¡La Comunidad ha dado luz verde a este juego!

La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

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1,958 comentarios
Dalton 23 de mayo a las 3:55 
Toshiaki2115#1958 22 de mayo a las 8:44 
[GFA] AndreMan20 6 de mayo a las 12:19 
this game is cool
[GFA] XiroDan87 6 de mayo a las 12:18 
This game is very, very cool.
Q-SeNs 2 de mayo a las 4:45 
Warsow on Steam with Workshop for custom maps!
Valve do it already! :D
WhiskeyMan 21 de mar. a las 16:35 
very cool game
MrPortak #RoadToSilverElite 13 de mar. a las 4:47 
PRO100 MLG GAMER 28 de feb. a las 4:17 
Nice .
XyziteGaming 14 de feb. a las 21:19 
relese it pls
BOT rndmz:v 14 de feb. a las 2:16 
release it on steam
Ex!T 13 de feb. a las 15:26 
Plz add to Steam need arena shooter on steam THATS SUPPORTS LINUX
Forefront the Pyro 5 de feb. a las 1:20 
It's 2016, Warsow 2.0 has been released long ago and this game is still not on Steam? I'm waiting for so long!
emile 4 de feb. a las 6:17 
Hazard 31 de ene. a las 8:59 
RPRACCOONTV 29 de ene. a las 16:50 
People....if you care so much about this game and want to play it now (Which I don't know why would you...) then go download it right now at their website! I'm kind of giving up on Arena FPS...since not many people play these type of shooter nowadays and it's hard to find a game around your skill level so...yea..
mymonekz 18 de ene. a las 10:58 
plz add the game
arKtur 10 de ene. a las 14:45 
probably the most underrated, competetive, Arena Shooter of all time! It's so balanced out fast paced and so much fun! I remember me and my friends having a blast, playing the older versions of Warsow. It's a great game and even so much better than Quake Live etc.! it deserves to be on Steam.
BigDog 8 de ene. a las 21:19 
nikitas 22 dic. 2015 a las 13:14 
aaaand it's still coming to steam.
QuakeNz 20 dic. 2015 a las 5:39 
This game is undervalued, it is very good
there is a hash in your area 19 dic. 2015 a las 23:38 
The Abysswalker 19 dic. 2015 a las 8:58 
Omg, used to play this on my shitty Linux laptop with intel GMA, this game was pure gold.
Almohad 18 dic. 2015 a las 19:38 
Even though considering how inactive the community is (saw around 7 servers last saturday night) i sure do hope this game gets to steam, i absolutely love it.
^2C^3@^2NIP 16 dic. 2015 a las 17:13 
KFC 16 dic. 2015 a las 5:53 
Envision 6 dic. 2015 a las 7:59 
[{ FREGAT 1 dic. 2015 a las 1:59 
VERY GOOD !!!!!!!!
tojo 22 nov. 2015 a las 14:37 
damn son
Damirka #2 17 nov. 2015 a las 13:27 
One of the best games in FPS genre imo
Megumin 8 nov. 2015 a las 10:31 
miDGet 3 nov. 2015 a las 4:32 
can't wait!
RayzerDD 2 nov. 2015 a las 3:01 
Fire Byte 30 oct. 2015 a las 1:18 
After Unreal Tournament this is the best fps for linux
Niler Zatatey 28 oct. 2015 a las 12:14 
GIVE US THIS DOPE. i want that right into my veins.
swampisback 17 oct. 2015 a las 12:20 
Very good !
Jejey. 24 sep. 2015 a las 5:03 
I'd like to see on steam, to see more people on this awesome game !
[Milorg] Happy Meal :D 23 sep. 2015 a las 19:02 
Awesome game with huge potential! Cant wait for the steam release
gorki 13 sep. 2015 a las 2:23 
very good quake like with deathmatch instagib race
D3vCas 12 sep. 2015 a las 14:12 
Where can I download this fantastic game?!
HampenGaming 8 sep. 2015 a las 13:07 
However, just make it working good, if its one day on Steam, this day would be a great day... Thank you for not giving up, there is a community!
Triangel 8 ago. 2015 a las 3:56 
crizis is mapping like crazy, as kimza says :)

Remember that everything on Steam happens in Valve time, not real time!
~yєℓℓσω 7 ago. 2015 a las 17:14 
duBy^ kouglofmeister 4 ago. 2015 a las 16:07 
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen ???
Crizis where are you and what are you doing !? :)
Ashur 23 jul. 2015 a las 2:25 
Still waiting...
Not that I'm ungreatful but I really wana play it with people again.
BK Randy 21 jul. 2015 a las 12:41 
"Soon :) It's a couple of months off from now, I think" - Jan 19, 2014
ICEDEN 18 jul. 2015 a las 2:32 
add please
Megumin 12 jul. 2015 a las 17:37 
Where's the game? You promised to release it in early 2014.
Insp. 11 jul. 2015 a las 6:31 
Hurry up already :(
Caduceus 1 jul. 2015 a las 21:33 
I'm one of the only NA players now. Most others hardly show anymore.
Hill Cow 28 jun. 2015 a las 9:42 
me too :(