The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Tom Pollard 30 Abr às 12:39 
Noob question here but is there a level reccomendation for this content? I may have just missed it somewhere if there is
Spankenstein 30 Abr às 11:18 
Very Enjoyable. I am very impressed with the quality of work. Definitely the best mod I have seen in this category.
sithblade7 28 Abr às 2:57 
Well, You being the person who writes my favourate webcomic wasn't expected.
They put this mod into P.C. Gamer magazine years ago, for pity's sake.

It's nice to see you still active, Jonx0r,
and thank you for both this mod, and you're comics.
I look forward to seeing all future work.
GamesRCool 25 Abr às 19:31 
Jesus, Wyrmstooth is a amazing name :3
Jonx0r  [autor] 25 Abr às 19:12 
@קיפודן : It should be right in front of the door next to the dead adventurer and the note as per the Strategy Guide:
קיפודן 25 Abr às 10:16 
btw the mod is really cool and really detailed
קיפודן 25 Abr às 10:08 
i cant find the claw to the door at the main quest of killing the dragon
Jonx0r  [autor] 23 Abr às 19:20 
@HAX10000 : Have you read the advice in the readme file about this yet?
Paraguay11 23 Abr às 16:26 
@Jonx0r, it worked! Once again I appreciate your help. Thank you for making an amazing mod :D
HAX10000 23 Abr às 8:37 
Im assuming there is a problem in my end, but Theodyn doesn't talk to me when he reaches to my location. Midway, I was doing a dark brotherhood quest then suddenly found him just looking at me. It kinda annoys me while creeps me out at the same time while trying to stealth.
Jonx0r  [autor] 23 Abr às 4:45 
@Paraguay11 : Waiting in any major city for 24 hours should do the trick.
Paraguay11 22 Abr às 21:56 
@Jonx0r, correct, I am using the same saved game that I previously started the mod with. I have found Lurius in the Bannered Mare and need to wait for Theodyn right? Is there anyway to have him find me faster? Hang out in cities? Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.
Jonx0r  [autor] 22 Abr às 10:25 
@Paraguay11 : Are you using the same save that you previous started Wyrmstooth with? If so you might run into some trouble. If Lurius is in the Bannered Mare but Theodyn isn't he's probably already out there in the world looking for you and you don't need to do anything.
Paraguay11 21 Abr às 20:14 
@Jonx0r, fantastic looking mod! I salute you and fully appreciate the 2000+ hours you've pur into this. Could I get some advice please? I installed it awhile back, started the quest and then had to unsubscribe to fix some technical issues. Now that I have subscribed to it again, how can I get the quest to restart for me? Should I just wait for a new courier? I cant find the quest imperial at the inn in Whiterun.
Xeriark 16 Abr às 11:17 
I'm sure something interesting or unique may show up soon
DiamondSentinel 16 Abr às 6:15 
Hmm, that's a shame.
Jonx0r  [autor] 15 Abr às 22:00 
@Dick StarSpeed / @DiamondSentinel : I've brought several artists on board to model weapon and armor sets, none of them have delivered. At this stage all I can say is don't hold your breath.
Xeriark 15 Abr às 20:36 
im also fairly intereseted in some of the weapon/armor sets to be, do you have a relative release date, or is it just a "after i finish some bugfixes/other content" ordeal?
Jonx0r  [autor] 15 Abr às 18:58 
@Lurgax : What does he say?
Lurgax 15 Abr às 14:30 
Hi guy ! Hum ... I've a problem , I can't start the quest , when i talk to the guy on the "Red wave" there's only 1 sentence , and after nothing :( He can't go talk to the captain to travel :/ can you help me please ? (Sorry for my english i'm french)
DiamondSentinel 12 Abr às 20:34 
Hey, cool mod! I saw that you were planning on adding weapons and stuff. Any timeframe for when that'll be?
BooDelMar 11 Abr às 6:03 
this is such a good mod! I'd like to thank everyone involved in it's making! Extremely highly recommended!
GotchYa 10 Abr às 12:57 
so sidequest means sth. that has it's own story like the brotherhood or more like "go there for me, kill person x, then steal sth from this palace and come back"
Jonx0r  [autor] 10 Abr às 9:33 
2-3 hours if you just do the main quest then leave immediately. There are a few side quests around the island (15 from memory) that'll probably keep you occupied for a few days.
GotchYa 10 Abr às 6:20 
How much hours playtime is added for a normal play.
Jonx0r  [autor] 10 Abr às 4:49 
@HelpJumper : No. Wyrmstooth is a quest mod, it adds a new quest into the game.
HelpJumper 10 Abr às 4:33 
I have a question that always bothers me about this mod.
Will this mod disturb my progress with an old character or bug the quest/storyline in the existing old save?
Jonx0r  [autor] 9 Abr às 20:42 
@Chris : No, the outcome of the civil war doesn't affect Wyrmstooth.
Chris 9 Abr às 11:48 
Is Wyrmstooth a problem for the player if the player sided with Stormcloaks to win the Civil War?
Jonx0r  [autor] 7 Abr às 18:27 
@Gonzingtwist : As per the description, try the advice in the readme file first. Chances are you've got Sneak Tools installed and are wearing a hood or helmet.
Gonzingtwist 7 Abr às 3:40 
@Jonx0r why the curier dont talk to me?
Jonx0r  [autor] 5 Abr às 20:10 
@Smiley: Glad you enjoyed it.
Smiley 4 Abr às 5:48 
When my brother started playing skyrim and I walked into the room I saw him playing this mod and said "Oh, your playing one of the mods I installed!" he then replied with: "Oh, I thought this was a DLC!"

