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Jonx0r  [autor] 13 ore în urmă 
@The Skeleton King: Known issue caused by a mod conflict, I've got a solution in the readme file: http://pastebin.com/02jsvbkg
The Skeleton King 13 ore în urmă 
I talk to the guy in the solitude docks. Screen goes dark but i stay in solitude. wtf?
lanvaren446 13 ore în urmă 
Strange Im getting the same on acouple other mods to. But ty for the info.
Jonx0r  [autor] 14 sept. @ 7:03pm 
@ lanvaren446: If Steam is having issues, try Nexusmods: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25704

@Dragonborn Tom: If I can squeeze them in, otherwise I'll have to keep the latest updates to Nexusmods and Moddb only.
lanvaren446 14 sept. @ 5:42pm 
I keep getting a error 16 trying to download this mod. Any help please ty.
Mein Führer 14 sept. @ 5:42pm 
Mein Führer 14 sept. @ 5:13pm 
Im on the final part where you have to defend the town but the dragon just keeps flying in circles around the townn. Please help!
MSzynisz 14 sept. @ 4:17pm 
I must say, this mod is amazing. Beautiful locations and very good quests! I played Falskaar too and though Falskaar has more quests, Wyrmstooth is my clear favourite - almost no bugs, very decent voice acting and I really like the map. It just feels like a proper DLC for Skyrim. :)
Dragonborn Tom 14 sept. @ 2:52pm 
Will you continue the DLC? As the new ores are not usable right now?
Don't Judge Me 14 sept. @ 3:56am 
I subscribed the 1stt August 2014. But the coc WyrmstoothDocks01 works so i will manage. Check the hotfix comments there is another guy with the same problem.
Jonx0r  [autor] 14 sept. @ 3:53am 
@Don't Judge Me: What was the first version of Wyrmstooth you've installed? The only thing I can think of is that it might have something to do with upgrading from a really old version of Wyrmstooth (before map markers were added to the mod) to the latest version. On my end the map marker takes me to Wyrmstooth successfully so it can only either be that or another mod that's somehow interfering.
Don't Judge Me 14 sept. @ 2:44am 
I unactivated the only mod for solitude docks i have that is Quest: Sea Of Ghosts, But the Map Marker still takes me to solitude docks. If you check comments at the hotfix other people have the same problem. Mabey if you move the Wyrmtooth Map Mark away from the East Empire Company Map Mark it may fix it but idk. Help plz.
Makaveli-61 14 sept. @ 2:23am 
one of my inoficial fav. expansion mods. love it. keep it up.......
Jonx0r  [autor] 14 sept. @ 2:06am 
@Don't Judge Me : If you have any mods installed that modify the Solitude docks, try unloading them and try again. If all else fails just use 'coc WyrmstoothDocks01' to return for now.
Don't Judge Me 14 sept. @ 1:49am 
The Map Marker just takes me to Solitudes docks help.
Jonx0r  [autor] 13 sept. @ 7:16pm 
If for some reason the fast travel map marker isn't appearing I have a hotfix that should force it to appear: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173281668. I'll do a bit more testing on this, it should've appeared as soon as you travel to Wyrmstooth.
Fiddlestyx 13 sept. @ 11:03am 
I'm having the same problem as @Don't Judge Me - I'm looking for a fast travel marker and I can't find it. Where exactly is it supposed to be?
Don't Judge Me 13 sept. @ 11:01am 
Where? There are nothing nerby Solitud or the Red Wave.
Jonx0r  [autor] 13 sept. @ 10:25am 
@Don't Judge Me : There's a fast travel map marker you can use.
Don't Judge Me 13 sept. @ 9:53am 
Im back at skyrim now and i cant return to wyrmtooth. Everyone at Red Wave says your not supost to be in here and the guy outside red wave just says thank you and other stuff. There are no arrow simular to the dragonborn dlc neither. So how do i get back?
Don't Judge Me 13 sept. @ 9:42am 
Actully after the battle i fast traveld to a place and back to the mine village then the imperials showd up. But the horse carriages are still by the dwemer elevator xD. But who cares about those they will be alright xD
Don't Judge Me 13 sept. @ 9:33am 
It dident work but i found a fix. I did what i did with Shadowmere. I did prid (dragon boss id) then moveto player and the secound it came up i hit it with a sword and the battle started. But i bet the imperials will stand there forever xD.
Jonx0r  [autor] 13 sept. @ 9:19am 
@Don't Judge Me : The dragon will attack once you reach the mining settlement. Not sure why the carriages aren't moving, just ignore them and defend the town.
Don't Judge Me 13 sept. @ 9:14am 
also outside the elevator is the imperials and the carriges but they arent moving or anything. The dragon dosent attack and the imperials dosent even move. Please help
Don't Judge Me 13 sept. @ 8:58am 
help the dragon wont attack me and the imperials are nowhere to be seen. I checkt the troubleshot but the setstage thing dident work (or i just dont know how to do it) plz help.
eslagle7 13 sept. @ 5:50am 
The fan-fiction also looks cool
eslagle7 13 sept. @ 5:45am 
it's awesome so far, except for that the game crashed just as I beat the dragon. I'm kind of disappointed that now I have to start the boss fight all over again.
Jonx0r  [autor] 13 sept. @ 1:48am 
Had a crack at writing an Elder Scrolls fanfiction based on Wyrmstooth. If anyone wants to proofread the first chapter:

