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Jonx0r  [créateur] Il y a 9 heures 
@Newcomer : The Russian version is here: http://tes.riotpixels.com/mods/skyrim/quests/wyrmstooth
Newcomer Il y a 10 heures 
Сделайте руссификатор, пожалуйста.
Jonx0r  [créateur] Il y a 11 heures 
Thanks :-).
Ginger Beard Il y a 12 heures 
This is probably the best mod I have ever played. Well done.
Jonx0r  [créateur] Il y a 13 heures 
@9tailedfoxdragon : None that I'm aware of, other than asking the mod author. I can reproduce the exact problem on my end by intentionally deleting the xmarker that the Skyrim map marker in the Wyrmstooth worldspace links to -- so I'm pretty sure it's caused by another mod is overriding cell -17,22 in the Tamriel worldspace preventing the linked xmarker from loading.

One final suggestion might be to try downloading the version of Wyrmstooth on Nexusmods, it contains ESM data (so the game loads it like it would a master file, like Dawnguard or Dragonborn). The game treats ESM files slightly differently to ESP files so it might solve the change collision, but I can't be sure without knowing which mod is also changing this cell.
9tailedfoxdragon Il y a 14 heures 
its seemed like putting it last was going to work but it still crashes. is there a way to see if a mod conflicts with another mod or if there is problems with using cheats/ mods with navmesh deletes?
wetnwild1371 Il y a 15 heures 
Seriously this is one of my favorite addons and while playing yesterday i stumbled upon the vigilants outpost where I read a note written by Amon and which was in refrence to Amarth. That right there was one of the coolest easter egg like things ive ever found and especially the fact that some of the qoutes within the note were some of the lyrics for a few of Amon Amarth's song. For making my day that much more interesting I salute you.
Jonx0r  [créateur] Il y a 15 heures 
@divine bane: Is the dialogue option still available with Lurius after you try? I'm not sure why this wouldn't work for you, it seems to work for everyone else. If you close Skyrim and relaunch it does that fix anything? The only thing I can think of is maybe script processing is lagging.
divine bane Il y a 17 heures 
Great mod ive only had 1 problem so far and thats that when i go to upgrade the fort player home none of the upgrades apply. (ex. i purchased upgrade smithy and hire smith and niether action happened.)
Jonx0r  [créateur] 30 juil à 9h35 
@dinofreak007 : Lol! They'll meet up with you once you resurface if they don't take the plunge.
dinofreak007 30 juil à 9h33 
Great Quest! My only problem is that I had to PUSH my follower down that giant pit, otherwise he wouldnt follow me.
Trollin 30 juil à 6h06 
thats some good voice acting there!
Jonx0r  [créateur] 29 juil à 22h36 
9tailedfoxdragon : Try moving Wyrmstooth as far down as you can in the load list. It's happened before and from what I can gather it's caused by another mod making changes to the same cell Wyrmstooth changes.
Gaming Naro 29 juil à 15h29 
One of my favorite mods thank you
Treason 29 juil à 14h32 
the console commands worked, thank you!
9tailedfoxdragon 29 juil à 12h04 
its when you have to go to the docks in solitude to get to wyrmstooth that it crashes every time. i can go other places and bbe ok but the solitude docks is crashy
Jonx0r  [créateur] 29 juil à 8h59 
@Treason: Sheson's memory patch seems to do a good job of fixing random crashes, but if the memory patch doesn't fix it then my only thought would be that maybe another mod is making a bad edit to a vanilla object that can be found in the dungeon.

Try the following console commands:
coc WyrmstoothBarrowRefectory
setstage wtbarrowofthewyrm 170

This will skip the first section of Wyrmstooth Barrow.

If it still crashes then the object is likely common to all three sections of the barrow. Maybe a door, activator, or idle marker of some sort was given a bad script edit by another mod.
Treason 29 juil à 8h11 
@Jonx0r I have tried all of those, and it always crashes.
The Mentalist (GR) 29 juil à 7h30 
This mod is awesome it could easily be a DLC
KEep up thew good work:)
Jonx0r  [créateur] 29 juil à 4h40 
@Treason: Is it a consistent crash? If you do 'coc WyrmstoothBarrowTemple' does it crash? One thing you might want to try doing before anything else is to try moving Wyrmstooth as far down in your load list as possible, this seems to help fix a number of strange problems.
Treason 28 juil à 19h15 
I get CTD when I enter Wyrmstooth Barrow. I put wyrmstooth ini folder to Skyrim data folder but it didnt fix it. Help?
Jonx0r  [créateur] 28 juil à 8h05 
@cfbigmac1: Try moving Wyrmstooth as far down in your load list as possible, The freeze usually happens when another mod makes changes to the same cell that the Skyrim fast travel map marker takes you back to.
cfbigmac1 28 juil à 7h41 
So I've beat the main story line of this mod, but I can't get back to the mainland of Skyrim. When I go to the boat, it's locked and no one is there. When I try the fast travel marker, the game just freezes. Anybody know what's going on?
Jonx0r  [créateur] 27 juil à 20h04 
@tomriv117: This isn't caused by Wyrmstooth. The only thing I can suggest is to maybe try reordering your load list, sometimes moving Wyrmstooth to the bottom can fix these weird issues but other then that I have no idea. I can't reproduce this issue on my end and there are many playthroughs of Wyrmstooth on Youtube where the players are able to open their inventory without a crash.

