Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Cheburashka 4. marras 19.50 
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 29. elo 13.03 
But having no reason to hate blue means you have a reason to hate blue (which is having none).

I do not understand.
vincent143 29. elo 12.54 
You want to know why I hate the color blue?

No reason.
SeriousCraft 4. elo 2.34 
moonbase alpha?
TRON 30. kesä 12.04 
can someone make this into a vehicle addon? it would go great with this map it has to have an interior to look out of and it has to be flyable(by that i mean you have to be able to pitch roll or yaw and throttle up or down using the same default controls as ksp
-=KORAL=- 19. kesä 10.22 
superfist 8. kesä 13.14 
this IS the vanoss one
RazorManager 28. touko 12.18 
kingWhiteCat☭ 26. touko 9.37 
think this is the gmod vannos one
Instance_Yoshubs 14. touko 10.08 
I Think this is the one smg4 used...
F'UUS_THE_SLAYER 9. touko 14.35 
got here by searching portal 2, first addon i see
Kiero 29. maalis 16.10 
@PC1073 cool story bruh, get a better computer XD!
Arbiter 25. maalis 15.40 
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 7. marras, 2016 11.16 
PC1073 6. marras, 2016 21.54 
dont bother making maps if they constantly crash the game
veopikke 13. elo, 2016 6.55 
halp when i start this map it's loading and then crashes the game i have a lot of mods
Comrade Maethor 19. heinä, 2016 11.21 
no pics no clicks
SkRiLlEx DoMi 28. kesä, 2016 11.13 
xXBready2DyeXx 27. touko, 2016 7.16 
I got it for my sister for her luna model. THX
xXBready2DyeXx 27. touko, 2016 7.16 
Perfect for me.
Catkitty877 6. huhti, 2016 18.19 
i love the map
douchebag 13. maalis, 2016 4.06 
it will be so fun in space :D
The Adventuring Nerd 28. helmi, 2016 5.35 
do you think you could add the luna module to it?
04mario04 14. helmi, 2016 8.14 
.̷̨̡̡̢̢̡̡̢̡̜̦̤̗̟̫͖͙͚̗̤͇̹ .̷̨̡̡̢̢̡̡̢̡̜̦̤̗̟̫͖͙͚̗̤͇̹
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 31. tammi, 2016 7.13 
And #nevergiveup
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 31. tammi, 2016 7.13 
I don't know anything about youtube but if you want to get feimoos, I guess you should look to upload vids in a set time (1 or 2 times a week), ask for shares at end of vid and subs etc

It can get some views if some people share your vid on facebook (at least that's what I noticed on my few vids)
mrbenio 31. tammi, 2016 7.08 
I still find that hard to believe, since I've been doing this for 3 years now...making gmod animations, not the video games music I uploaded much longer ago.
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 31. tammi, 2016 7.04 
Don't be.. If you keep making good content you'll be famous in no time :)
mrbenio 31. tammi, 2016 7.03 
Okay. Sorry about that. {:|
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 31. tammi, 2016 5.29 
Ianthestan was my comment for :I
mrbenio 31. tammi, 2016 5.27 
Um, were either of you talking to me or to each other? {:|
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 31. tammi, 2016 4.27 
It's an unique feeling when big youtubers play your map \o/
The 8-Bit Republic of Gamers 30. tammi, 2016 17.28 
This was a map indeed that Vanoss, Wildcat, Delirious, Mini Ladd, and all of the friends in that video played on. Besides that McDonald's map. You sir, bring good memories of me watching them. Many thanks.
mrbenio 10. tammi, 2016 15.31 
This may be one of the few gmod videos to showcase this unique map and it might as well have been made by me.

Feel free to showcase the vid.
morrischris15 8. tammi, 2016 18.37 
Vanoss played on dis map, I think.
Captain Lyssa 11. loka, 2015 4.29 
Well, nice map
Captain Lyssa 11. loka, 2015 4.17 
Captain Lyssa 11. loka, 2015 4.17 
<3 i know i tested <3
Rev_deaddiet  [tekijä] 11. loka, 2015 4.08 
no, it comes completely free with some bonus flags on the moon <3
Captain Lyssa 11. loka, 2015 3.00 
Do i need something for dis?
geekqueen2010 10. syys, 2015 1.50 
All it's missing is the lunar rovers that are seen during the cutscene.
SquirtleSquirtle 7. elo, 2015 8.53 
Cool Map
meme doctor 2. elo, 2015 18.57 
"I've always hated the color blue....WANNA KNOW WHY?!"
"No reason..."
WolfgangZero 8. heinä, 2015 15.23 
LIBTARD DESTORYER 31. touko, 2015 9.17 
good map! :)
󰀗 Bowser Jr. 26. touko, 2015 15.55 
didnt Vanoss use this map in a video once?
✠Teutonic Knight✠ 21. touko, 2015 12.05 
@the witchdoctor everybody uses this map xD
Dr. Gordon Freeman, Ph.D 4. huhti, 2015 12.44 
The SatanDoctor 8. maalis, 2015 17.18 
did anyone notice this is the same map that wildcat and vanoss used in one of there videos?
Retro 12. tammi, 2015 18.49 
I would personally love that :D