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Jonx0r  [autor] 1 oră în urmă 
@Turcraft: Mods are downloaded to your Skyrim Data folder, usually this is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data
Artema 9 ore în urmă 
best mode ever, loved voice acting, btw Turcraft just start launcher then check datafiles, u will need to wait untill all of them, if got more mods to load then just tick boxes on the left to activate expansion and mods u want to use, before that u should subsricbe to the mods on steam, for example here just go up the page and click on green subscribe bottom, then in game after enabling the mode after level 10 some courier will find u^^
Turcraft 10 ore în urmă 
thank you, but where do i find it once its downloaded?
Jonx0r  [autor] 10 ore în urmă 
@Turcraft: To download a mod you click Subscribe, the button is just below the screenshots ^^
Turcraft 11 ore în urmă 
Hi, i recently got skyrim and never modded before, so can someone tell me how to actually download it sot that i can see the folder with its contents?
Nerin Nightingale 3 mai @ 3:55pm 
Definately had fun with this mod. That being said, I only completed the first main quest of hunt down the dragon and such. The only odd thing I experianced was that my game crashed in the cave before ancients assent, though I am unsure what caused it, be it the mod or the game itself. I don't cound it as a bug though as when I reloaded the game it worked perfectly fine through the rest of it ^^ Fun main quest.. and huge tomb, I wish I would jave had more carry space there xD
Artema 2 mai @ 11:23am 
seems nice will try for sure^^
GABE_MINE 2 mai @ 1:40am 
K thanks
Jonx0r  [autor] 2 mai @ 12:06am 
@GABE_MINE : From the description above ^^ : The quest begins for players at level 10 and above after you have been summoned by the Greybeards. Theodyn Bienne, a courier for the East Empire Company, will track you down wherever you are in Skyrim (or elsewhere) starting from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and will deliver to you an important message.
GABE_MINE 1 mai @ 11:59pm 
how do you start the dlc
Lyte Hexabite 1 mai @ 5:42pm 
Awesome mod. My very favorite part is the dungeon where nothing can be seen unless you use a torch. Just an honorably atmospheric part, something Bethesda didn't dare to make in the original game or DLCs
TitanGaming 1 mai @ 1:54pm 
I had a orc character a LOOOONG time ago, his name was Shargam Blood-Fist, little did i know he would make it into his own mod xD
RickHeinen 1 mai @ 12:38pm 
Dear Jonx0r.. Ahum.. AHUHUHAMM.. OOOORGGAAAAAASSSSMMMMSSS!!!!!!!! WIILLLLL!!!! BEEEEEEE!!! GIVVVEEEEN!! FROOOOM!!! THIIS!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING MORTAL IS THIS MOD!!! I luv, you are like a god for me, the story is soooooooo cool and it also really fits to your task, there are a few bugs, but those buggs are mainly because of the vanilla skyrim itself, like floating objects, anyway, i could SMOOCH your face #nohomo... Plz make a part 2 or even a sequel.. ALL PRAISE THIS MODDER!!!
Arvizal 1 mai @ 12:29am 
Holly balls why isn't this an official DLC?!?!
Jonx0r  [autor] 30 apr. @ 9:28pm 
Also, there's a link to the strategy guide in the description above for when you get stuck ^^
Jonx0r  [autor] 30 apr. @ 9:27pm 
@VengefulAlien : Use the lever facing the elevator in the platform behind the dragon's perch to open the elevator. The story ain't done yet.
VengefulAlien 30 apr. @ 3:16pm 
i love this mod, and its great, but it weirdly just stops after i reach the dragons "lair". he flies off and i am stuck there with no way out and have to use the console to get to the elevator thing. maybe its a glitch or just the end of the mod? if it sjust the end of the mod, please make a part two the story is amazing.
Jonx0r  [autor] 30 apr. @ 9:17am 
(Glad - You - Enjoy)
Jonx0r  [autor] 30 apr. @ 9:03am 
@Prorbac: FRUND - HI - KOVIR!
Prorbac 30 apr. @ 6:51am 
To the creators "YOU... ARE ... AWSOOOME" (like a draconic shout)
Celebrimbor 30 apr. @ 6:50am 
@Jonx0r well i feel stupid now, on the character it didn't work, was because i haden't deafeated my first dragon >.> ( plz excuse my bad english)
Mr. Kitty Cat owo 29 apr. @ 7:57pm 
i love this mod <3
Jonx0r  [autor] 29 apr. @ 7:13pm 
@YamanZeGreat™: Look in the room next to the room with the pillars for the solution. Also if you get stuck there's a link to the strategy guide in the description above ^^

@BDNeon: Thanks :-)
YamanZeGreat™ 29 apr. @ 5:29pm 
I am stuck on a certain part of the Quest, where I am in the barrow, with like the puzzle, with the pillars, I can't find anything that can hint to the pillars any help?
