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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Jonx0r  [tekijä] 7 tuntia sitten 
@franny426: Thanks! :)
franny426 7 tuntia sitten 
Around 2000 hours of work spent on this mod! I'm just going to go ahead and say you guys are awesome for this much effort you put into this mod, it's amazing! Keep up the good work
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 31. elo 19.40 
@pelhamfields: He should start talking to them. If he isn't, then something on your end is interfering with the scene. There are ini settings in the readme file that could help with script lag. If the scene didn't fire, the most likely culprit is usually another resource intensive script is running and the game can't allocate time to anything else. Otherwise just head to barrow on your own and read the bandit journal, that'll force the quest to advance. I think I already wrote about this in the readme file.
pelhamfields 31. elo 17.38 
When lurius goes to talk to the fellow members of the group they all just stand their at the docks? Is this because i had to tp him onto the boat deck? Should i tp him ito the boat? idunno pls help
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 31. elo 5.13 
@Apollyon: I'll work on a 1.16 update once i'm done with my final exam and chapter 2 of the comic. I would still like to expand the main questline but i'm really running low on free time to do so.
Apollyon 31. elo 4.53 
are you stil working on this mod? i mean as in adding new stuff? and if you are, is there anyway we can see what your are working on adding in the next version?

btw haven't done much of it, but it looks good, the only thing that didn't feel good yet is the voice of the questgiver, not sure if it's a problem on my end, or your way of recording but it sound a bit metalic. anyway keep up the good work
GOLFY422 30. elo 21.02 
LOLZ now i know i created a new character which is lvl 13,the thing is i didnt follow the story of this new character so i didnt get summoned by the greybeard yet.LOLZ thx so much Jonx0r
pelhamfields 30. elo 20.37 
Never mind u answerd it to someone else your a great help thanks
pelhamfields 30. elo 20.34 
When the quest says to talk to him at the docks he stays at the bannerd mare and just says # phrases Is there any thing you need? ,Yes Dragonborn? and Can i help you? Pls help me
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 30. elo 19.50 
@GOLFY422 : Reinstalling the mod won't fix anything, because nothing is broken. Again, if Theodyn isn't at the Bannered Mare but Lurius is, nothing is broken. He's out in the field looking for you and needs time to catch up. One hour may not be enough due to the size of the map. As per the readme file:

Q. OK i've loaded the mod. How does the questline begin?
A. The quest begins once you're at atleast level 10 and have atleast been summoned by the
Greybeards in the main quest. An imperial courier named Theodyn Bienne will track you down
and starts from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. You should run into him if you head towards
Whiterun using any of the main roads. Alternatively he should be able to find you if you
wait for **24 hours** in any of the major cities. Regardless of where you are in the world,
he should find you eventually.

The simplest thing you can do is nothing, just carry on with whatever quest you were doing and let him find you.
GOLFY422 30. elo 19.00 
Yeah i think the mod doesnt work for me still,i stood afk in whiterun for an hour or more and when i came back he still wasnt with me.Will it work if i uninstall the mod an reinstall it again?
GOLFY422 30. elo 4.25 
OH THX SO MUCH!I thought i broke the mod by installing an outdated version of skyui and a few mods
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 30. elo 4.14 
@GOLFY422: Nothing is broken. If you fast travel a lot it'll take Theodyn awhile to find you because he travels on foot. If he isn't in the Bannered Mare then he's already somewhere out there trying to catch up to you.
GOLFY422 30. elo 4.09 
After installing the mod,i started at WhiteRun.I saw the character in the banned mare but the courier was no where to be found,i went to all the towns but i couldnt find him.Pls fix
Storm Kesocascay 26. elo 21.08 
Ditto to Hoovy; this is the best mod I have. Once I got it working, it really felt like a real DLC, even down to the mudcrab merchant (one of my favorites) Well done!
Omg best mod ever i think its better then the dragonborn dlc man this is the most exciting thrilling and also the best mod i ever had. i already spent the whole day playing it nonstop. You did great man awesome work. if have enough time can you make a creatures mod for wyrmstooth or make a new dlc mod id be really excited for the next mod if you make one. this mod should be fetured on xplay or top mods of all time really good work love it
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 26. elo 3.38 
@Moose : After you speak to Lurius at the mining settlement they should go to the barrow and wait there for you. If for some strange reason they went back to town, just read the journal at the entrance to the barrow to update the quest - this should also prompt the mercenaries to start following you. The mercenaries aren't critical to finishing Barrow of the Wyrm so leaving them behind won't break the quest.
•aimLess 26. elo 0.41 
im done first quest,1 mercen stolen my sword,LOL(i use soul eater mods)
Moose 25. elo 11.02 
No I mean what happened was they went into the barrow but I didn't want to do the quest at the time then I came back later and they werent there, they were at the mining camp so there was no way to make them follow me.
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 25. elo 2.34 
@Moose : Lurius and the mercenaries will wait at the mining settlement until you speak to Lurius. Like any other dwemer elevator, you open it up when exiting the dungeon, not the other way around.
Moose 25. elo 0.04 
For some reason the party members just stay in the mining town and won't go to wrymstooth barrow so I had to do the first part alone, but then I couldn't open the cage thing that leads to dimfrost, is there any way to fix these two issues?
Grimx 24. elo 21.43 
#OfficialModPlease! Lol I Think This Is Better Thank All Dlc's COMBINED!
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 24. elo 19.15 
@Nastyman_N : Just the one on Goreduster, but you shouldn't be able to disenchant it as you need the sword to open the barrow. There's definitely an enchantment table in Fort Valus, but it's in a hidden room so you might need to do some searching. Once you start the 'Someone with Backbone' sidequest you should eventually come across it.
Nastyman_N 24. elo 18.59 
@Jonx0r : I've reached Dimfrost now, and I've passed by two alchemy tables but no enchantment tables :(
But I'm so incredibly impressed by Wyrmstooth so far, I ain't even mad ;D

