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nawdew 2 saat önce 
Are there other quest givers in Wyrmstooth or are there items we need to read? Did a couple of side quests but I was wondering if there are more or do I just go onto the areas I discovered and wipe out everything that moves? Just an FYI, the Obilteration Spell causes CTD's for me in Wyrmstooth. Not a huge issue but for those that have the spell, they may want to be aware of the conflict between the spell and Wyrmstooth.
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 29 Mar @ 7:23pm 
@WP | Almedi TOPKEK (trading) : Try 'setstage wtdragonhunt 10' as per the readme file.
hey the corriur wont come to me. Whats the code to advance the quest?
¿ 28 Mar @ 7:04pm 
Alright. Awesome! I was just thinking maybe something small. It would be awesome if you could be somekind of a bandit and rob someone :D Or buy a huge manor + all the decorations to it and it would cost atleast 175 000 Septims... Since I have like 300 000 Because of this stupid god damn quest... (No Stone Unturned...) It kind of ruins the game when you have that much money and gems...
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 28 Mar @ 6:35pm 
@¿: Wyrmstooth is the only large mod i've worked on so far.
¿ 28 Mar @ 2:40pm 
Dude, this is awesome! The one thing I just have to ask (If I'm not asking too much...) Is that is it possible that you make another mod like this but just with a very different kind of storyline? Just asking since I am always looking for more hours to put in the game. Thanks! =)
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 28 Mar @ 6:14am 
@Three Horned Goat Jesus : The mining settlement rebuilds itself incrementally over a week with new NPCs moving in. The player home settlement is a fort east of Chillwater Mill, you can start the quest to own it by entering the muster.
Three Horned Goat Jesus 28 Mar @ 5:17am 
This mod is a must have as i have recomended it to others, the story is great and all the charicter are wonderful but i was just wondering does the imperial mining town get rebuild? And where is the player home?
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 27 Mar @ 8:15pm 
@residentmockery : There are also steps in the readme file for dealing with crashes, not sure if it'll help in this case but it might be worth trying ENBoost if you're running an ENB and Sheson's Memory Patch. You have no idea how many issues raised in the past (mainly crashes) were caused by bad ENB settings.
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 27 Mar @ 8:14pm 
@residentmockery : A .tmp file may not be a complete save; it almost seems like the game tried making a new save file but couldn't finish the job or rename the .tmp file to .ess. There's a thread on the Lover's Lab forum that discusses the issue, just google "skyrim .tmp save file" it should be the first result. Just be aware that they feature some explicit content there. One user appears to have been able to solve the issue by uninstalling the Nexus Mod Manager, not sure NMM affects saving though. If this is the first time it's happened then I doubt it's a permission problem, but if there are a bunch of .tmp files here dating back then maybe just make sure your account and the SYSTEM process have full access to the Save folder.
residentmockery 27 Mar @ 7:07pm 
I was creating new saves and the previous saves were disappearing, I've never seen that happen before either and it wasn't happening when I disabled all mods. I've found the save files but the extension is .ess.tmp, not .bak?
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 27 Mar @ 2:17pm 
@residentmockery : When you saved, were you overwriting an existing save? If so, then yes overwriting an existing save will delete the old save and replace it with a new one. You could try going to Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves and rename the .bak file to .ess to get it back. As far as I'm aware it's impossible for any Skyrim mod to delete your save files, I've never heard of this happening before.
residentmockery 27 Mar @ 11:01am 
Played through 3/4 of the quest to find that whenever I tried to save, it would delete a previous save. Accidentally died and all of my progress was gone. I'm so livid.
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 27 Mar @ 7:18am 
@ben_9_9_9: Not sure why you're saying your save has been rendered useless, just pull the lever facing the elevator on the platform to open the door - if you get stuck just refer to the Strategy Guide. If the dead adventurers aren't reanimating either you haven't yet spoken with the dragon or you likely have a mod installed that's changing (or breaking) the way the vanilla reanimation spell works. In a vanilla Skyrim + latest update + Wyrmstooth playthrough there's no issue with the reanimation sequence or the elevator doors but if for some reason there's a problem on your end it shouldn't prevent you from finishing the quest.
ben_9_9_9 27 Mar @ 6:58am 
I'm stuck because the dead warriors won't reanimate and the elevator does not work at all for me, my save has become rendered useless because you have made it so I cannot leave.
Super-Mauno 26 Mar @ 5:38pm 
Great mod thanks all worked just fine !
Ronan620 25 Mar @ 10:08pm 
Nice touch giving the Chef the "Dragonslayer" and the "Eyegouger" xD
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 25 Mar @ 7:02pm 
@[SG] Leon : Can you post a screenshot? Is the quest marker just hovering in the air when you get to it?

@Ronan620 : Your horse should remain wherever you left it in Skyrim. Fast travelling to any location in Skyrim should teleport your horse to you regardless.
Ronan620 25 Mar @ 6:22pm 
What happens to Shadowmere if I go to Wyrmstooth?
Will he be in the same place where I was in Skyrim?
CarbonCat 25 Mar @ 6:12pm 
WOW. I can't believe it's taken me so long to discover this. You pretty much nailed everything. My favourite part is the sheer atmospheric depth to it - it has a feeling which is different from Skyrim yet still blends so beautifully into the game. It takes a truly gifted artist to craft this balance.

