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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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jesusvaldivia1992 10 uur geleden 
cool thanks
Jonx0r  [auteur] 12 uur geleden 
@jesusvaldivia1992: There are four unique dragons on Wyrmstooth.
jesusvaldivia1992 29 nov om 3:50vm 
how many dragons ???????
Jonx0r  [auteur] 28 nov om 5:18nm 
@Extinction: If Lurius isn't present in the Bannered Mare you most likely have a mod installed that either replaces the interior cell or deletes xmarkers from it which is something I can't do anything about. Sounds like you might have a mod load order problem if you're having multiple problems.

@declanvick : Try the advice in the readme file. Like this guy ^^ you probably have a load order problem or a conflicting mod. On a base Skyrim + latest official patch + Wyrmstooth build I've never been able to reproduce this.
Extinction 28 nov om 6:01vm 
I Tried everything the readme told me, but theodyn just wont talk. He doesnt give any idle line whatsoever. And lurius is not in the mare.
declanvick 27 nov om 3:34nm 
For some reason the courier guy has no dialogue, anyone know why?
[SLZ] Dr_ColdFire 27 nov om 10:47vm 
OMG You are a legend!!!!!!!!!!
Jonx0r  [auteur] 26 nov om 6:35nm 
@chy211297 : You need to start the quest by reading the note before you can find the key.
chy211297 25 nov om 7:12nm 
Sorry, I couldnt find Fjeimir's note beside his dead body.
Is there any other way to still find the key to the blind robber's cache?
Jonx0r  [auteur] 24 nov om 5:21nm 
@|Tf2Ĥãts| lLamamano777: Read the second paragraph in the description above ^^.
|Tf2Ĥãts| lLamamano777 24 nov om 2:56nm 
Where do I find the starting quest?
Jonx0r  [auteur] 22 nov om 10:22nm 
@cpmoore85 : Have you tried the advice in the readme file yet?
Jonx0r  [auteur] 22 nov om 10:22nm 
@Yakura : There's advice about dealing with random crashes in the readme file.

@That5YearOldBrownKidFromYTV : I think you're getting mixed up with Dawnguard. There are no frost giants on Wyrmstooth.
Yakura 22 nov om 12:09nm 
I have similar error. Everytime I exit Wyrmstooth Tomb, looking for sword, my game keeps CTD. How to fix this?
NameLess 22 nov om 8:39vm 
WHY IS THIS NO OFFICIAL DLC!?!? INSANE MOD! must have for any skyrim player!
ABigHugeBLACK 15 nov om 12:56vm 
HOLY YES I just found your amazing hidden TYT reference!!! A fellow member of the Army! No joke--I found that LITERALLY while listening to Friday's show! I always listen to TYT while I play Skyrim :P this is incredible
TobiasFunke77 14 nov om 5:33vm 
great addition to skyrim gives you a few more hours and some fun, for basically a free dlc
JizzBiscuit™ 14 nov om 12:24vm 
Having a problem, after defeating the Ice Giant at the first cave then walking through the gate to get to the island, my game crashes every time. Thoughts?
cpmoore85 13 nov om 4:09nm 
Theodyn won't talk, just stands there. It gives the option to talk to him but nothing happens.
Jonx0r  [auteur] 9 nov om 6:02nm 
@Usernamehere : It's the same dragon that picks up a marauder at Fort Moonwatch.

The skeleton hands ruin is an easter egg. Bethesda do it a lot, places that tell their own story without a written or spoken narrative.
Usernamehere 9 nov om 4:16nm 
I have a couple of questions.

Why is there a random passive dragon flying around the northern area of the island? (I haven't killed him yet)

Location spoiler.

That one place with all the skeleton hands protruding from the snow with the dead Marauder, is that an easter egg?

An incredible idea for the next patch would be if you can customize the Fort Valus Guards' equipment. If you want them to be very tough by giving them enchanted Daedric/Ebony armor, if you want to dress them as an existing Skyrim guard, or as an Imperial/Stormcloak soldier, or if you simply don't prefer the look of their normal steel armor, you should be able to change it.
_RNGesus_ 8 nov om 3:32nm 
Super fun mod, Added a few more hours onto skyrim which is always nice, keep up the good work.
Usernamehere 7 nov om 8:18nm 
Alright, thanks.

Also I think maybe I could at least try designing the armor if I find something that I can use to create a concept art/model for it, but I doubt I'll be able to find much. I'm also not a very good artist.

What style would you want it in? Barbaric, Nordic, knightly, demonic, etc.

