guy use armor or weapons any? :?
Talon 13 Abr, 2013 às 7:24 
Does this mod conflict with anything because for some reason when i d/l this mod it caused all my towns to become very choppy when i enter them and when i turned the mod off it was fixed. Was just wondering since my game is heavily modded and really wanted him as a follower =/ and yes i have dragonborn dlc.
MrBigly 12 Abr, 2013 às 20:57 
he can die or no
Thakiin (SWE) 5 Abr, 2013 às 8:35 
How Many Ibs Can He Carry? :)
Ghost 4 Abr, 2013 às 2:53 
Mechwarrior94, that happened to me too. Reinstalled the game and all mods, i can play now with this mod installed. Only problem is i cant find the bastard
Mechwarrior94 3 Abr, 2013 às 7:45 
while this mod is loaded in data, I can't seem to get passed the bethesda splash screen (causes crash)/ I removed it for now until fixed
genghis1964 5 Mar, 2013 às 7:05 
having had a chance to use this now It is a great,fun Mod and very useful. I had the odd problem where he wouldn respond but this seems to have righted itself. The lil guy is also very useful in a fight. His eavy breathing a la sex pest is rather tedious and annoying but overall this is a fabulous Mod. thank you :)
genghis1964 4 Mar, 2013 às 12:28 
for those still bewildered Wak Wak island is just off the coast in Solstheim opposite the earth stone -you will see camp fire smoke rising, its literally 50yards offshore.
Abu 2 Mar, 2013 às 7:21 
Otherwies a great mod, but the rapid breathing is very annoying. Please make him so that Wak Wak dosen't make breathing sounds.
GeorgesGreatGifts 1 Mar, 2013 às 23:28 
I dont know if this is too hard but maybe if possible to give Wak Wak a bristleback to ride. If thats possible ill defiently buy dragornborn dlc. :)
Sgt.Shultz 27 Fev, 2013 às 20:20 
If he doesn't fallow you, try this, it helped me. Go to the console command (tab) and type this: Set PlayerAnimalCount to 0 (he should be able to fallow you now. Caps don't matter.
OnionOfShame 27 Fev, 2013 às 15:12 
Those short little racist bastards!