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123456yw 15 uur geleden 
do i have to start a new game?? cuz my avatar is lvl12 and been summoned but no courier why dis be hapenin'?? gimme an awnser
ss_wiking 23 uur geleden 
An enjoyable but very buggy mod...When it works it's great! When it's not it's frustrating...I appreciate the time and effort you put into Wyrmtooth...Hope to see a sequel...
newnes3 23 uur geleden 
What an achievement! Wyrmstooth is one of the 3 best mods I've played of the over 60 I've downloaded. I couldn't agree more with Blurg, the scope of this mod definitely allows for a sequel. Everything worked smoothly and it was great to have a large area to explore, just like in the early days of my Skyrim playing. Congratulations and please let us see more of your work.
Muffina~ 19 apr om 6:12nm 
Well... I don't know... I kinda wish it was not so long... >.< Its good though ^-^ =)
Blurg 19 apr om 8:03vm 
ZalrokChaos 18 apr om 7:05nm 
@Eye_of_Round quest mods like this and Moonpath aren't compatible with new character creation, and discription of fixes is in the discription. So always add quest mods after your finished making your character and doing the 3 initial Main quests.
ZalrokChaos 18 apr om 7:01nm 
problem with MQL, he's still in the Bannered Mare and I'm at Solitude docks, do I wait for him to come or is this a bug?
Eye_of_Round 18 apr om 1:14nm 
I think this mod completely crashed my computer. I'm gonna unsubscribe to check.
Scootaloo 17 apr om 8:25nm 
first of all this mod i awsome but im having a bug where when you become the dragr the gate your supposed to open is already open and i cant activate any switches. i hope someone answers me because i love this mod but this bug ruins it.
WellanXM 17 apr om 4:04vm 
realy good mod
WellanXM 17 apr om 4:03vm 
how can i open the door in the crypt for bones for the skeletton
TheNewBreedMC_Connor 15 apr om 3:24nm 
Love it! absolutely amazing! completely reccommend it to anyone who loves questing mods!
Toxs 15 apr om 2:17nm 
Better than the official DLC!
pol-roman 15 apr om 8:34vm 
мод мне очень понравился только жаль што он не на руском
Cannonfodder 15 apr om 7:42vm 
Oh.My.God. This is awesome.
sgtwinkler 14 apr om 2:00nm 
How long does it take for the courier to find you? I went straight to Whiterun and waited around a while and still haven't been able to start :/
Evil Lawliet 14 apr om 9:26vm 
Really good love it
beachbugy 14 apr om 3:32vm 
you do know there is a glitch at the end were you click tab as he gives you the bouty. then he does it again ! way to make tones of money if you have the time i made 100,000 in a few seconds
Planetwarden 14 apr om 2:00vm 
@bigeast451 I don't think there are any items that can be made from the ore other than ingots, sadly. Personally, I would suggest an extra Workshop mod to add the gear that can be made, but the author would know better than me.
Cavalier Chris 13 apr om 5:20nm 
Amazing story! I would have paid money for thi!
madmadruss 12 apr om 9:47nm 
I Got wyrmstooth and when i control the draugr to open up the lever i cant flip dah lever. no ability or nufin. please help. wyrmstooth shouldave been a dlc.
bigeast451 12 apr om 5:05nm 
Hey, got a question. I downloaded Wrmstooth a while ago; you did an awesome job by the way. But just today I was roaming around and noticed that you placed some wymstone ore veins throught the island. Is this just something for us to sell to other blacksmiths, or are planning to add a craftable weapon?
dchase9790 12 apr om 10:56vm 
dchase9790 12 apr om 10:55vm 
the puzzle door doesnt show any animatio when i get it wrong or right, and it wont open. Help @Jonx0r
ryanrob105 11 apr om 4:50nm 
Got a constant crash when approaching Fort Dawnguard when returning to complete the Dawnguard main mission"Prophet" deleted and ubsubscribed to this mod and issue went away.
Disappointed by a great mod causing an issue for me.
lucas.schadewitz 11 apr om 9:35vm 
Thanks @jonx0r
Jonx0r  [auteur] 11 apr om 1:44vm 
@lucas.schadewitz: The crash isn't caused by Wyrmstooth (if it was no one would be able to play it whatsoever). Make sure Steam downloaded the bsa completely, it seems like some players are only getting partial files lately. The bsa file on its own can be downloaded from Nexus Mods, it contains all the voice acting and I know for a fact that if Skyrim can't read an audio file it simply crashes. Conflicts with other mods may also destabilize your game, you can use the Skyrim Launcher to choose which files to load if you want to try and narrow it down.
Sky 10 apr om 7:47nm 
Sweet its just like a DLC but free.
lucas.schadewitz 9 apr om 12:53nm 
"no show stoping bugs" The game allways crashes when i talk to the guy in the bannerd mare after the dragon gets away Nothing Will Stop This. Ive tryed everything from unsubscribeing other mods that could be interfearing.To unsubscribing to every mod What should i do
nya 9 apr om 9:24vm 
Jonx0r  [auteur] 8 apr om 8:06nm 
@Donut Lord: Make sure the mod is being loaded by the game. There are also troubleshooting instructions in the Readme file: http://pastebin.com/02jsvbkg