This proves that this mod is so well crafted that it can fool people into thinking it was made by bethesda. 10/10 best mod I've ever used.
The Helix 4 Abr às 2:27 
@Jonx0r Thank You for your help. Everything rolled well when i used that command. This mod is outstanding eitherway, great job.
Jonx0r  [autor] 3 Abr às 19:14 
@The Helix: I've linked to the strategy guide in the description above ^^.

If you need a console command to get rid of the 'retrieve the goreduster sword' objective use 'setobjectivecompleted wtbarrowofthewyrm 100 1'. Only use this if the sword is in the pedestal and the gate is open but the journal hasn't updated on your end for whatever reason. Otherwise i'd refrain from running arbitrary console commands.
The Helix 3 Abr às 11:05 
@Jonx0r I do not know whats going on. Could You please tell me how to finish the quest with console ? I would like to rid of those fighters that i have behind. Thank You.
Jonx0r  [autor] 2 Abr às 18:00 
@Stale Bread : Yes.

@The Helix : Not sure why the game would still be pointing to the ship unless you spawned in a copy of the sword with console commands or used tcl to skip a portion of the dungeon. I don't think I've heard of anyone seeing this problem before. If the first gate is open and you've left the sword in the pedestal then nothing should be preventing you from finishing the quest.
Jonx0r  [autor] 2 Abr às 17:49 
@henk.uyttenhove : It's a known issue.
henk.uyttenhove 2 Abr às 15:27 
Little bug: when lurius comes to ask if the dragon is dead, you can get infinite gold by pressing tab after receiving the 10000 gold.
The Helix 2 Abr às 11:46 
@Jonx0r " Using the Draugr I managed to find the switch that opens the gate. I should follow the barrow to a passage that leads down into the dragon's den."
I can't finish this part of the quest. It shows me to put a sword in the spot in order to open the gate. If itake it in my invetory quest mark showes me spot in the ship were the sword has been before. I want to know the way to finish the quest without loosing any progress.
"Setstage wtbarrowofthewyrm 160 " command does not work. Please help and thank You.
Shadow 1 Abr às 18:50 
is this compatable with falskaar?
I just used COC Whiterun
Jonx0r  [autor] 1 Abr às 17:41 
@The Helix: You'll need to describe the actual problem here.

@◕ ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡◕ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°Ѡ ͡°)!: Try Safety Load to fix this issue: Otherwise if you have any mods that change the docks at Solitude they'll likely break the fast travel back to Skyrim if they also delete important xmarkers from this location.
Well...... my dragon mod was in the way but..... heres the next problem, i can't return to skyrim. And it's not like theres no markers or anybody at the ship... it's just that it's a loading screen forever.... i tried going up to the guy at the ship, he let me go back but... i wait for 5 mins. Still nothing. I am stuck at the loading screen.
The Helix 1 Abr às 12:25 
Mod is fantastic but i have big problem. Quest bugged and stage skipping command do not work. (SetStage <quest id> <stage number>). Please someonehelp.
buti can try reloading it
well... i do have a mod that makes dragons bigger... like 4x bigger so you don't see the puny lizhads..... but he used to land... and yes, i ahve tried gragonrend... he completely ignored it
Jonx0r  [autor] 31 Mar às 20:58 
@◕ ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡◕ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°Ѡ ͡°)! : Try Dragonrend? If he's at 1/3rd health he shouldn't be in the air at all, maybe the Ai glitched or a mod is interfering, do you have a save you could try reloading?
It's a good mod but..... the dragon won't land so i am stuck with him at 1/3 HP........