Legionary Vanguard Armor
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bigmadoggg 1月6日 22時44分 
/ \
SirThomas 2014年11月7日 4時06分 
Super good job again. Thanks!
Aristedes 2014年10月28日 8時17分 
it looks good but the breast plate looks way too tight on the body. the reason most knight armor have that big bow is so they have room for their chest to breath. Also does a good job of deflecting arrows.
KingOf Things 2014年10月22日 5時52分 
this mod is sick its kinda a cross between gondor armour and legionare armour i liek it
ExplosiveFirehawk 2014年10月21日 17時21分 
Hey, what is the animation mod you are using?
ExplosiveFirehawk 2014年10月21日 17時19分 

If I knew how to make interiors and quests (And dialouge), then I'd definitely consider a campaign including this armor. And even if I don't learn, then do, this is one of the most excuisite works that I have seen!
Vixus 2014年9月23日 2時24分 
Can you make this a replacer for Imperial Armor? pls? imperial vanilla armor looks so gloomy, would really like some shiny armor and this looks similar to oblivion's imperial armor..... please make it happen
fishert2208901 2014年9月14日 21時59分 
I'm going to make this armour and put it on one of my mannequins.
Shadowuzi 2014年9月12日 22時42分 
The legs,helmet, and shoulders are fine but the chest piece seems a bit bland and needs more color and same with the rest of the armor with more red in it since its part of the legion/empire.
johnmproffer 2014年9月2日 10時21分 
How can you make them pose like that with the staff back and the spell forward is it a mod or am I just a total retard?
Molag Bal 2014年8月22日 9時30分 
@ Pepper Jack
A "Vetren" who can't spell.
Molag Bal 2014年8月7日 10時30分 
I like it, it's different. But I agree with legocruiser, needs abit more color. The Cloak should be red. Maybe some gold inlay on the armor, or polished silver.
legocruiser 2014年8月5日 21時50分 
Needs more color such as legion red
RangerRex 2014年7月28日 20時48分 
Will you add a custom sword and shield for the armor?
praetorianoftthe_east 2014年7月23日 19時49分 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
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Paul Sixx 2014年7月23日 18時46分 
brackal 2014年6月23日 15時19分 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
your shower
░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army to fight the war against Bob haters.
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/︻╦╤─
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EnragedOstrich 2014年6月8日 9時11分 
Can you make a mod with custom staves? You're really good at that, I'm subscribed to both of your knights of the nine armor
stuartm345 2014年5月28日 5時53分 
p.s. it crashed the game when i tryed
stuartm345 2014年5月28日 5時52分 
i am unable to enchant the cape is this normal or bug?
Potat-Stache 2014年4月17日 16時02分 
I appreciate how you made the female armor look like the males armor. I like myself in skyrim to be realistic{ya know, women before wouldn't have custom made armor to "show" certain partsXD} thank you=D
GraF 2014年3月14日 15時57分 
will this replace all npc imperials also or ur armor ?
Altarmor 2014年3月7日 14時48分 
Looks like the Lords Mail from the previous games...
Tionniel 2014年3月4日 14時37分 
I LOVE YOU for making real female armor. Thank you so much.
G20 2014年2月19日 7時11分 
Hi, Love the this mod and have added it to this collection.
I hope you like it and take it as a high compliment ;)
AFlyingLlama 2014年2月14日 1時46分 
@The Lunar-Eclipse yes its under elven
Michael. Providence. 2014年2月2日 13時51分 
is the bosmer armer in your other mod smith able?
Maty743  [作成者] 2014年1月27日 2時00分 
1 G per person, 100mb for each mod. @Potato In Freezer? in that case it must have not downloaded properly. Try hit unsubscribe and then subscribe and wait untill it downloads again. Hope that works
Potato In Freezer? 2014年1月23日 4時56分 
I cant find the armor I have lvl 100 smithing with all the perks and yet i cant find it also i have all dlcs. Please help
Mr.NiceKai 2014年1月4日 13時04分 
How many Gbyte oder mods can one player bring online? I didn't read the termes yet
JyeSon 2014年1月4日 2時43分 
Good too hear, because your "mediocore" work is alot better than many peoples best.
