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TylerLaChurch Há 4 horas 
@Jonx0r thank you very much!!!!! it works now
I loved the mod by the way great quests and very innovative stuff
Jonx0r  [autor] Há 5 horas 
@TylerLaChurch : Its a console command, usually the (`) key, then type 'tcl' (without quotes) to move through the gate. Only do this if you've already been through this area otherwise you may break quest continuity.
TylerLaChurch Há 12 horas 
@Jonx0r tcl? exactly how do I do that if you don't mind me asking
Jonx0r  [autor] 21 Ago às 20:42 
@Winer: The russian version is available here: http://tes.riotpixels.com/mods/skyrim/quests/wyrmstooth

To start, wait for Theodyn Bienne to come and find you. He'll look for you once you're at least level 10 and have at least reached the stage in the main quest line where you get summoned by the Greybeards to High Hrothgar.
Sight 21 Ago às 16:08 
Incredible work!! So far, my favorite workshop quest/item hands down!!! A must play.
Winer 21 Ago às 8:46 
whot should i do to bebin the quest?
Winer 21 Ago às 8:41 
please make russian language)
Jonx0r  [autor] 21 Ago às 2:57 
@FaZe Super : There's a map marker near the Solitude docks that lets you fast travel back to Wyrmstooth.
FaZe Super 20 Ago às 22:31 
Is there a way to get back to the island of Wyrmstooth when I leave it? I killed the dragon now it gives me the option to head back home. How would I get back to the island when I leave?
Jonx0r  [autor] 20 Ago às 20:00 
@Darkcoif: That would be splitting the file up. The problem is I'd also have to split it up for the Nexusmods version too otherwise I'd have to maintain two different versions of Wyrmstooth and make every single change thereon twice; one for the split version and one for the merged version which is not good.
Jonx0r  [autor] 20 Ago às 19:57 
@TylerLaChurch: Tcl through it and open it using the same switch the draugr pulls. Normally it shouldn't be possible for this gate to reset without player intervention.
Darkcoif 19 Ago às 17:12 
I know in your FAQ you said you'd rather not split this mod into multiple esp's, but why not add a single add-on that includes features you were unable to originally implement due to the max file size. It would be a chance to give the new ores a use and could be used to give the mod more content. If you've discussed this type of proposal somewhere, if you or somone else could direct me to it I would appreciate it.
TylerLaChurch 19 Ago às 10:01 
The one you have to use a draugr to open but I already did that and I must of shut it by accident
TylerLaChurch 19 Ago às 9:57 
@Jonx0r I went in through the main dungeon but there was gate blocking me
jamesordie 17 Ago às 22:01 
just beat this and all i gotta say is it was absoluley incredible
ying_ko13 17 Ago às 19:48 
Still lovin' this mod.
Jonx0r  [autor] 17 Ago às 11:10 
@TylerLaChurch : The crypt entrance is just a side-exit of the main dungeon.
TylerLaChurch 17 Ago às 11:06 
I found the Thalmor note that said to wait in order to get through the crypt
nobody ever came
Jonx0r  [autor] 17 Ago às 7:19 
@Chodicus McBrodicus: It's a known bug with the game engine that was never fixed. It doesn't always seem to happen either, which is kinda frustrating.
Chodicus McBrodicus 17 Ago às 7:06 
By the way, I also have BOSS, so I don't think the load order is an issue.
Chodicus McBrodicus 17 Ago às 7:04 
Is anyone else experiencing strange things in Wyrmstooth Crypt? Floating grass, textures that disappear when you look a certain angle, stuff like that? It might be a conflict with one of the other mods I have... anyway, it only seems to happen in the crypt, but it isn't game-breaking and it isn't that big of a deal. I would just like to know if anyone else has seen this stuff.
aroundthefur79 16 Ago às 20:36 
Ok... I Finnaly commited to this mod. Time to give it a go!
Gaweyne 16 Ago às 7:25 
I was amused by the Mass Effect style preamble to this quest. Assembling your squad and everything. "Lucius wants you to help stop the Reapers" ;O
lost_souls_98 15 Ago às 21:47 
This is the best mod ever! i love the dialog and voice of the orc and the dragon! The dragon sounded like he was raised in the ghetto! DOUBLE THUMBS UP FOR THIS MOD!!!
PuuLoo 15 Ago às 13:10 
Great work mate! :) I really love seeing this kind of big and complex quest mods on the workshop!
Jonx0r  [autor] 14 Ago às 3:09 
@Jammin Jones: There's a solution in the readme. The only way I've been able to reproduce this problem on my end is by installing an old version of Wyrmstooth and upgrading it to the latest version before completing Barrow of the Wyrm which I've advised against in the readme.

I think it may also be caused by a mod clash if a script added by another mod is overwriting the script Wyrmstooth uses to transport the player and Lurius to Wyrmstooth after speaking to him on the deck of the Red Wave.