I'm not a writer and I think it shows, but don't hold back. Be brutal!
Jonx0r  [autor] 12 sept. @ 8:22pm 
@brenningtx : There's a map marker near the Red Wave to fast travel back.
brenningtx 12 sept. @ 8:05pm 
Oh, and as a by the way, can we sail back to Wyrmstooth, because it won't lemme sail back on the Red Wave.
brenningtx 12 sept. @ 8:04pm 
@Jonx0r Thanks man!
Jonx0r  [autor] 12 sept. @ 7:03pm 
@brenningtx : There's also Falskaar, Helgen Reborn and Moonpath to Elsweyr, those are certainly worth checking out.
brenningtx 12 sept. @ 2:17pm 
Is there an unofficial DLC like this one because I finished this in 2 and a half hours, it was fun but I NEED MOAR!
anticonnor 11 sept. @ 9:16pm 
Thanks JonxOr! 'help "goreduster" 0' gave me 250ea4c9 as the itemID and a quick player.additem added it back into my inventory. Cheers!
mtmartucci 11 sept. @ 2:58pm 
This is my absolute favorite Quest mod for Skyrim. Thank you!!!
jstevenson0 11 sept. @ 2:00pm 
i like this but it feels a little hollow i dont know if i just havnt found what triggers the quests but i've only found a few quests on the island and the new ores drove me nuts trying to figure out what they were for glad i went back and re-read this hope we can do something with them soon
Assassin of old 11 sept. @ 10:45am 
ok ty meatwad
Meatwad 11 sept. @ 9:46am 
ik what now its skyui i undownloaded it and now it keeps crashing my game
Meatwad 11 sept. @ 9:07am 
ok something is making my game crash when i try to travel to whiterun
Meatwad 11 sept. @ 8:49am 
im going to uninstall and reinstall
Jonx0r  [autor] 11 sept. @ 8:27am 
Just uploaded Wyrmstooth 1.12. Not a huge update, mainly just bugfixing plus a few changes to the Dimfrost sub-dungeons but nothing too major.

@Meatwad: Is the mod loaded? Instructions for checking plus troubleshooting tips are in the readme file.
Meatwad 11 sept. @ 5:14am 
can you tell me the comm
and so i can teleport to him?
Meatwad 11 sept. @ 5:12am 
You sure? i still cant find him
Jonx0r  [autor] 11 sept. @ 4:54am 
@anticonnor : Try: 'prid ##0f9f71' then 'moveto player' where ## are what ever first two digits Skyrim has assigned to Wyrmstooth assets.
Jonx0r  [autor] 10 sept. @ 8:06pm 
@Meatwad : It's in the description above ^^
anticonnor 10 sept. @ 7:19pm 
Loving the mod so far, but I'm in a pickle. I found and sold Goreduster before finding out that it is essential to a quest. Does anyone know the item code for Goreduster so that I can add it to my inventory via console?
Meatwad 10 sept. @ 1:32pm 
You have to find someone at the bannered mare
But i cant find him
Assassin of old 10 sept. @ 12:34pm 
@ Jonx0r great looking mod but how do i start? got to the eastempire company?
Meatwad 10 sept. @ 10:14am 
How do i start the quest?
eecarter999 9 sept. @ 3:08pm 
You and your team should be proud of this. well done. so far i have no troubles with it. quite extensive