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Im probably just being bad but I cannot find the mercs.
Shadows1381 20 ore fa 
@Jonx0r: which means i'll need to go through nexus which i was trying to avoid to keep everything on steam.
Jonx0r  [autore] 20 ore fa 
@Shadows1381: I'd prefer to keep it one file to keep it simple to install.
Shadows1381 22 ore fa 
@Jonx0r could'nt you make like an expansion mod to this to keep it on the steam workshop?
Jonx0r  [autore] 22 ore fa 
@Akasha: I'm still working on the mod, but due to Steam's filesize limit I won't be able to upload any further updates here.
Akasha 22 ore fa 
Are you going to make more quests to wyrmstooht? And wath about the brinestone and the other one? Would like to forge somthing awsome with these material. I reely love this mod!:)
Shadows1381 17 dic, ore 0:46 
This is a really excellent mod thanks Jonx0r,
but the main quest felt too easy. It felt that the followers need to be nerfed a bit since you have 4 and you can basically just sit back, relax and watch them do all the hard work.
Jonx0r  [autore] 16 dic, ore 23:16 
@I R Kazper : The only other explanation for them not being there is if another mod you have installed deletes the vanilla random encounter xmarkers along the road between Pinewatch and Helgen that Wyrmstooth uses to move the mercenaries into place.

This problem doesn't exist on a base Skyrim + latest official patch + Wyrmstooth install so there's not really a great deal I can do about it.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can use a console command to skip this quest if one of your mods are interfering.
I R Kazper 16 dic, ore 22:19 
I just installed this today.
Jonx0r  [autore] 16 dic, ore 22:17 
@I R Kazper: Did you start Wymrstooth on an older version? An issue like this might occur if you started Dragon Hunt under 1.13 or older and upgraded to 1.14 before finishing the first quest due to the changes 1.14 makes. If nothing works just use 'setstage wtdragnhunt 130' to skip the first quest.
I R Kazper 16 dic, ore 22:01 
I just unactivated it, and then activated it again. It isn't giving me a map marker.
Jonx0r  [autore] 16 dic, ore 21:26 
@I R Kazper: There should be a map marker pointing to them. Make sure the quest is enabled in the journal.
I R Kazper 16 dic, ore 20:55 
Hey guys. Can anyone tell me specificly where the mercinaries are on the road to Falkreath? I have traveled the road, but I can't find them.
Jonx0r  [autore] 16 dic, ore 20:35 
@Hydrolisk_d[-_-]b: This issue happens even without any mods installed (it's happened to me many times in vanilla locations). The only thing I can suggest is, if you're running an ENB, try turning it off first and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes going to a different location helps, try fast travelling somewhere else on the island or go into a house, use the 'pcb' console command to purge cell buffers, then try saving. Unfortunately there's very little I can do about issues that exist in vanilla Skyrim.
Hydrolisk_d[-_-]b 16 dic, ore 20:05 
So I currently just installed this mod. I have about 30 min in and I arived at the island. Upon him telling me that I need to go to some cave accross the map I start to follow him. When It decided to auto save it crashed. So I wanted to test it out. I loaded up in the first town on the same island, tried to just save. It Crashed again. I have deleted 20 other mods and im continuing to go down the list. If by the time I cant play it with just wieghtless items (Only Ore/Ignots/Dragon Bones&Scales/Potions/ingredients) Then I would believe its an In Game Bug. I All ready Uninstalled it and Reienstalled it at the same town on the island right after you get off the boat. Maybe you guys can help?
Jonx0r  [autore] 16 dic, ore 17:04 
@Xtroiz : If you have any mods that affect the docks at Solitude, unload them. Wyrmstooth needs to make a few changes here, if another mod is overriding them then it could potentially result in a crash.
Xtroiz 16 dic, ore 8:59 
The game chrashes when I get to close to the guy on the boat in the solitude docks any help?
jimmie.curry 15 dic, ore 23:28 
GREAT MOD! The game developers could take a lesson!
Jonx0r  [autore] 15 dic, ore 8:46 
@Captain Corgifarter the 4th : Any mod that disables NPC greetings is a likely candidate, Sneak Tools just happens to be the one most players reporting this issue are using.
Captain Corgifarter the 4th 15 dic, ore 4:41 
Jonx0r, I don't know what sneak tools are but I have multiple followers and better nord mod so that might effect it
Jonx0r  [autore] 14 dic, ore 17:03 
@Captain Corgifarter the 4th: If you have Sneak Tools installed, remove your hood.

