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marthabarber 43 minutes ago 
.....|░M░| ...TO SUPPORT HIM!
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Mr.StealYoGirl 54 minutes ago 
So i don't have any mods that change NPC encounters but Lurius and the courier won't talk to me so I typed in : Setstage wtdrtagonhunt 10
and now I have started the quest by Lurius still won't talk to me! please help ;_; I was so looking forward to playing this, now I have a mute courier following me around xD
sir_audacity 1 hour ago 
thanks for keeping this free!
DragonSoul117 1 hour ago 
Also, I'm level 36 atm, so above the requirement. Progressed some way through the main quest. Also have Elesweyr mod and Falskaar mods.
DragonSoul117 1 hour ago 
Hey there. Could I get some help please? I would really like to play this mod, but the courier doesn't appear. Do I have to complete the main quest line, or just be summoned? Thanks.
Jonx0r  [author] 1 hour ago 
@Sir bitchtits mc******fag: The quest begins for players at level 10 and above after you have been summoned by the Greybeards.
how do i even start this questline? do you HAVE to kill alduin first?
Tycer 6 hours ago 
Jonx0r  [author] 12 hours ago 
I knew I forgot something.
EvilTurtleDemon 13 hours ago 
Its ok, but it needs more noscopes.
MrWintersGreen 18 hours ago 
I haven't started skyrim but I am going to once I decide on a gpu that will satisfy my needs (instead of relying on the integrated gpu), nevertheless, thank you for your time and effort. You are a brosphini.
The Black Dovah 19 hours ago 
best mod, thanks for not making it paid, although a mod of this size deserves it.
Tharidul 23 hours ago 
Call Bethesda do this official mod !
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the annihalator Apr 25 @ 9:24am 
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Invictus Apr 25 @ 9:12am 
Man this mod is epic! It's really DLC-sized and I can see attention is paid to everyting. I recommend downloading this mod. Also you are my hero for keeping this mod free to play.
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 25 @ 9:02am 
@winstow: There are some steps you can follow in the readme file to make sure the mod has been loaded. Also just bear in mind that you need to meet quest starting requirements before Wyrmstooth can begin.
winstow Apr 25 @ 8:16am 
I waited for a long time but Theodyn Bienne never arrived.
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 25 @ 8:05am 
@vavaw77』: The ENB is K-ENB.
vavaw77』 Apr 25 @ 8:03am 
what ENB ?
A free community-made expansion that isn't payed for!? *Takes arrow out of knee*
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 25 @ 7:03am 
@Darkatday53: Yep!
Darkatday53 Apr 25 @ 6:40am 
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 25 @ 1:56am 
Hi all, sorry for the lack of replies this week. Had a big storm here in Australia, haven't had power for almost a week now.
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 25 @ 1:56am 
@Darroch: There shouldn't be any problems running both side by side.

@Nicho: It's about 150mbs.

@HoodedMongoose: Glad you enjoyed it!

@blacklost1: Click subscribe to download.

@Weak Chin but Strong Soul: Thanks :-)

@thx1138j : Thank you!
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 25 @ 1:54am 
For those of you wondering, while the thought of being able to pay my bills for a change sounds tempting, Wyrmstooth and indeed any other mod I release or have released will remain FREE.

Personally I pursue modding purely as a hobby, not a career. The thing that matters to me most is that players get the chance to experience what I've created (and hopefully enjoy it).

@Dyendil: The ENB used is K-ENB.

@Nomad_One : Sounds like script lag. There are steps in the Wyrmstooth Readme file you can follow to alleviate this.
Shyfx Apr 24 @ 9:45pm 
Guys who keep there mods free will have thousands of subscribers while those who choose to go the paid route will fall by the wayside and there mods will be forgotten about thanks for keeping this free.
Dyendil Apr 24 @ 8:25pm 
whats the lighting mod you used on those screenshots?
SeriousLogan Apr 24 @ 4:26pm 
kill yourself king hadu
KING HADU Apr 24 @ 9:49am 
You should make this Paid buddy, you will make a lot of money with this
Commander Tunaman Apr 24 @ 6:48am 
Thank you very much for keeping this free.
Lockdown Apr 24 @ 5:33am 
Very good mod. I actually thought it was in vanilla :) But this is pure gold
Elistix(Qc.) Apr 23 @ 11:56pm 
Thanks for not putting a price on this! Great mod!
Shadowstep Apr 23 @ 11:00pm 
@Nicho It shows the amount of space the mod will take up to the right of the pictures. It takes up 149 megabytes, so that is much less than 1GB (1024MB). Hope it helped.
Nomad_One Apr 23 @ 10:40pm 
I have this and Falskaar. When completing a mission, the music or message is delayed, sometimes by minutes. You won't know if you completed a mission until it pops up all of a sudden 3 minutes later. That's the only glitch I've noticed other than the long list I've mentioned weeks ago.
Darroch Apr 23 @ 12:37pm 
Hey guys, can you have falskaar and this in the same save? will it work?
Nicho Apr 22 @ 4:12pm 
how large is it really in Bites, like in GBs? (i'm new on steam so forgive the noobiness :P )
HoodedMongoose Apr 21 @ 7:43am 
An amazing mod! Sorry I never commented sooner. Fantastic stuff! I wish that I could give you specifics, but I loved everything about it! :)
blacklost1 Apr 21 @ 6:13am 
how do i download?!
Weak Chin but Strong Soul Apr 20 @ 7:17pm 
Can I just say that you, sir, are awesome. You rock. Good job.
thx1138j Apr 20 @ 5:29am 
played it with no trouble and a great amountof pleasure , a fine effort , thoroughly professional !!
Ananka Apr 19 @ 4:38pm 
Hi, definitely enjoying this mod so far. One thing I ran into... During "A Priceless Commodity" If you agree to hear out the spriggan but then kill her anyway, the quest appears to bug and you can't hand it in to Bolmar.
ObscureBiscuit Apr 17 @ 1:45pm 
Fantastic. It's rare to find a mod with such a rich variety of content. It does, as you say, add hours of new content. I would gladly pay for this solely based on the sheer amount of fun I had playing through this.

Also, 2 dragons in the same amount of minutes: wtf?
FlamingSausages Apr 16 @ 8:43pm 
One of the best mods ive seen in ages.
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 16 @ 8:22pm 
@[TGA]Menewa : It's in the description ^^
Sasha/Spyke - Muton Futbol! Apr 16 @ 8:04pm 
Great mod, Main quest line felt rushed at times, and some extra dialogue / mini quests that made you venture the island more instead of going straight to the barrow for...idk even why except "dragons gotta be there, man!". A quest to go check on the mill, or chase down the marauder leader for the sword key would help smooth out the pacing while letting the player venture around the island more.

That said, the Barrow is absolutely insane. It's massive, grindy and absolutely glorious, especially when you fall straight into dimfrost. At times I was wondering if it ever ended. Would love to see some wyrmstone / brimstone armors, was dissapointed when I discovered I couldn't craft them.
Fortification545 Apr 16 @ 1:11pm 
Great mod, job well done. :)
[TGA]Menewa Apr 16 @ 10:26am 
The best mod I've seen so far, thumbs up! One question though: What do you do with the ores/ingots? Can you craft stuff or sth?
Ya boi Constructor bot Apr 15 @ 4:18am