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Alex McFline 2 órája 
What file is responsible for the language of the text?
Jonx0r  [készítő] 2 órája 
@Alex: It has been translated into Russian: http://tes.riotpixels.com/mods/skyrim/quests/wyrmstooth
Alex McFline 6 órája 
plaese, translate to russian language
NerdLyric 16 órája 
I believe this to be the best mod I have ever used. This over takes even some of the orginal vanilla content oh Skyrim and should be an official dlc; I would have gladly paid for this. I would just love to thankyou for the time and care you put into this mod and I don't even care about a couple of minor bugs I found. Can I make a request though? CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A SEQUEL?
The Stig 18 órája 
This DLC, er, mod is simply amazing. I can tell you put a lot of time and care into this, and it really pays off.
TheZimBobo 23 órája 
By far one of the best quest mods for Skyrim there is
madisonhawkinsolinskie jan. 25. @ de. 5:24 
did anyone realize there was an ord hugging a centurion in the seconde last picture and this looks f**king awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
henk.senior jan. 24. @ du. 4:31 
Great mod, really enjoyed playing it .... thanks
minimecha jan. 24. @ de. 8:45 
How do you play the instruments? Do you have to find a certain set or can you use regular ones?
Legendary Guardian jan. 23. @ du. 10:14 
Wow what areat mod the storyline and everything it was fun you sir are very talkented
Oubliette jan. 22. @ du. 7:18 
superb, just played through main quest.
That zombie army is frustrating.
SniperBorn jan. 21. @ du. 9:14 
great mod
Ulfrick Stormclock jan. 21. @ du. 8:49 
tell them to wait and keep going
homasho jan. 21. @ du. 1:22 
A perfect MOD - but I do not like the idea of having five or six additional followers to my two original ones.

They all just get into my way and spoil my game. Example: Whenever they are around I cannot mine Wormstooth ore, one of them always beats me and mines him/herself. Entering a room and trying to leave is sometimes only possible with tcl :( , they just stand around and block me.

Just tell me, how to get rid of them and I will really enjoy this mod.

As a collector I really love to see new ingredients and other items. Ever saw a bog beacon glow in adungeoen ? Fantastico !

AmaDraque jan. 21. @ de. 5:15 
"There's a wardrobe with a false back panel"

Ah, this is clearly what I've overlooked. Thanks, now I can progress. :)

(I really should use Nexus more often.)
Jonx0r  [készítő] jan. 20. @ du. 10:52 
The strategy guide is also downloadable from Nexusmods.
Jonx0r  [készítő] jan. 20. @ du. 10:52 
@AmaDraque: Enter the muster and enter the room to the right of the stairs. There's a wardrobe with a false back panel, open it, head down the stairs, and pull the lever on the left to open a secret passageway. Follow the passage to a witch's lair, get the bones, and learn the word from the Word Wall.
AmaDraque jan. 20. @ du. 7:38 
I wanted to take a look at your Strategy Guide, but the site doesn't appear to exist, or perhaps it is down. - The reason I wanted to look at it, is that I'm stuck with a quest:

Someone With Backbone
'Find Volum's Bones'

It took 'us' (me and the wolf) to fort Volus, and apparently we're supposed to enter the central building, which we did - several times. I have been through all the room, on all the ouotside stairways and have walked through the terrain - which is mainly mountainside - around the fort. But I simply cannot find any bones.

