Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

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Raidakk 10 jul om 7:45nm 
@Storm_at_Sea - yes it does have a bot mode.

And how is it like TF2? It is more like Quake and Unreal Tournament, with borderlands/team fortress graphics...
Storm_at_Sea 4 jul om 5:49vm 
@missingn0 -Were you replying to 'my' question? (about offline/bot play)
T.K. 3 jul om 10:04nm 
This game is great!!
Scrlowtch 3 jul om 7:08nm 
and then.. what happened with this game? never comes
rλwdog-AA- 3 jul om 5:57nm 
Release this already! I know for certain with the lack of arena FPS games (espescially anything at all on STEAM) this will become a cool side-game for many competitive FPS gamers. The ability to see who and whe someone is playing on the friends list will populate servers . . .

Will you just lets go?
missingn0 3 jul om 3:39nm 
Storm_at_Sea 3 jul om 6:33vm 
Does this have a bot mode? Like playing ctf, etc. in UT 3 for example? For offline play, like when internet is down -or when traveling etc.?
Eesive 2 jul om 7:40nm 
andrey280596 30 jun om 7:55vm 
MetaGaming 29 jun om 6:36vm 
Volvo plz
Skorpion3L 28 jun om 11:47nm 
CΦĿĐWΔVΞ 26 jun om 5:21vm 
When is this game coming out?
Elias 21 jun om 1:56nm 
Soo when does it come on steam? :_: I have been waiting for it for a long time now ;_;
McSunday 15 jun om 6:25vm 
i wonder when they are going to release it on steam, shouldn't take that long since 1.5 is released yet.
duBy^ 14 jun om 12:46vm 
happy to know that Warsow has been greenlighted... but what happens next ?
asi9 13 jun om 2:59vm 
how did i only just find out about this
! PETix '.' 10 jun om 11:47nm 
nikY 10 jun om 10:14vm 
haydn 9 jun om 1:08vm 
rest in peace greenlight :'(
M1ron 3 jun om 9:34vm 
-niX- 2 jun om 8:04vm 
THIS really need to be added on Steam in order to bring more players !
Themself 26 mei om 3:58vm 
Good game, i am waiting for it.
Dr. Richard "Rick" Trager 19 mei om 12:18nm 
c'mon valve .. we need a good arena shooter on steam (getting tired of quake3 , UT2K4 & co.) Thanks!
jas390 16 mei om 8:00vm 
go wsw
Niejcas 16 mei om 7:06vm 
Warsow On Steam !
superjcvd 16 mei om 4:46vm 
How do we vote ?
[HnG] Sigmedic 13 mei om 2:03vm 
the 1.5 version is perfect, now we want warsow on steam !
sven der bob@schland! 12 mei om 12:30nm 
need dis
DUdE 12 mei om 2:25vm 
Lord Of The Conga 9 mei om 8:46nm 
add time dialation. that would be cool
Dr. Richard "Rick" Trager 8 mei om 5:07vm 
this game is warsome :D
Dalton 7 mei om 11:51nm 
Can't wait!!
Sergo 7 mei om 4:45vm 
I want it on steam!
tvirinae 7 mei om 12:20vm 
Already greenlighted, noobs.
haydn 6 mei om 8:19nm 
hury uhp volvo u pece of shiet
NoobFromBY 5 mei om 11:51vm 
Valve add this game in Steam
h4t3 3 mei om 11:06vm 
version 1.5 released
ヤヴァイ兵長 1 mei om 5:29vm 
this is good fps
HampenGaming 30 apr om 2:52nm 
The Prophet 30 apr om 5:46vm 
This is so old
sorry 27 apr om 6:51nm 
Themself 25 apr om 3:21nm 
I need this in steam, pls add this. Very nice action.
XeroXP 21 apr om 7:35vm 
I want it on steam!
_sky_ 20 apr om 11:03nm 
Why the heck is this not in the Steam Store yet?!
gameblackking321 18 apr om 12:10nm 
i love this game
nikitas 15 apr om 4:11vm 
DEN BEUTER 13 apr om 4:35vm 
This game is really great. After having a total playtime in QL of about 10 days I can say that this is similar, but very different and I'm enjoying it because I got kind of bored of QL. Download it on warsow.net!
[LQ]illnino 7 apr om 2:41nm 
best multiplayer shooter
Net Demon 7 apr om 1:17vm 
Why can't we download this on steam yet?

Fucking bullshit
P 0 W 3 R D 4 apr om 9:21vm 
Best. Game. Ever.