Quick question though; What kind of enchantments are unique to Wyrmstooth? I've never seen the Goreduster enchant before, and I kinda like collecting enchantments :D
Ujiyasu03 24. elo 11.08 
Hey man it worked! Fast travel was something I might have done differently from my 3 complete play throughs. The mod by the way is excelent, due to the third playthrough I can safley say I really do like the mod. It has been a while, but I think the fort is called fort Valus? Anyway that was one of the best parts of the mod.
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 24. elo 8.25 
@Ujiyasu03 : All you need is to be level 10 and have defeated your first dragon. Just note that if you fast travel a lot it'll make it harder for Theodyn to find you.
Ujiyasu03 24. elo 7.53 
I have played the mod a few times through, on one character it is not starting. Do I need to get Jurgen Windcaller's horn first? I am above the needed level. Thanks.
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 23. elo 22.03 
@Nastyman_N : There are a few, from memory there might be one early on in the barrow, there's definately one in Krakevisa.
Nastyman_N 23. elo 21.58 
I adore this mod so far, but I'm curious; Is there an Enchantment Table on Wyrmstooth somewhere? I really need to upgrade my shield :p
Bob Krachit 23. elo 18.36 
Thank you so much! This mod is pretty good, and amongst the best I ever played.
Mik wazoske 23. elo 17.31 
the trailer is awesome
Arcanine 23. elo 10.39 
Ok thanks :)
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 23. elo 10.33 
@Arcanine: Yes there are subtitles, like all other dialogue in the game.
Arcanine 23. elo 10.19 
Is there subtitles on english or spanish?
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 22. elo 20.24 
@Bob Krachit : Sounds like you might have a mod installed that modifies the Solitude docks. If you do, try unloading it. Wyrmstooth relies on an xmarker on the deck of the Red Wave that's part of the base game, if another mod deletes it Lurius won't know where to go and will remain at the Bannered Mare. Mods that do this are also likely to break the sidequest 'The Dainty Sload' that's part of the base game as it relies on the very same xmarker.

If nothing works else, open the console, click on Lurius to get his refid, fast travel to the deck of the Red Wave at Solitude and type: moveto player
Bob Krachit 22. elo 12.55 
When Lurius Liore tells me to meet him at the docks in Solitude, he dosen't move. He just stays in the Bannered Mare. No, I do not have any mods which disable fast travel. When I got to Solitude, I waited 3 days, and he still did not show up.
rianshears 19. elo 13.30 
I dont normally type in the comments (heck! possibly my first comment on anything on steam) but ill cut this short for anyone reading this, this mod is a MUST its a amazing i cant explain to you how good this mod is, its quiet the challenge and story wise it has the entertaining factor also, i reccomend when playing this quest line that you also have the multiper follower mod on also so you can take as much help as you can take for the 2nd to last battle (those who have played it will know what i mean by the big room at the end of the cave, trying not to release too many spoilers, but yeah This mod is in my top 5 list :)
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 18. elo 19.25 
Thanks :)
camerontinz 18. elo 11.12 
This is simply...amazing I meen wow I never though I'd find a mod like this! Multible hats off to every one who made the game!
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 16. elo 18.58 
@Azuron: See the FAQ in the description above ^^.
lin_b 16. elo 12.16 
This is one of the best mods I've played. I love the island, the storylines and the voice actors. You guys should try a kick starter and make your own game, you have the skills my friend.
Lostlake 15. elo 16.46 
JonxOr, fantastic mod. Really in-line with the age/lore and the overall Skyrim themes.
Thanks very much for the (obvious) hard work, and well thought out game-play. Well Done mate! Excellent indeed!!!!
Azuron 15. elo 8.17 
When will we be able to use Brimstone and Wyrmstone?
jackakim 14. elo 10.13 
Okay thanks.
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 14. elo 9.55 
@jackakim : I tried to keep the tone of the adventure as close in line to vanilla Skyrim as possible.
jackakim 14. elo 6.41 
Well it looks cool but is it lore frindly?
Dr. Skag Gaming™ 13. elo 18.06 
THis has to be a DLC its too perfect to not be!
Jayem 13. elo 10.27 
Okay, thank you for taking the time to reply :D
Jonx0r  [tekijä] 13. elo 10.12 
@Jayem : Items can be safely stored at Fort Valus, none of the interiors respawn. The fort may randomly come under attack, however.
Jayem 13. elo 7.17 
An absolutely amazing mod. I would not be suprised if Betheda called you up to make this official! One quick question. Can you store items safely in Fort Valus after you have purchased it?