The console commands provided should rectify the situation.
Jammin Jones 13 Ago às 12:02 
I followed the oders to sleep below the ship's deck to set sail for Wyrmstooth but the ship never set sail. I gave up. Looks like a cool mod but I haven't had a chance to enjoy it...
Jonx0r  [autor] 12 Ago às 21:00 
@dylancoveney : It's not a bug; if you have a low pickpocket skill your chances of pickpocketing expensive items are low. I'll see what I can do about lowering the item's value in the next version to make it easier to pickpocket.
Hunter × HunterSThompson 12 Ago às 19:34 
I installed this long ago with a bunch of other mods and completely forgot about it. When I did finally get to this quest I legitimately thought this was an official quest. Very impressive!
Snierp 12 Ago às 19:10 
Erikur is tough to pickpocket, I had to wait in his house until he went to sleep and use a pickpocket enchanted necklace + a pickpocket potion. but thet is hardly the troll quest like the Wizard in the Wyrmstooth tomb asking for 8 Wisp Wrappings lol.
dylancoveney 12 Ago às 18:09 
For the quest Daentil gives you to steal the locket from Erikur , every time I try to steal it it says 0% chance , is this a bug or do I have to get my pickpocket up ?
Robocrook 12 Ago às 11:40 
Awesome mod! Really feels like an official DLC. Keep up the good work.
Jonx0r  [autor] 11 Ago às 22:58 
@lorozco107: Try 'set playerfollowercount to 0' in the console. You likely already had a follower with you that ended up getting lost.
lorozco107 11 Ago às 21:58 
When i try to get a vanlilla follower to follow me they say i have some with me and it started when i installed this mod is this a bug? And great mod overall.
Snierp 11 Ago às 20:47 
Fantastic expansion mod!!! I had finished most of Skyrim,Dawnguard and Dragonborn and was looking for something else to do besides repetitive assassin quests and or Companion jobs, and Wyrmstooth fit the bill.

I've completed quite a bit of Wyrmstooth thus far aside from a couple caves and a dwemer ruin or two. but this was so well done. the abandoned Fort as a player home was a great idea. some useful new spells and shouts. really a great experience that feels like it belongs in the game. Thank You!
Powerfox Juliar 11 Ago às 4:59 
This mod is amazing. However, the massive battles do cause my computer to lag quite a bit.
DragonEph 10 Ago às 20:05 
@Jonx0r : Alright cool, I'll be sure to check that out next time I play. Thanks for a quick response~
Jonx0r  [autor] 10 Ago às 19:58 
@DragonEph : Fort Valus is a player home so you can dump your gear there. Entering the Muster will trigger a short side-quest to claim the fort for yourself.
DragonEph 10 Ago às 18:35 
First I would like to say, this is an amazing mod so far. I'm really loving exploring the island and I have had no issues with the quest yet.
One question though, are there any "safe" containers around so I can dump stuff? My inventory has become very full (mainly of dragon loot) and was just wondering if there was anything around for the sake on convineince.
Thanks for making such a great mod, feels like a part of the real game. :)
Den Lee 10 Ago às 5:03 
Absolutely loved this mod, by far the best mod I have come across on Steam, really hoping that you do more questline mods a++++
AngryNorwegian 9 Ago às 13:41 
Absolutely stunning mod with AAA standards and hours of fun! If i had to find something to criticize it for, perhaps the starting quest does not fully reveal how awesome and complete this mod really is. 10/10
Jonx0r  [autor] 9 Ago às 0:43 
@HaloE70 : Google says Wyrmroost. I've never read Fable haven before. There's a 'Wyrms Tooth' in Icewind Dale though -- one of my favorite oldschool rpgs.

@Spartan837: Are Lurius and Theodyn in the Bannered Mare? If they are, you need to meet quest start requirements first before Wyrmstooth will start. If they aren't, there are troubleshooting steps in the readme file that you can follow: http://pastebin.com/02jsvbkg. Also, if you have any mods installed that change or replace the Bannered Mare interior you might need to uninstall them. Lurius and Theodyn will go to the original Bannered Mare interior, not a modded duplicate -- this issue has happened before.
HaloE70 8 Ago às 17:47 
Hey... isnt this the name of a dragon sanctuary from the fable haven series??...
$$MIXMASTER$$ 8 Ago às 17:12 
lol nvm just read it
$$MIXMASTER$$ 8 Ago às 17:11 
does this require any dlc
Spartan837 8 Ago às 14:54 
I have a very frustrating problem. I have the mod installed, and it IS loaded, but the courier never comes after me in the beginning. I know it's loaded because I can type in his name, and his NPC comes up, but if I spawn him then he doesn't talk to me either! Help :c
starjammer 8 Ago às 14:43 
well i lookd at the desc. and i was curious if that was the only thing planned on being or if there were thing you could already make and + i suggest not doing it on nexus because i hear from past experience from friends of mine that nexus mods get less downloads than other mods posted on steam
mjegs 8 Ago às 14:40 
@Jonx0r : Don't we all get carried away when we have a good idea? Anyway, if you make another mod, I'll be sure to get that one as well!
Jonx0r  [autor] 7 Ago às 20:44 
@starjammer: I might have new armors coming in a future release if I can figure out a way to squeeze it into the mod (Wyrmstooth is already almost the maximum size permissable by Steam). I won't be making a separate esp file as that's a bit of a messy solution. The other option would be to make future releases Nexusmods only as they allow much larger files.
starjammer 7 Ago às 12:13 
since we cant make weapons or armor out of it :L