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Lord_Farsight 10 ore fa 
OK, thx
Yes I am level twelve, I suppose I must indeed do the main quest :(
Jonx0r  [autore] 19 ore fa 
@Lord_Farsight : Try lowering your graphics settings. If a console kill command didn't work you probably weren't targeting Vulom, mist and dust objects usually get in the way so you'd need to disable those first with the disable command.

@falconettisebastiani : The mercenaries use the same vanilla follower system all other followers use.

@Underground Luxury [V-M] : Are you at least level 10? There's not really much else I can suggest here; maybe try a save that follows the main questline instead?
Got it to start...now Lurius just wont talke to me xD
Lord_Farsight 30 ott, ore 10:39 
Back, and not with good news. I still can't get rid of vulom, even with console command. I just tried, and somehow, my whole PC almost crashed. If fighting him leads to CTD and console command leads to PC crash, what can I do? Help plz.
falconettisebastiani 29 ott, ore 13:46 
the one really strong criticism i have concerning this mod, is that the mage is ALWAYS blocking my path; or shoving me into walls and off platforms....The ONLY way i've found to get her OUT of the way of me activating a chain pull, opening a door, etc. is to paralyze her with a spell or the Dwarven Rod of Paralysis She is TEN TIMES worse than Lydia, the housecarl, for gettting in the way, and i would find someplace to tell her to "wait here", and LEAVE her there; if only i could....
LFOB 29 ott, ore 11:17 
This is by far the best Skyrim mod I've ever come across.
Jonx0r  [autore] 29 ott, ore 8:10 
@colin.wiggers : He should come to you once you meet quest start requirements. You need to be level 10 and have at least gotten to the part where you're summoned by the Greybeards in the main questline. Waiting 24 hours in a capital should give him enough time to catch up to you if he's on the road.
colin.wiggers 29 ott, ore 6:23 
Jonx0r  [autore] 28 ott, ore 19:22 
@Underground Luxury [V-M] : If it says script not compiled, you're not typing it in properly.
Underground Luxury [V-M] 28 ott, ore 18:38 
I see Bienne, but the command is not working :/ says script isnt complied :(
Jedeko 28 ott, ore 16:53 
Thanks for this awesome dlc
xXJeffTheKillerXx 28 ott, ore 9:40 
This.Is. Epic. o-o
Jonx0r  [autore] 28 ott, ore 2:23 
@munchman347 : Not sure if this'll help, but try waiting a couple hours outside then go back in. Lurius' AI package should plop him in the Bannered Mare if for some reason quest scripting doesn't teleport him in.
munchman347 28 ott, ore 0:40 
As far as I know, vanilla Bannered Mare. I think a simple reset will jog the mesh.
Jonx0r  [autore] 27 ott, ore 23:20 
@munchman347 : If you have a mod installed that replaces the Bannered Mare interior you'll need to unload it. Lurius can only go to the original interior and I know some mods link a completely new interior.
munchman347 27 ott, ore 22:51 
I'm impressed with the scope and promise of this MOD, but I can't seem to get it started. I've even used the console to start it but the dude i'm supposed to meet is never in the bannered mare. Am I missing some step or should I just undo and re-sub?
Jonx0r  [autore] 27 ott, ore 18:19 
@@Underground Luxury [V-M]: Don't include the quotes ( ' ) in the console command.
Underground Luxury [V-M] 27 ott, ore 17:06 
Doesn't seem to be working :/ any advice?
Underground Luxury [V-M] 27 ott, ore 17:01 
Sounds good man, thanks for the reply
228 Doter 322 27 ott, ore 1:25 
Jonx0r  [autore] 26 ott, ore 19:42 
@Underground Luxury [V-M] : You can force the mod to start using 'setstage wtdragonhunt 10', but people will refer to you as the Dragonborn.

@Kestrel : I wish the gaming industry worked like that.