BDNeon 29 apr. @ 2:01pm 
You've created an excellent mod, and I'd like to point out that we of the community appreciate what you've done with it, and for making it freely available.
Jonx0r  [autor] 29 apr. @ 10:11am 
@Veritas Ex Yolo : Too long :-(
Veritas Ex Yolo 29 apr. @ 9:53am 
Yes I read that. Just didn't know how long that had been up. :D
Jonx0r  [autor] 29 apr. @ 9:52am 
@Veritas Ex Yolo: I've written about this in the description above ^^
Veritas Ex Yolo 29 apr. @ 9:42am 
Hows progress on the Wyrmstone and Brimstone armor sets?
No rush, just wondering.
Jonx0r  [autor] 28 apr. @ 8:04pm 
@Celebrimbor: You need to meet quest starting requirements first as per the description above ^^ otherwise Theodyn will just say his standard idle lines. You can try 'setstage wtdragonhunt 10' to force the quest to start but make sure you meet quest starting requirements first.
DragonSoul117 28 apr. @ 1:51pm 
Thanks man, will have a look :)
Celebrimbor 28 apr. @ 12:52pm 
P.S. the guy that gives me the quest and the dude that asked for the DB is in the bannered mare, but the quest won't actiavte....@Jonx0r
Celebrimbor 28 apr. @ 12:48pm 
@Jonx0r So i have difrent save files and i started the quest on one of them... but it won't activate on the other character i have on a difrent save file.... do you have any setstage to activate the script or just give me the quest objective to find thoose mercaneries?
Jonx0r  [autor] 28 apr. @ 10:29am 
@☺Zα♪♪іcҜ☺: Clicking on it in the inventory should trigger the idle animation. Drawing your sword should cancel it.
Jonx0r  [autor] 28 apr. @ 10:28am 
@TurkishRebel: What problem are you referring to?
TurkishRebel 28 apr. @ 10:11am 
Does the problem occur runs, with a language @Jonx0r?
☺Zα♪♪іcҜ☺ 28 apr. @ 9:41am 
How do I play the flute or lute I cant equip them? Thank
Jonx0r  [autor] 28 apr. @ 8:46am 
@THIS IS SPARTA!!! : It adds a new island called Wyrmstooth, it's not quite as large as Solstheim but it has a Blackreach-style underground location. But no, it doesn't require any DLC, just Skyrim with the latest patch.
THIS IS SPARTA!!! 28 apr. @ 6:20am 
Im interested does this mod adds DLC-exclusive locations?
Jonx0r  [autor] 28 apr. @ 3:33am 
Thanks :-)
danimedosduros 28 apr. @ 2:44am 
good mod
Jonx0r  [autor] 28 apr. @ 2:21am 
@TurkishRebel : Nothing else is required, just Skyrim with the latest patch.
TurkishRebel 28 apr. @ 2:13am 
Must I install SKSE skyrim ? @JohnxOr
TurkishRebel 28 apr. @ 2:06am 
thanks JonxOr
Jonx0r  [autor] 28 apr. @ 1:53am 
@TurkishRebel: It adds a new location to the game, like Falskaar or the Dragonborn DLC.
TurkishRebel 28 apr. @ 1:49am 
This mode erases the old map?
Jonx0r  [autor] 27 apr. @ 7:46pm 
@shkelqimlol : There is a player home, look for Fort Valus and enter one of its interiors to start a new sidequest.

@kiritokun99: Try setting it as the last master file in your load list. If you use Requiem make sure you're using the new patch not the old one as that'll cause problems with the latest version of Wyrmstooth.
shkelqimlol 27 apr. @ 1:08pm 
Can you add a player home in wyrmstooth? I Personally would love to live in wyrmstooth!
kiritokun99 27 apr. @ 12:08pm 
where i have to put it on the load order? it keeps crashing as soon as i start skyrim, y checked all the other mods, is this one the problem
Jonx0r  [autor] 27 apr. @ 10:36am 
@Rikimaruuuuu.: What bugs exactly?