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Vox Populi Vox Dei(a werewolf thriller): Episode 2
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tzviwach 15 feb. 2015 a las 19:57 
This is the very anticipated sequel to one of my favorite games.
Pandarinka 14 feb. 2015 a las 10:59 
I will wait ep 2!!! Please free game
[K]!R0 28 ene. 2015 a las 10:57 
muy buen juego ojala puedan seguir adelante :D
Jrs! 23 oct. 2014 a las 10:30 
Vi que ya les dieron "Luz verde" Una suerte, genios. Los sigo desde muuuchos años que jugué al primero por casualidad al encontrarlo en Internet. Y hace unos 6 meses más o menos que me dí cuenta que estaba acá lo vote. Me alegra y espero que pronto pueda comprarlo y disfrutarlo, ya hacian falta buenos juegos made in Argentina. Saludos
SystemFreez 2 oct. 2014 a las 11:56 
please give us an update...
artiman 2 oct. 2014 a las 10:55 
Can't wait for the release!
Gabriel_128 22 sep. 2014 a las 11:10 
day 22/09/2014
8 days left in September.
Oh my god , please do not say abandoned
Flavorless Jam 6 sep. 2014 a las 5:45 
alright man its september, ive been waiting for this. dont scare us!
Ice Mii 22 ago. 2014 a las 2:49 
Класс 2 эпизод сделайте Free game
MATT_SPACE_HOBO 3 ago. 2014 a las 11:51 
my god i played the last episode and it is a awesome game but it woulda be better as a FREE game
Verbouc 4 jul. 2014 a las 9:54 
Fantastic... Voted!
sinful creature 20 jun. 2014 a las 16:32 
I played the prequel to this, like... AGES ago. I want this...
ACWraith 11 jun. 2014 a las 21:15 
Junkey 10 jun. 2014 a las 8:17 
i like pixel games :D this looks good, reminds me of the old time
drakula671 5 jun. 2014 a las 4:32 
when will this come out
The Flaming Monocle 27 mayo 2014 a las 18:50 
Played the first online, very high quality for a browser game. I'd say it's worth a couple bucks, especially if that would increase quality.
ПОТНЫЙ СТАК 26 mayo 2014 a las 2:25 
PHlegm 6 mayo 2014 a las 12:01 
I just can't wait for the sequel of the game where werewolves aren't actually werewolves. Voted
Guillermo Nogueira 3 mayo 2014 a las 22:30 
What's the expected price of this game?
ionutudor2012 18 abr. 2014 a las 8:13 
EpyonComet 14 abr. 2014 a las 14:00 
I've played the first game so many times throughout the years, and I just found out this existed. I am really, really excited for this game.
BeardedJustice 12 abr. 2014 a las 19:46 
I can't wait to play this, I'm really hoping to explore the history of a society dominated by ninjas and werewolves.
Snufulluff The Snufulluffagus 10 abr. 2014 a las 0:29 
loved the first episode cant wait for second its so much for to bruttaly rip werewolves apart just to paint the walls red
LoWarDay [FR] 4 abr. 2014 a las 8:45 
gg steam ;)
Fl0wey 3 abr. 2014 a las 9:44 
good game
thereem.kh 27 mar. 2014 a las 12:46 
Not bad!
[PRP]Shamimamiwawi 22 mar. 2014 a las 14:40 
I wanna play now!!!
Mihau 20 mar. 2014 a las 23:36 
I played this game on kongregate, I think I got addicted. I NEED MORE!!!
I HATE CSGO 11 mar. 2014 a las 19:13 
ggwp :D
Reluctant Brojob 26 feb. 2014 a las 13:42 
I need this so bad!
Nabal 26 feb. 2014 a las 10:51 
Yung Yasin 25 feb. 2014 a las 5:07 
The Big Grafi 21 feb. 2014 a las 0:10 
NDA 12 feb. 2014 a las 15:03 
Oh god pleaase Steam D: !
BigBootyRichard 10 feb. 2014 a las 15:36 
Estus 8 feb. 2014 a las 10:30 
I loved the first episode.
nemtabi 6 feb. 2014 a las 23:05 
like old game
SeKo_FPS 5 feb. 2014 a las 10:16 
chris 4 feb. 2014 a las 20:41 
please come out soon ive been following for like forever i loved the first.
nacho 25 ene. 2014 a las 10:35 
K_o_T 19 ene. 2014 a las 11:52 
Existentialism 13 ene. 2014 a las 9:25 
0racul 8 ene. 2014 a las 0:31 
MRsykezz 3 ene. 2014 a las 9:13 
Very Good
AleGator 24 dic. 2013 a las 5:04 
kyozin 22 dic. 2013 a las 13:51 
hmm I'll think about it...
BrandonCherrie 19 dic. 2013 a las 15:06 
"Worst graphics than Pac Man"
Most worsererst Grammer then Hetlir
ONLY MID 19 dic. 2013 a las 11:22 
Polybius 9 dic. 2013 a las 13:39 
Worst graphics than Pac Man.
absoluteDETH 8 dic. 2013 a las 16:37