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Left 4 Dead 2

Monty Python's Lumberjack Song Chainsaw Sound Mod
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Unicorn 2016年3月18日下午9:26 
You... yes you!

I love you for making this mod.

Not in a homo way or anything like that, though.
Lord Dake Kai 2015年12月22日上午1:08 
use this with the quieter chainsaw mod.
nicotine 2015年10月15日上午10:35 
I love this.
Tommy Wiseau 2014年4月2日上午6:42 
Loop issue annoys me
Roadkill 2013年11月12日下午12:02 
thats bloody amasing hahaha, i love it
Vexed  [作者] 2013年11月5日下午1:44 
Puffy the destroyer (chili) 2013年11月4日下午3:59 
thank you so much!!!
Vexed  [作者] 2013年10月30日上午4:27 
Vexed  [作者] 2013年10月29日下午4:46 
Lol. I actually just made that mod tonight. Needs a bit of tweaking and I'll have it up on here tomorrow hopefully.
Puffy the destroyer (chili) 2013年10月26日上午11:15 
CptQuinnerus 2013年9月10日上午3:01 
I never wanted to be a barber,I want to be a lumberjack!
Tonberry 2013年4月6日上午2:19 
100% improvement
He-Man ゴ ゴ ゴ 2013年3月23日下午4:26 
i like it but its not loud enough, and loop issue :p
Genghis Kock 2013年3月17日下午3:07 
Yes! Thank you good sir.
simply Marc :-) 2013年3月13日上午11:03 
Vexed  [作者] 2013年3月12日上午2:17 
Ok so I'm going to be working on the looping issue in the next couple of days. I can't guarantee it will be a success...but at least I would have tried!
Glad you all like it!
'...I wish I'd been a girly just like my dear Papa!'
Dr. Daviz 2013年3月11日上午11:35 
The Larch!
Nobody Special 2013年3月3日下午12:29 
Hehe... yea... We always needed some sort of motivation to use the chainsaw... now we have it.

I agree with the looping comments, though... I hope you can figure out what the problem is, and I'm sure you would make a lot of people very happy if you fixed it.
wwillim 2013年2月23日下午7:21 
Awesome, I love it
Mettalicaman4 2013年2月22日下午5:55 
"I cut down tree, I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra."
Full Metal Jesus 2013年2月19日下午12:28 
If you could some how change the length before the loop, it could play a longer amount to perfect the loop for the verse in the song
Vexed  [作者] 2013年2月19日上午9:57 
Yeah it is. I've had same issues with other files that loop in a similar way.
Full Metal Jesus 2013年2月19日上午9:17 
It still is pretty cool of a mod though, its probably based on the length of the orginal sound file then the loop.
Vexed  [作者] 2013年2月19日上午12:38 
I knew someone would eventually comment about the looping. Lol.
I've tried and tried to change the loop cues but for some unknown reason I can't get it to loop where I want it to.
I'm still working on it so will hopefully have something soon!
Full Metal Jesus 2013年2月18日下午7:59 
its good, but if there is anyway to get the sound file to not repeat the way it does and get the full song to play that would be awesome, otherwise no complaints
Relzak 2013年2月18日下午7:34 
Well done sir!
BlackSheepMarie 2013年2月18日下午4:56 
I think I might actually start using the chainsaw again...0
kestrel 2013年2月17日上午7:29 
YES! i love it! :D
Wälker ☻//︻╦╤----> 2013年2月17日上午5:09 
haha lol
Nisa Moriyama 2013年2月17日上午1:02 
Owww nice idea :D
🅱️eter griffin from South P 2013年2月16日下午6:16 
Could you maybe have a version with a much quieter chainsaw noise?
Duuuuuuude1 2013年2月16日下午5:27 
Gauze 2013年2月15日下午3:01 
Monty Python songs while killing hoards of zombies with my friends? MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!
Archangel 2013年2月15日上午6:34 
I love you man for maKING THIS MOD
Vexed  [作者] 2013年2月15日上午5:08 
Haha. Yeah. I had similar ideas too.
Especially Mr. Creosote as Boomer.
Looks like I might be busy these next few days :D
Benja 2013年2月14日下午10:47 
MP Mod idears: Boomer voice of exploding fatty from "Meaning Of Life". Replace death music with "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life". Gumby voice for Jockey(I can picture laughing to myself in fear as I hear in the distance, "I GOT MY HEAD STUCK IN THE CUPBOARD! DOCTOOOOR! MY BRAIN HURTS!" or mayhaps save the "Head stuck in cupboard" bit for when the Jockey's riding someone. Late night stoner thoughts, I may have to put some actual consideration into this.
Vexed  [作者] 2013年2月14日下午3:11 
Let me know of any probs etc.

Witch: 'He's a very naughty boy!'
Hint hint.
AidsIhave 2013年2月14日上午9:24 
Omg love it!
Vexed  [作者] 2013年2月14日上午8:18 
Yeah I haven't seen any either.
I've got a few ideas for some more Python mods.
I'll hopefully have a new one for ya all in a couple days.
SpongeBong! 2013年2月14日上午6:07 
legendary first time ive seen a mont python mod! then again most of our generation havent even seen the film... :) ^^
Vexed  [作者] 2013年2月14日上午3:17 
Righto well I shall be working on it tonight after work so will 'hopefully' have an update for you today.
But it might be tomorrow.
I'll have to see how it goes.
Thanks for all the feedback.
I'll do my best to please you all!
Benja 2013年2月14日上午1:34 
I LOVE Monty Python. Grew up on the silly bastards. Just please tone down the chainsaw sound somehow. And I would piss myself with zombie killing hysteria if there are more MP related mods.
Jimbodavidson 2013年2月14日上午12:59 
I would have to agree with others in saying that the song does get drowned out when fighting a horde.
Nobody Special 2013年2月13日下午3:51 
Ah... I've started using this mod before there were any comments... Right after the first time I heard it, I commited myself to never turning it off... still I would say that the idle noise could use some fine tuning... I'm no music buff though, so I can't say how it needs said tuneing.
Vexed  [作者] 2013年2月13日上午2:10 
Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah I was always concerned about the volume.
Look out for an update this weekend!
Cheers again!
Tombusken 2013年2月13日上午1:16 
all of my want is for this
GeneralVicinity 2013年2月12日下午10:09 
Thumbs up dude! This is so perfect. I always wanted to be a lumberjack...
Rum N Napalm 2013年2月12日下午7:24 
Personally, I think the sound is good in idle. It's just that little ambience noise that you can hear, but that doesn't drown out anything. While slashing, it's usually fine, but it could be a little lounder for those time where there's a lot of zombies.
thegriffin8or 2013年2月11日下午10:26 
needs to be a little bit louder, other than that this mod is PERFECT! can't stop laughing ^^
Lasfial 2013年2月11日下午7:01 
i loled. Hard. in a good way