It's worth mentioning that when I played the mod the first time, I thought Wyrmstone/Brimstone Armor would end up being a recolor of Glass armor.
Jonx0r  [auteur] 7 nov om 7:51nm 
@Usernamehere: This is where Wyrmstooth is in respect to the rest of Tamriel:

I'm hoping to finally have Wyrmstone and Brimstone gear in the next update. Finding an artist to craft a new set of armor and weapons isn't easy.

@dabigking: I'll see what I can do. I had it at the docks simply to reduce the number of cell changes.
*Logan* 7 nov om 6:52nm 
This sounds great I'll give it a try.
Usernamehere 7 nov om 5:47nm 
Also, where is Wyrmstooth on a planetary map relative to Tamriel and Skyrim? I'm curious. I know it's in the Sea of Ghosts but I'd like to see exactly where, if such a map exists.
Usernamehere 7 nov om 5:32nm 
Item-related spoiler alert.

Is there a gameplay point to Wyrmstone and Brimstone besides lore? Like can you smith anything with them?
dabigking 7 nov om 1:59nm 
i have a small suggestion for this mod, move the wyrmstooth map marker to the sea of ghosts. i understand why you have the map marker where it is but i just prefer it to be there, similar to the solstheim marker.
xXTheSoullessXx v2 7 nov om 8:16vm 
I just can't seem to find the darn leaver...
dl 124 3 nov om 6:06vm 
So after playing through it 2 times just gotta say: Thanks man, what an amazing mod with tons and tons of content, really appreaciate the effort! :)
tyre 1 nov om 9:12vm 
this is by far my favorite mod period no competition this is amazing like high five creator and a pat on the back you deserve it.
Iwanabaengineer 31 okt om 7:55vm 
I need help getting outa the secerate which area in the fort how do I get out?
Jonx0r  [auteur] 30 okt om 9:37vm 
@Invictus: If you have too many quests active in the journal at the same time Skyrim tends to drop a few markers from being displayed.
Invictus 30 okt om 9:31vm 
@Jonx0r for me it wasn't marked, and when I ran ahead the man that hires you just stops to wait until you come back.
Jonx0r  [auteur] 30 okt om 4:50vm 
@Invictus : Uhh, the objective is marked on the map. You don't need the mercenaries with you to complete the storyline.
Invictus 30 okt om 4:47vm 
I respect the fact that a lot of work obviously went into this, and I enjoyed this campaign overall but the sheer amount of escorting in it is quite boring for me. It could simply be me and my low patience for slow-paced gaming as of recent, but if possible could you simply mark the objective on the map instead of having to follow an NPC to the objective?
Steemed_Muffins 29 okt om 5:15nm 
Great mod with a lot of content. My only problem was that the quest to fight the dragon (When you actually enter the island) was a little too long. Still got hours of excitement out of it :) keep up the good work.
Friendlygamer Basil 27 okt om 10:25nm 
i don't have dragonrend yet, i am saving the main quest for last
Jonx0r  [auteur] 27 okt om 6:17nm 
@Friendlygamer Basil : Try Dragonrend.

@djdytian: Try the advice in the readme file.
djdytian 27 okt om 4:39nm 
The theodyne guy cant speak and I cant talk to him any ideas on how to fix?
Friendlygamer Basil 27 okt om 12:47nm 
i am walking through the swamp and a dragon is flying overhead. i tried to aggro it but it just is too passive, any ideas?
Sneaky Deen 27 okt om 2:53vm 
This is a must have mod
Lusty Argonian Butler 26 okt om 5:58nm 
Love this mod so much
fishert2208901 22 okt om 12:08vm 
This mod is great, it works really well for me, it feels like an actual part of the Dragonborn DLC and the storyline is rather fun to play even though it involves a lot of traveling. Great mod!
Jonx0r  [auteur] 21 okt om 8:54nm 
Thanks :-)
DC 21 okt om 7:00nm 
Just played through the main story; this was really well-done. I'm going to continue exploring the content further, of course, but I liked the story.
Iwanabaengineer 21 okt om 1:27nm 
ok thanks by the way this is like the free DLC, awesome job
Jonx0r  [auteur] 20 okt om 6:15nm 
@Splat : There's advice in the Readme File about NPCs like Theodyn not talking. This isn't a bug caused by Wyrmstooth itself nor will it corrupt your save. If your game is crashing when he's in your presence you may have a corrupt or incomplete copy of the mod which seems to happen from time to time.

@Iwanabaengineer: I'm not sure I know what you mean by 'auto get it' ... ? You need to discover the fort first and enter any of its buildings. I've covered this in the Wyrmstooth Strategy Guide.
Splat 20 okt om 3:19nm 
didnt work
Iwanabaengineer 20 okt om 3:03nm 
How do you get fort? do you auto get it?