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A comunidade mostrou o seu interesse neste jogo. A Valve contactou o autor para iniciarem o processo do lançamento no Steam.

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Ян Ли Вэй Há 5 horas 
говно ебаное, пиздец как такое можно пропихивать в стим? пусть остается на своем говносайте.
Freecore 14 Out às 16:54 
Yes!! Please make it happen quick, as some says it would be a real boost in the number of players!
tjvansomeren 14 Out às 1:21 
do it please
Meiru Ai 10 Out às 15:16 
hey whats the problem? release this awesome game !
Hurry up and release this game please!
I used to play this game 8 years or so ago when I was quite alot younger and seriously is epic.
Quake is awesome and so in Unreal T. But if you want real control over movement that still offers the same arena style gameplay!
Please try warsow - it's free already!
Doesn't take long to get used to the game + tutorials on youtube to help with the movement basics! As there are only few people that play currently compared to many years ago, still fun as hell with the players availible are willing to help you get moving asap!

Relase date pleaaaaaaase!
-sh!ft- B3r. 29 Set às 13:51 
I am playing Warsow for years now. A release on steam would help the community. New players, new clans, new mappers, new modders... It would be great!

A message to all of you, who really like Warsow:
Everyone should send a message to the Steam-Support to show that we want this release! Ask for the release-dates. Ask for information. Show your interest!
花道♥NicKi。MiNaJ 27 Set às 23:13 
a steam re-release will give a nice boost to players no. and possibly some good mappers.
•¤ אคย๓є ¤• 24 Set às 9:59 
Valvts 22 Set às 14:18 
Good game, I wish it was on steam.
Skeletal Rainbow 21 Set às 2:11 
Faster and more hardcore than Quake 3 Arena, imo.
•¤ אคย๓є ¤• 20 Set às 2:18 
Quadyx 20 Set às 1:32 
Супер. А когда вы её в стиме релизните?
Neku_Sakuraba 19 Set às 12:21 
i been playing Warsow for like 6 years
Noiwex 18 Set às 6:43 
You guys are really slow, what's the matter.
Skorpion3L 16 Set às 20:52 
Когда ожидается релиз, смертные??
Warsaw :D
natefun 13 Set às 19:25 
well now that id is screwing over quake live i have something to migrate to.
wisdomswind 13 Set às 2:54 
Playing warsow for 2 years already. Often I play 15 minutes FFA match with my coworkers during break. I would say: it's my favorite FPS, ever. It could be so fast and so hardcore that I don't want even compare it with quake series. Hope it will be in steam one day, it's a pity that so many potential players never heard about it.
WhiskeyMan 13 Set às 0:32 
я уже на пол года залип в эту игру)))
Spitzkrug 11 Set às 3:52 
how much it takes to come on steam?
[68rus] kiryxasan2 6 Set às 7:56 
Я много играл в эту игру и могу сказать,что она клевая! В целом это квейк третий, упор сделан на прыжки, тип надо быстро передвигаться по карте, много режимов есть разных!
=WFL= TheSgtBilko 3 Set às 13:22 
AFAIK it's free and you can download now on their website!

@NASA The Fury: :) "Japan quake ripoff" - I guess your 5 seconds of research into this didn't payoff!
bbdd03 3 Set às 12:29 
plz be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
morep 2 Set às 10:48 
bämschalääm push push
5onic 30 Ago às 16:52 
This needs to be on steam
ComradePusheen 27 Ago às 14:12 
Jesus christ this still isnt on Steam yet
KING$_OF_BANANA$[ABK] 25 Ago às 10:42 
Put the into steam :7
Taipan^Zenpie 17 Ago às 10:35 
Japan rip off of quake live ecsept a real over the top cartoony graphics and dodging macanacs and slide shots and the map cft_russes so you can have a laugh with the manuvering

Q-SeNs 15 Ago às 3:48 
Great game! Can't wait to enjoy it on Steam!
neen 10 Ago às 20:48 
You are incredibly dense.

Either way, how has the game not been put to Steam yet?
Elendil Voronda 9 Ago às 15:57 
this looks like tf2 copy wthout the millions of players
-sh!ft- B3r. 9 Ago às 2:40 
I am playing this game for almost 10 years now.
When it is available on Steam, it will be the worlds favorit FPS!
And a bigger community with new gamers, new clans and new talents will make it even better than it is at the moment.

Love it!
SaSSolino 2 Ago às 12:39 
why the game is not on steam already? cmon!
NukeCrasher53 31 Jul às 8:37 
And how to run on Linux? I downloaded Windows+Ubuntu tar.gz package and where is the executable?
NukeCrasher53 31 Jul às 8:35 
[What engine is this on? Unreal?]
It runs on QFusion, a modified Q2 engine. It can also read Q3 engine data
Quantam 29 Jul às 6:11 
Awesome game.
♥ Nafa. regret nothing 28 Jul às 3:56 
TrestanRay 26 Jul às 14:25 
What engine is this on? Unreal?
Raidakk 21 Jul às 22:11 
So when is it coming out?
Gabe 20 Jul às 15:00 
lol Quake Live will be on steam before this is I bet.
TheLinuxDrive 18 Jul às 18:02 
In my opinion this game is extreamly underrated. Its amazing and heaps of fun! I was playing this with my friends in college me vs 3 and we had heaps of laughs and fun. This game can do amazing. I wish it was released already. The steam server support would be an AMAZING boost to grow the community on this game in such short time. Counting that now we only have the ones that are run by other players and the tournamens this game is used in. Not to mention to be on an old engine it looks great! please announce a release date for this. The wait has been way overdone!
Broster123 17 Jul às 18:16 
This is a heaps good game
Raidakk 10 Jul às 19:45 
@Storm_at_Sea - yes it does have a bot mode.

And how is it like TF2? It is more like Quake and Unreal Tournament, with borderlands/team fortress graphics...
Storm_at_Sea 4 Jul às 5:49 
@missingn0 -Were you replying to 'my' question? (about offline/bot play)
|-SPC-|T.K 3 Jul às 22:04 
This game is great!!
Scrlowtch 3 Jul às 19:08 
and then.. what happened with this game? never comes
BLoodSire-AA- 3 Jul às 17:57 
Release this already! I know for certain with the lack of arena FPS games (espescially anything at all on STEAM) this will become a cool side-game for many competitive FPS gamers. The ability to see who and whe someone is playing on the friends list will populate servers . . .

Will you just lets go?
Kaputtmacher 3 Jul às 15:39 
Storm_at_Sea 3 Jul às 6:33 
Does this have a bot mode? Like playing ctf, etc. in UT 3 for example? For offline play, like when internet is down -or when traveling etc.?
Eesive 2 Jul às 19:40