@Real Communist From Moscow: Fast travelling should move them automatically with you, it's part of the vanilla follower system. If you have any follower mods installed, maybe they're breaking that functionality? Try fast travelling around Skyrim and see whether that fixes things, otherwise you can always just click on your follower with the console open to get their refid then use 'moveto player' once you're back at Skyrim.
Real Communist From Moscow 27 juil à 19h02 
After leaving Wyrmstooth my follower still stayed at the map marker area. Is there a way to get them to leave?
tomriv117 27 juil à 11h25 
Really good quality mod with a good amount of new content, nice visuals and adds many hours to the game...
I have encountred a gamebreaking bug that makes the game crash whenever I open my inventory and magic menus. As you may guess this makes the game kind of hard to play. Every save I play where Wyrmstooth is downloaded has this bug. I would love to keep this mod downloaded but the bug is to gamebreaking.

Still a great mod.
Danjor 27 juil à 8h54 
Thank you Jonx0r for the quick response to my question. In my search for Alberthor I went back to the begining of the dungeon then went back in that got enemies to spawn. After that I noticed Alberthor where he was supposed to be, it was probably user error on my part.
SU-33 27 juil à 8h31 
Ah... my question is answered here: http://skyrimwyrmstooth.wikia.com/wiki/Barrow_of_the_Wyrm.
The map marker pointing back to Skyrim is the one. A bit unorthodox, but that never killed anyone.
Ghost 27 juil à 7h28 
I really like and recommend this mod for many reasons
1- It provided many hours worth of fine gameplay
2- Itis well made and showed no bugs (that i was able to find)
3- provides quite a challenge since most enemies are medium to high leveled
4- Finally characters that are not voiced by the same guy :P
5- really cool new stuff and folowers
tathanasiov 27 juil à 7h24 
best quest mod ive played
SU-33 27 juil à 6h26 
Beautiful mod! The Skyrim part of it was fun, but the island of Wyrmstooth is awesome! Great landscape, lush environments, clever dungeons, balanced locations & NPCs. Having much fun so far.

A quick question though: I finished the main quest and would like to leave the island but there's nobody at the docks to talk to. The door to the Red Wave is locked and isn't linked to anywhere. How do I get back to Skyrim?
Jonx0r  [créateur] 27 juil à 2h08 
@Danjor: Not sure why the draugr wouldn't spawn in the boss's chamber, just pull the lever next to the boss's sarcophagus to open the gate in the floor and keep going. The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe a mod that affects leveled lists is disabling certain types of leveled draugr, it shouldn't affect quest progression though.
Danjor 27 juil à 1h54 
I looked up a play through and after defeating the boss after the puzzle Alberthor does not show up. So now this is my second play through of that mission and I get the same problem, except this time over 3/4 of the hostile npcs do not spawn as well, so I never even face the boss after the puzzle. Can anyone help with this? I looked over my other mods and I can't imagine how they could have done this.
Jonx0r  [créateur] 26 juil à 20h29 
@9tailedfoxdragon: The docks at Solitude or Wyrmstooth? If it's at Wyrmstooth try the Travel Crash Hotfix: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173282330. There's a bug in the game engine that can cause the game to crash when it tries to play custom music files on some systems, the hotfix simply prevents music from running thus avoiding the crash.
9tailedfoxdragon 26 juil à 14h53 
If you need a list of the mods i have i can give them to you, i have 141 mods so it could not be this mod but another mod coflicting with this one.
9tailedfoxdragon 26 juil à 13h36 
I crashes as soon as i set foot anywhere on the docks for some reason. I dont know if it is conflicting with another mod in the same location, or in the same area.
Jonx0r  [créateur] 26 juil à 10h34 
@daves: It's in Dimfrost. Go to Chillbone Camp and read the note next to the named corpse, it'll start a sidequest called Blind Robber's Cache. Once you go down to Dimfrost, follow the map marker to the remains of the bandit chief.
obseletehero 26 juil à 10h27 
I love this mod gives the player somwere to go if they get bored of plain old Skyrim and want to take a brake.5million blue dragons out of 100.
daves 26 juil à 8h56 
Where do I find the key to the treasure room in Blind Robber's Bluff? I love this mod. Playing thru it a 2nd time now but never found the key the 1st time and now I need it to get Dwemer Crossbow plans.
Jonx0r  [créateur] 25 juil à 21h49 
@9tailedfoxdragon: It should be. Is it crashing on Wyrmstooth or are you still somewhere in Skyrim?
9tailedfoxdragon 25 juil à 19h53 
hi your mod is working somewhat, my game keeps crashing and i wasnt sure if it was this mod or another mod but is this compatible with sea of ghosts?
CobbleMaster 25 juil à 5h24 
@Jonx0r Thanks to you
Jonx0r  [créateur] 25 juil à 5h05 
@CobbleMaster: Click on them in your inventory, it should trigger an animation. It works for the bard instruments found on Wyrmstooth, regular bard instruments are untouched as other mods may make changes to them.
CobbleMaster 25 juil à 3h46 
How does one "play" bard instruments? I have tried equipping some, none seem to do anything. Are there special ones that you can play or do i need to do something?
Jonx0r  [créateur] 24 juil à 20h59 
@zzarcon: I might be able to add new weapons and armors in a future release but it won't be on Steam due to file size restrictions. If possible I'd like to keep Wyrmstooth as one file, mostly for stability.
zzarcon 24 juil à 17h42 
So are the new ores just mostly for selling? You didn't make an extension that adds the craftabble weapons and armor?
wetnwild1371 24 juil à 6h48 
I love this. Great voice acting.
CobbleMaster 24 juil à 3h12 
@Jonx0r Nevermind, a guy saying i was hard to track just came to me and asked me to go somewhere. Thanks anyway
Jonx0r  [créateur] 24 juil à 2h02 
@CobbleMaster : Info on how Wyrmstooth starts is written in the description above.
CobbleMaster 24 juil à 1h00 
Where do i actually find the main quests?