I want to complete every quest there is on the Wyrmstooth island, so if somebody can help me out with this one, I'll be greatful. Thanks in advance. =0)
AmaDraque jan. 20. @ du. 7:30 
This is the absolutely most awesome, most well rounded, most detailed quest mod I have seen. It must've been a hell of a job. For having spent 200 hours on making this mod, I am truly impressed. What a X-mass present! Thank you for this beautiful contribution.
cablethewolf jan. 20. @ du. 5:44 
What are the Wyrnstone ore used for? or did i miss something
milescurley jan. 20. @ du. 4:10 
why wont Theodyn talk to me. plz help sir :-(
The Rushin' Russian jan. 19. @ du. 1:14 
So I'm standing in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and Theodyn is just standing there but I cant talk to him. Any suggestions on what I should do?
elena.gagarina.93 jan. 19. @ de. 12:56 
Ну нечестно=( Нужен русский язык.
Cuddle Bear jan. 18. @ du. 2:45 
the mod is good but when you begin this quest before the dawnguard dlc you can't recruit the guy from the mission so you need to unsubscribe this mod :(
SasoDuck jan. 18. @ de. 10:15 
Ok how on earth do I get my game looking as good as those screenshots? I've got quite a few graphics mods on but it still doesn't even come close to that...
King_of_Shrooms jan. 18. @ de. 10:09 
I can't seem to find the mercenaries during the Dragon Hunt quest. I'm guessing they're on the road between Falkreath and Whiterun, but I've travelled up and down several times and can't find them. I have Elder Scrolls Places: Oakwood installed, which adds a village to that particular road. Could that have caused them to disappear?
Kieran jan. 17. @ du. 10:17 
The voice acting in this mod is outstanding, really professional mod :)
Rufflik jan. 17. @ du. 6:22 
This mod is outstanding. Probably the best video game mod i've ever had the pleasure of playing. You guys did everything perfectly.
bendik.eikenes jan. 17. @ de. 11:26 
i cant get any of the shouts, i just stand next to them and the music comes on but nothing else happens?
Eonwe jan. 16. @ du. 11:14 
I'm going to subscribe to this immediately after I complete Dawnguard and Dragonborn. It looks fantastic; I've heard so many good things about it and I'm looking forward to trying it.
sythswinger jan. 16. @ de. 10:03 
im lost in the kitchen of the dungeon!!
XarionGod jan. 16. @ de. 12:05 
This mod is very, very impressive. A+, couldn't recommend it more highly. The dev clearly worked tirelessly to make sure this mod worked as flawlessly as possible.
neala963 jan. 15. @ du. 9:55 
I've been playing this game for 550+ hrs. I started to grow bored with it, then realized that I had subscribed to Wyrmstooth and had never completed the quest. I've been on this island for the past week, and I LOVE IT! From wolfie companions to draugr kitchen overlords to playable instruments and placeable bear traps. Great job! Adding to the experience without diminishing the immersion.
LORENZZO MACONKELLA jan. 15. @ du. 12:36 
how do i get the followers to help me after the main quests
Mr.Met... jan. 15. @ de. 11:10 
Отличный остров,достойные бои.Но вот минус в том,что мое знание английского не позволяет полностью насладится сюжетом (( Смысл ставить,и проходить конечно же есть !
Alcuin jan. 14. @ du. 6:12 
Great mod!
FreakyCord jan. 14. @ du. 6:05 
Best mod I've ever played. Great storyline and characters. Keep up the good work.
LORENZZO MACONKELLA jan. 14. @ du. 12:32 
this is one of the best quest mods EVER 10/10 one question though how do i get the player home
Elmo Kajaky jan. 13. @ de. 11:54 
I'd love to see you guys get enough finances to create your own game! You did an amazing job on this, and I'd like to see you guys get better equipment for your voice actors because you def deserve it!
wildmick jan. 13. @ de. 7:17 
Absolutely outstanding module!! *-*-*-*-* Five stars all the way! And thank you, thank you, thank you for Vulom's staff! It's my most prized possession for taking out "pesky critters" especially the bush-wacking kind! Here's a thought: why not upgrade this entire module to a "Millionaire's Club" and allow someone to purchase the entire island for 1,000,000 gold pieces!! One of the biggest flaws with Skyrim is that there's nothing to do with your mega fortune once you've accumulated it! I have a lowly 1.4 million fortune in gold I drag around with me everywhere--and believe me when I say I could've acquired over 2 million in gold if I had bothered to cash everything out!--and absolutely nothing to spend it on! Now, if I could purchase an entire island for 1,000,000 in gold and then be forced to spend money on its upkeep by building a fort and hiring and maintaining a large army of mercenaries to stave off naval invasions, then that would really be something! "Dragonborn Island"!
Dakkendoofer jan. 12. @ du. 4:39 
holy crap this is good!!! 5 stars to developer(s), this is incredible. I honestly thought this was official content because I had forgotten I downloaded it.... Very good.
OwenCain jan. 12. @ de. 1:37 
Yes i agree with the man by the name of "richthirsk" this is a truely dlc leveled modification and deserves its valor in the list of dlcs
vampir1111 jan. 11. @ de. 9:46 
есть смысл ставить?
richthirsk jan. 11. @ de. 5:05 
this should have been a proper dlc
Brainstorm104 jan. 10. @ du. 9:45 
one question... how did you come up with all this amazing stuff?
also how long did it take you to do the dragon's name and dialouge?
Brainstorm104 jan. 10. @ du. 9:44 
@Jonx0r nevermind i got it
Accidental Dismemberment jan. 10. @ du. 9:35 
Will this mod work with the official DLCs?
Jonx0r  [készítő] jan. 10. @ du. 6:33 
@Brainstorm104 : Refer to the readme file.
skymirchant jan. 10. @ du. 4:21 
Brainstorm104 jan. 10. @ du. 4:16 
for some reason instead of me finding the mercenaries (is that how you spell it?) one by one it has me look for them along the road to falkreath and lurius says he will mark thier location on my map but i cant find them... help me plz!