If you're looking for feedback from players, the only thing that stands out to me is a couple spelling and grammar errors in the text. Other than that, it's perfect. You've mentioned that you plan on expanding it in the future - can't wait to see it :) Thank you for sharing such a fab addition with the Skyrim community.
[SG] Leon 25 Mar @ 6:09pm 
When I was outside the building, the icon showed to go inside, I looked around and I saw the marker but nothing was there. The other quests have worked so far. :{
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 25 Mar @ 5:28pm 
@[SG] Leon : Is the quest enabled in your journal? The warlock should be in the ritual room right at the end and is only visible when the objective has been given.
[SG] Leon 25 Mar @ 11:42am 
The quest to kill the warlock may be bugged for me. I killed everyone at the location before going to the stormcloak camp (which I also killed people there too cause I am dressed as an Imperial) and I cannot locate the warlock in the building.
Antares 25 Mar @ 9:53am 
@Johx0r: WOW! what an inspired mod! I can only join in the chorous of prais. Besides the playable instruments, my faforit was the dungeon with zero light, pitch black, as it would actualy be. -I often wondert who lights all the candles in the skyrim dungeons- ;-) it forced me to practice some magic and i loved the goostly fights! Is this a "Work in Progress"? or have i just missed some of the quests? (for instance: the vampire lair, and the dwemer treasure). when non of the NPCs would give me any more queste i just whent exploring and discouvering. Save a couple of floating pebbles, everything worked fine. Thanks for the hours of fun on this interesting island.
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 24 Mar @ 6:12pm 
@Blenderman2: Refer to the readme file for a list of things you can check to make sure the mod is installed.
[420]X2Kush 24 Mar @ 5:01pm 
Amazing. So much work was put into it. Parts of ths are better than original Skyrim. Can't believe this is free can't recommend enough.
Blenderman2 24 Mar @ 1:25pm 
I have recentally installed this mod and the courier that your descripition talks about hasn't appeared. I am level 61 and i have been walking around Whiterun, as far as river wood, hoping to run into him. He hasnn't approached me. Is this common?
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 22 Mar @ 11:41pm 
@dakotaxxiv : All quests in Wyrmstooth have quest markers. Make sure the quest is active in your journal and you don't have too many quests active at once.
dakotaxxiv 22 Mar @ 11:00pm 
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 21 Mar @ 8:06pm 
@Digital Mind: Just read the previous couple comments. There's an explanation in the readme file. If you have a mod installed that disables dialogue on the player faction it'll interfere with Lurius and Theodyn. A fix would be to try the version on Nexusmods as it puts those NPCs in a different faction. Once the issues with the recently removed Steam file size limit have been sorted out I'll upload that update here.
Digital Mind 21 Mar @ 4:57pm 
HELP! Theoydn wll not talk to me! I'm levl 44 and just killed alduin. Every time i click on him nothing happens. He will not talk! Ive already uninstalled and reinstalled the mod but that still did not work. Help me plz!
PotatoCannibalism (PC) 21 Mar @ 5:45am 
Yeas! It worked!
Thanks for the help, man. Can't wait to play :3
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 21 Mar @ 4:53am 
@PotatoCannibalism (PC): The readme file is linked to in the description above ^^.
PotatoCannibalism (PC) 21 Mar @ 4:45am 
Thanks, but Nexus doesn't work for me and I can't find the readme file. Could you tell me the quest id to talk to Lurius Liore so I can start it with commands?
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 21 Mar @ 2:25am 
@PotatoCannibalism (PC) : There's an explanation in the readme file. If you have a mod installed that disables dialogue on the player faction it'll interfere with Lurius and Theodyn. A fix would be to try the version on Nexusmods as it puts those NPCs in a different faction. Once the issues with the recently removed Steam file size limit have been sorted out I'll upload that update here.
PotatoCannibalism (PC) 21 Mar @ 1:25am 
The dude that gives me the quest just keeps following me around and won't give me the quest because I can't talk to him, what do I do?
Hunter_Axel 20 Mar @ 10:45pm 
Good mod, but the downfall, like a lot of other good Skyrim mods, is the voice acting.
nawdew 20 Mar @ 10:36pm 
Is it possible to make a mod using only the Wyrmstooth and Brimstone ingots, say a patch or an add-on? By making some killer weapons or armor that requires only these ingots might fraw more folks to download this awesome mod and add some incentive to gathering the multitude of ore lying about. I really enjoyed the mod and still farmed the ore "just in case."
fratatton 20 Mar @ 4:21pm 
A spectacular addition to Skyrim.

I must confess that I was skeptic at first, but in the end I was simply astonished by this mod. Great quest, great story, epic finale... not to mention the sheer size of it! I loved to explore the island and pursue the side quests!

It can easly rival the official DLC: superb work!
My face is a pun 20 Mar @ 4:10pm 
just a great mod you did a amazing job on this mod i only play the first part of it and just wow what a great mod you deserve more then respect
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 20 Mar @ 7:35am 
@The Shady Sherlock : What's the current quest objective? Try opening the console, click on him to get his ref id, and type the following command: resetai
The Shady Sherlock 20 Mar @ 6:59am 
The east empire guy I'm supposed to meet in the solitude docks is just sitting in front of the bannered mare doing absolutly nothing.....help?
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 19 Mar @ 12:10am 
@hurricanethor: ^^ read the description.
hurricanethor 18 Mar @ 6:21pm 
so you need all dlcs
Midy 17 Mar @ 12:40am 
*Sees playable instruments*
*Instantly needs*
gilrane 15 Mar @ 8:56am 
This is better than Dragonborn!
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 15 Mar @ 1:11am 
@Ronan620: If you need to uninstall Wyrmstooth you need to revert to a save taken prior to installing it just like removing a dlc like Dawnguard or Dragonborn.
Ronan620 15 Mar @ 12:45am 
What happens after I finish this and unsubbed to the mod?
pure rage(aka AresWrath) 14 Mar @ 11:04am 
ok thanks
Jonx0r  [yaratıcı] 13 Mar @ 9:31pm 
@AresWrath : ^^ read the description.