@beltaineblairson: Glad you enjoyed it! :-)
Underground Luxury [V-M] 26 ott, ore 17:59 
Any way to play this with the Unbound mod? I do not like playing the main story but am highly interested in this
Kestrel 26 ott, ore 9:29 
Surprised Bethesda hasn't broken down your door and begged for your services or resume this mod is perfectly integrated and designed. By far my favorite mod. I cant wait to see what else you have in store both for this mod and others, best luck and thanks for changing the way I play Skyrim like no one else has. :)
beltaineblairson 26 ott, ore 8:42 
What a great mod! EPIC! Love your work, thanks a lot!
fooglygooch 25 ott, ore 23:26 
2 things..... 1) this mod is incredible. #1 favorite mod overall for any game that Ive ever played. maybe I'm just really lucky but I haven't had any problems with any part of the mod, which is really nice.
2) I'm really not trying to be greedy or annoying, but would it be possible to make another smaller mod that would only work in conjunction with this one in order to make use of wyrmstone and brimstone? I would love to see brimstone and wyrmstone armor and weapons so if it is possible to do something like that t'would be incredible. If it wouldn't be possible its all good because this mod is still epic.
Jonx0r  [autore] 25 ott, ore 18:10 
@=(e)=Wildcat Pilot: Use the map marker near Solitude. If it's not there, use 'coc WyrmstoothDocks01' to return, this should also force that map marker to appear if it's not enabled through quest scripting.
=(e)=Wildcat Pilot 25 ott, ore 10:33 
how do i back to wyrmstooth i havent finished the quest to get eh sword to get into the barrow cause i had to warm up due to frostfall and i went back to the boat and cuoldnt get back to wyrmstooth please help.
Lord_Farsight 25 ott, ore 1:46 
No ENB, I'll look at that patch. Worst case, I'll use console command to kill that damn lich.
Jonx0r  [autore] 24 ott, ore 18:30 
@Lord_Farsight : Try turning off your ENB if you're running one or install Sheson's memory patch.
Lord_Farsight 24 ott, ore 12:59 
I know I'm beginning to be annoying, but I have another problem. Vulom litterally crash his way out of a fight. When he launches that red tinted spell of his, I enjoy a crash to desktop. It's te second time that happens.
Couchpotato 23 ott, ore 18:20 
This quest is better than the quests that Brethesda can come up with.

More interesting characters, better level design.
Lord_Farsight 23 ott, ore 1:34 
OK, done, I bought the fort. Thanks for the help!
Lord_Farsight 22 ott, ore 23:21 
OK, will do that next time I play.
Jonx0r  [autore] 22 ott, ore 18:08 

1. player.movetoqt wtplayerhome
2. Click on Lurius with the console open to get his refid
3. coc WyrmstoothSettlement
4. moveto player

Now talk to him.
Lord_Farsight 22 ott, ore 12:01 
I activated the quest, and I don't have an arrow in the settlement. It's like Liore disappeared from Wyrmstooth.
Lord_Farsight 22 ott, ore 3:36 
Uhuh, I'll see if they are back at the settlement, but I didn't see Liore anywhere. I guess I'll have to look a bit more or start the quest.
slivav 21 ott, ore 19:41 
mod is really nice, but i think that conjuration spells from wyrmstooth temple are bit overpowered
Jonx0r  [autore] 21 ott, ore 18:38 
@Lord_Farsight : They'll be returned to the holding cell if they're involved in a random encounter but they should return to the mining settlement if you give them some time. Random Encounters will put them around the island from time to time.
Shadow dragonfury 21 ott, ore 8:14 
i love this new DLC, i will download it immediatiatly (sorry, but I dont know how to spell it).
Lord_Farsight 21 ott, ore 7:40 
is it normal that Liore and his bodyguard are waiting outside of fort Valus?
Lord_Farsight 21 ott, ore 7:37 
Wyrmstooth Holder Cell it says
Lord_Farsight 21 ott, ore 7:26 
I'm gonna try it, and nope, it's the first time something like that happened to me.
Jonx0r  [autore] 21 ott, ore 7:25 
@Lord_Farsight : Where does 'movetoqt wtplayerhome' take you? Save before doing this. Also, have you experienced this issue before?
Lord_Farsight 21 ott, ore 7:06 
Neither worked.
Lord_Farsight 21 ott, ore 7:00 
OK, I'll try and tell you if either works.
Jonx0r  [autore] 21 ott, ore 6:00 
@Lord_Farsight : Try waiting a couple hours or try fast travelling back to Skyrim then return again. I don't think anyone else has reported something like this before.
Lord_Farsight 21 ott, ore 5:34 
OK, massive problem. During the quest to buy fort Valus, Liore disappear mid conversation, and the objective arrow in game is placed in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no life-form around (verified with Aura Whisper).

On the map the objective arrow shows that I must enter a door but remains centered on me, so I'm kind of lost. Help pls.
Jonx0r  [autore] 19 ott, ore 23:55 
@[SxS] Doibv (Doing Voice Acting): I haven't had the time yet to finish writing up new questlines. I might have some free time in a week or two to sort out the next version of the mod.
Jon sorry to bother you but, have you considered me for anything? I don't mind if you have not but you know...