@werewolfgirl.nell : If you have a mod installed that intentionally disables NPC dialogue I can't help you. This problem does not exist in a vanilla Skyrim + Wyrmstooth install.
Captain Corgifarter the 4th 14 dic, ore 11:06 
Theyodin Just keeps following me around without talking at all
Mendacium 14 dic, ore 10:11 
Great mod
werewolfgirl.nell 14 dic, ore 9:14 
@jonx0r I've tried that, and I made sure to remove my hood. He still isnt saying anything.
Trig Jegman 14 dic, ore 8:06 
Will there be anymore great mods like this?
kristywaltz 14 dic, ore 7:02 
Liked this mod alot but I did have an issue with the Lich Lord, He did kill me twice and as a result my game would shut down to deskstop instead of respwaning at my last save.
Zupelo 13 dic, ore 23:02 
My favorite mod
Jonx0r  [autore] 13 dic, ore 21:52 
@werewolfgirl.nell : If you have Sneak Tools installed, remove your hood. This issue occurs if you have a mod installed that affects NPC greetings.
Zazorok 13 dic, ore 21:08 
all the sidequests are bad puns XD
werewolfgirl.nell 13 dic, ore 20:23 
Um, the courier guy wont say anything to me? Just follows me around? Anyone know whats going on exactly?
Ateas Dhavar 12 dic, ore 23:39 
That worked. Thanks. Now, then.. BACK TO WYRMSTOOTH! I have more exploring to do.
Jonx0r  [autore] 12 dic, ore 23:24 
@Ateas Dhavar : Never had any issues with this quest. Try 'setstage wtdaenlitfavor 20' to force the game into thinking you've stolen the necklace.
Ateas Dhavar 12 dic, ore 23:10 
I just remembered; about five hours ago, I opened Wyrmstooth in the creation kit and put an extra necklace in a remote spot in Solitude. I picked up the extra and tryed to present that one to the quest giver, but that didn't work either. I was hoping..
Ateas Dhavar 12 dic, ore 23:06 
Nope! I only managed to um.. make the guards unhappy.. He doesn't have it at all.
Ateas Dhavar 12 dic, ore 22:54 
That's what I figured, but I went and picked his pockets and he didn't have it on him. I searched everywhere in his house and didn't find it there either. Even went and searched his (I assume) man-lover's pockets. Could it listed on him as an "outfit" item? ...I'll kill him and find out.
Jonx0r  [autore] 12 dic, ore 22:48 
@Ateas Dhavar: Whoops! Sorry, I'm thinking of the wrong quest. The quest marker should be on Erikur. Normally he's in the Blue Palace but he has a home nearby. I don't know if the game occasionally takes him to the docks but that might explain the quest marker.
Ateas Dhavar 12 dic, ore 22:35 
Now I'm confused.. I thought I was stealing a necklace from Erikur in Solitude? It's the quest from your bosmer mercenary. I could have sworn she specifically mentioned Solitude.
Jonx0r  [autore] 12 dic, ore 21:59 
@Ateas Dhavar : Known issue, it happens to quests assigned to Blackreach as well so it's probably an engine-related bug. There's enough information in the note to tell you where you need to go, the quest marker corrects itself once you're down in Dimfrost.
Ateas Dhavar 12 dic, ore 21:17 
Found a but of a bug with the quest Robbed Blind. The quest marker isn't working properly. It points you towards solitude, but once inside the city, it points outside the city walls.
ManOnFire 12 dic, ore 21:10 
did u copy and place alot of structures?
Futurixta 12 dic, ore 18:42 
Jonx0r  [autore] 12 dic, ore 17:56 
@Futurixta: There's a Spanish translation available on Nexusmods: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/34258 Not sure if it's up to date with the latest version though.
Futurixta 12 dic, ore 12:52 
is it in Spanish?
I'm glad that there are people who love this game so much that they pour so much time into creating a mod like this for the game I can't wait to start playing
Jonx0r  [autore] 12 dic, ore 8:28 
@ManOnFire: I know. I should've made it a random enchanted weapon.
Jonx0r  [autore] 11 dic, ore 7:59 
@Echoes : Yes you can start Wyrmstooth on an existing save.
Echoes 11 dic, ore 6:56 
Hi, it is safe to add this mod to a already existing character?
cheekychumps 9 dic, ore 11:36 
byoutiful mod m8 it's gr8 i r8 88/8
Jonx0r  [autore] 8 dic, ore 17:15 
@ManOnFire: Dragons and Wyrms are just two words for the same thing, for Drakes and Wyverns maybe check the Elder Scrolls lore page http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Main_Page