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Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 7月22日 10時55分 
no, this map should completely work without any other games neccesary
soinc.exe(DUCK) 7月22日 10時55分 
do you need css?
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 7月22日 9時25分 
ahn..okay.. yeah
rexX640 7月22日 9時03分 
Rev i can do funny things in this map
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 7月22日 3時22分 
You're not the only one..
It's funny when I look at the statistics on March 17 this map has 38 new subscribers (same amount like the days before) and march 18 suddenly rockets into 300+ like suddenly vertical line upwards haha
rexX640 7月21日 18時36分 
VanossGaming i love this map and this youtube channel becouse when he plays the maps get to try them myself :D
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 7月15日 0時26分 
You're correct, VanossGaming or something on youtube has a video from gmod on a moon map and it's this map..
noahthedroid 7月14日 20時37分 
Yeah it looks like it so it could be but i'm not sure......
thegrassmaster2 7月14日 17時15分 
Isnt this the map Vanoss was on in one of his videos?
Vector 7月1日 14時48分 
*Shoots Portal Gun towards Earth*
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 6月28日 3時12分 
It will continue.. if we stop making war on earth, we will make war about.. the moon, by that time maybe also mars.. we all want something, it's just the people at the top make others fight for their shit.
calvin rhule 6月27日 16時24分 
ya wen will this bshit stop it may not
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 6月27日 14時53分 
And the wars continue..
calvin rhule 6月27日 14時18分 
ta da probl fixd
calvin rhule 6月27日 14時17分 
we may fight in war ....... but we are the same so who care WUT THE FLAG IS NOT ME U SAY SOMIN ELS OK ALL DA SAME
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 6月27日 14時12分 
In this world, there is no such thing as being united with all, unfortunatly.
calvin rhule 6月27日 14時11分 
JUST A FLAG WE ALL LIV ON EARTH we are all da same
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 6月27日 14時09分 
for us no..
but for others.. >:)
calvin rhule 6月27日 14時08分 
yep but i dont care that the map has a flag AND DOSE IT MATTER
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 6月18日 11時52分 
Many cares about small matters like these
apocalypso huehue
ryanlev2000 6月18日 11時44分 
Why should it matter what flags they are anyway? People are making a much larger fuss about it then needed.
ryanlev2000 6月18日 11時41分 
The other flag is Belgium not Germany
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 6月17日 7時19分 
That idea of adding flags to my map.. so many people are wrong.. should I feel bad for enjoying that people can be so wrong?
ryanlev2000 6月16日 22時08分 
The flag is Sweden not Finland you dingus
Echno 5月28日 11時42分 
does the rocket fire
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 5月6日 13時36分 
Go ahead, but I'm afraid (almost) nobody will care.
traceguy 5月6日 13時33分 
And If I want to burn your flag and put my flag in your country I will.
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 4月28日 12時38分 
This is my moon, and if I want to put an giant ice cream on it, I will. If I want to put pictures of myself in it, I will.
USA always talks about freedom, this is my map and my freedom, so go freedom somewhere else please.
traceguy 4月28日 12時26分 
Gay map bro. Nether Germany or Finland own the moon or even have their pathectic gay flags on it. Put the USA flag on the moon where it belongs
The-Guy-With-MOJO 4月13日 13時03分 
Hes on youtube :)
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 4月13日 9時49分 
Lol never thought a famous person would play one of my maps.
Or even look at it.
The-Guy-With-MOJO 4月13日 9時26分 
This map is so awesome that VannosGaming played it.That says everything
**Puppy King** 4月3日 22時43分 
cool map
[Blaga Team] Exon 3月28日 21時26分 
Good map
Sadly, still no Kerbal ragdolls.
☯[PyroPower]TheWillW☯ 3月8日 16時47分 
I LOVE THIS MAP SO MUCH ITS SO EPIC THANKS,sadly I dont think this guys too happy
Reaper 2月21日 10時05分 
good map
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 2013年12月3日 7時09分 
Dollars to donuts... Garry's mod makes the impossible actually possible!
|MLP_BROnyTM| Mm... 2013年12月3日 0時08分 
Got Atmos weather mod... Raining in space...
Dillex Ban 2013年10月10日 8時43分 
GamerQuinn 2013年9月2日 7時30分 
@Combine Soure portal2 rules
The Crazed Maniac 2013年7月23日 18時41分 
I had no Portal 2 And CSS But The Texture Are Okay
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 2013年7月14日 15時33分 
IceYoshi52 2013年6月23日 8時52分 
[DFS] RubberFruit 2013年6月22日 5時02分 
john madden
john madden
john madden

i like rape
titanicfan 2013年4月13日 15時37分 
you rellay should make a moon base
J. Hendrix 2013年4月13日 13時32分 
john madden
Rev_deaddiet  [作成者] 2013年4月2日 14時45分 
I did not minecraftified. This is just an older version which doesn't really supports low-end systems with low shader settings.

About portal 2 , Textures uses an updated version of the texturing program VTFEdit.
I just opened the texture in there , turn into .tga file , and re-put it in a texture file with the VTFEdit that works for garrysmod source engine version.

I can't do anything about props though.

I have a relative new moon texture version , but idk if i'll be ever making a gm_revmoon3
|QIG| Niki Lauda 2013年4月2日 14時24分 

The creator probably had his settings Minecraftified while screenshooting.
|QIG| Niki Lauda 2013年4月2日 14時24分 
But Portal 2 is incompatible. It has a modfied Source engine.