Maty743  [作成者] 2014年1月4日 2時41分 
I might be able to get my flat mate to upload it again. Not sure whats going to happen yet but I really want to keep as much of my work up as possible. Even if its not my best work :P
JyeSon 2014年1月4日 2時14分 
Just a question cant you have a friend or partner upload in your stead, and have them credit you. You could have them upload whatever you perceive to be your lesser work, that you were just going to take away anyway. Just a question/suggestion as these mods are great and would be a shame to have them go. PS, I don't know how steam uploads work so I mean no disrespect. PPS, I know nexus is a thing but alot of steam users do not use it and I have had troubles with their loader, so I have never used them.
Mr.NiceKai 2014年1月4日 1時54分 
no, plz don't do that
Maty743  [作成者] 2014年1月3日 20時52分 
Just a notice that this mod may be removed from steam workshop soon to make room for my newer mods. Stupid steams upload limit
Crazy pig 2013年12月28日 6時54分 
On the female you might want to make a little bump for the breast because in reaism this would be impossible for a female to wear
Aleksei Raukov 2013年12月27日 17時05分 
Big plus for you actually making new meshes! Most modders just rehas old meshes or use Witcher 2 stuff.
Mr.NiceKai 2013年12月22日 7時50分 
Hey Maty - first of all, this armor looks awesome - I love it.
is it possible to give us the armory in red and blue for the army of the emporer and rebell?

Happy X-Mas
[75th]FOONGUS12 2013年12月16日 16時42分 
@Maty743 thank Talos
Maty743  [作成者] 2013年12月15日 0時14分 
@[MERC]FOONGUS12 I still need to figure out the best mix between armor and look for future mods but you will never see me doing those stripper armors lol
@SirSlaughter357 you will need to the fallout mod manager. That will let you extract the bsa file. You can find fallout mod manager (FOM) on the nexus sites.
[75th]FOONGUS12 2013年12月1日 17時44分 
really glad that you know that for females its actually armor, not some chainmail bra
Cruzado Divino 2013年12月1日 12時24分 
Yes you get to wear the mask with the helmet
Mr.Metro 2013年11月27日 19時31分 
Wait I want to know. Do you get to wear the face mask with the helmet?
SirSlaughter357 2013年11月6日 11時08分 
Hey I tried to find the files in the Game Data folder but the only two files added were the bsa and esp files. Nothing was added to meshes or textures that I could find so How do I go about replacing the Old Legion armour with your Legionary Vanguard? thanks in advance for you help :)
Maty743  [作成者] 2013年11月5日 20時11分 
@SirSlaughter357 very limited on what I can release on workshop now due to nearly reaching my upload limit so cant make replacer sorry. If you just extract all my files and rename them to the same as ingame imperial armor (same folders as well) then it should automatically replace in game i think
SirSlaughter357 2013年11月3日 13時23分 
Oh and sorry for the doube post but If you end up reading the other message I made on your Mithril armour mod page disregard it for this! I hadn't realized you made armour very similar to that of the Imperial armour in Oblivion. Thanks again regardless :)
SirSlaughter357 2013年11月3日 13時21分 
Hey man could you perhaps conjure up a Leigon armour replacer as an addition to this mod? I'm horrible at modding so I wouldn't even know where to start, my skills start and stop with making NPC's and Party Companions. I really need some medieval plate looking armour such as this for a machinima I'm working on. This would be PERFECT because its Legion and stays lore friendly and its plate which will allow me to better represent the later period time frame I'm trying to go for, rather than the late Roman Empire/Early Dark Ages of the Vanilla game armours.
Joker 2013年10月24日 18時08分 
where do you get the staff with the red jewal
Willus567 2013年10月12日 4時50分 
hey maty ive been looking everywhere but noone has made a mod for real ancient weapons ive been looking for things like a hoplon shield and a falcata if you could make one that would be amazing
Ebonhart Pact & Aldmeri Domion 2013年10月9日 10時37分 
I agree but also I think that That They Should Add The Weapon Shown for The Legionary Vanguard Armour!