Acestui joc i s-a dat undă verde de către comunitate!

Comunitatea şi-a arătat interesul privind acest joc. Valve a contactat acest producător pentru a începe demersurile către lansarea pe Steam.

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Storm_at_Sea 4 iul. @ 5:49am 
@missingn0 -Were you replying to 'my' question? (about offline/bot play)
T.K. 3 iul. @ 10:04pm 
This game is great!!
Scrlowtch 3 iul. @ 7:08pm 
and then.. what happened with this game? never comes
rλwdog-AA- 3 iul. @ 5:57pm 
Release this already! I know for certain with the lack of arena FPS games (espescially anything at all on STEAM) this will become a cool side-game for many competitive FPS gamers. The ability to see who and whe someone is playing on the friends list will populate servers . . .

Will you just lets go?
missingn0 3 iul. @ 3:39pm 
Storm_at_Sea 3 iul. @ 6:33am 
Does this have a bot mode? Like playing ctf, etc. in UT 3 for example? For offline play, like when internet is down -or when traveling etc.?
Sir Durpston @ Worst 2 iul. @ 7:40pm 
andrey280596 30 iun. @ 7:55am 
MetaGaming 29 iun. @ 6:36am 
Volvo plz
Skorpion3L 28 iun. @ 11:47pm 
CΦĿĐWΔVΞ 26 iun. @ 5:21am 
When is this game coming out?
Elias 21 iun. @ 1:56pm 
Soo when does it come on steam? :_: I have been waiting for it for a long time now ;_;
McSunday 15 iun. @ 6:25am 
i wonder when they are going to release it on steam, shouldn't take that long since 1.5 is released yet.
duBy^ 14 iun. @ 12:46am 
happy to know that Warsow has been greenlighted... but what happens next ?
asi9 13 iun. @ 2:59am 
how did i only just find out about this
! PETix '.' 10 iun. @ 11:47pm 
nikY 10 iun. @ 10:14am 
sinoraxx 9 iun. @ 1:08am 
rest in peace greenlight :'(
M1ron 3 iun. @ 9:34am 
-niX- 2 iun. @ 8:04am 
THIS really need to be added on Steam in order to bring more players !
Themself 26 mai @ 3:58am 
Good game, i am waiting for it.
Dr. Richard "Rick" Trager 19 mai @ 12:18pm 
c'mon valve .. we need a good arena shooter on steam (getting tired of quake3 , UT2K4 & co.) Thanks!
jas390 16 mai @ 8:00am 
go wsw
Niejcas 16 mai @ 7:06am 
Warsow On Steam !
superjcvd 16 mai @ 4:46am 
How do we vote ?
[HnG] Sigmedic 13 mai @ 2:03am 
the 1.5 version is perfect, now we want warsow on steam !
sven der bob 12 mai @ 12:30pm 
need dis
DUdE 12 mai @ 2:25am 
A Shpee 9 mai @ 8:46pm 
add time dialation. that would be cool
Dr. Richard "Rick" Trager 8 mai @ 5:07am 
this game is warsome :D
Dalton 7 mai @ 11:51pm 
Can't wait!!
Sergo 7 mai @ 4:45am 
I want it on steam!
tvirinae 7 mai @ 12:20am 
Already greenlighted, noobs.
sinoraxx 6 mai @ 8:19pm 
hury uhp volvo u pece of shiet
NoobFromBY 5 mai @ 11:51am 
Valve add this game in Steam
h4t3 3 mai @ 11:06am 
version 1.5 released
ヤヴァイ兵長 1 mai @ 5:29am 
this is good fps
HampenGaming 30 apr. @ 2:52pm 
The Prophet 30 apr. @ 5:46am 
This is so old
인우 27 apr. @ 6:51pm 
Themself 25 apr. @ 3:21pm 
I need this in steam, pls add this. Very nice action.
XeroXP 21 apr. @ 7:35am 
I want it on steam!
_sky_ 20 apr. @ 11:03pm 
Why the heck is this not in the Steam Store yet?!
gameblackking321 18 apr. @ 12:10pm 
i love this game
nikitas 15 apr. @ 4:11am 
DEN BEUTER 13 apr. @ 4:35am 
This game is really great. After having a total playtime in QL of about 10 days I can say that this is similar, but very different and I'm enjoying it because I got kind of bored of QL. Download it on!
[LQ]illnino 7 apr. @ 2:41pm 
best multiplayer shooter
Net Demon 7 apr. @ 1:17am 
Why can't we download this on steam yet?

Fucking bullshit
P 0 W 3 R D 4 apr. @ 9:21am 
Best. Game. Ever.
P 0 W 3 R D 4 apr. @ 9:21am 
When will it be available at steam? :(