@Ash Vaganza: If Steam is having issues try Nexus Mods. I'd link to it in the comments here but Steam is marking Nexus Mods as a scam website for some hilarious reason.
supermelon928 8 apr om 7:07nm 
update: Theodyn Bienne came up behind me and said, "You're hard to track down, I'll give you that." The reason that was funny? I was in Mzubthand, beneath Echo Deep Mine, about to embark on the Falskaar quest.
supermelon928 8 apr om 4:56nm 
there's no courier in whiterun. several people have said this, but no one seems to care. not sure why i'm saying it.
Mini Minitaur 8 apr om 4:05nm 
Jonz0r you make great mods
Planetwarden 8 apr om 3:01nm 
Hey Ash. Do you use SKSE? If you open the base launcher, it'll download and set up the mod. Once the launcher says "finished synchronizing subsribed mods," then you start Skyrim.
Ash Vaganza 8 apr om 7:07vm 
how do i download this i have subscribed but nothing happens when i open skyrim
Planetwarden 8 apr om 3:47vm 
9-to-10/10, made me fall in love with Skyrim all over again.
Planetwarden 8 apr om 3:31vm 
Out of the several dozen mods I have from the Workshop, this is a fierce contender for my favorite. Even months after playing last, Wyrmstooth stuns me. Not just for the scale, but for the quality of the work. I would highly reccommend this mod.
Donut Lord 7 apr om 9:33nm 
hmm Im having an issue where Lurius isnt even in the Bannered Mare so I cant start. It must be a conflict somewhere, but anyone else have this issue & resolved it? I've been toying around and cant find anything yet
Jonx0r  [auteur] 7 apr om 8:50nm 
@Jester1delta: The mod is in english.

@drsmurphy: The mining settlement rebuilds over time. Having it suddenly spring to life after being destroyed would be severely immersion breaking.

@drsmurphy: Yes it has voice acting.

@euab snommis: Make sure you meet starting requirements.

@vice11191: No dlc or mods required to play Wyrmstooth.
Jester1delta 7 apr om 8:12vm 
can i get this in english?
alechnn 6 apr om 6:37nm 
I love it, but i wish there were weapons or armor i could make with the brimstone though. Could you make another mod to do that?
#Funeral_Swag (Poprocks07) 6 apr om 2:15nm 
I LUV Wyrmstooth! It is THE best mod eva!! Thumbs Up!!
drsmurphy 6 apr om 1:14nm 
How do I find the second main quest, besides the slaying of the dragon? Also, the imperial mining settlement is abandoned, even after slayer the dragon. Please help
vkjgbaejkhbekj 6 apr om 10:59vm 
Great Great mod you made here. Feels more like a true vanilla DLC than mod. 9/10. Great voice acting, very nice details, some very nice challenging areas (Fallen Adventurer battle, Krakevisa for example). This mod is a must for all of my characters from this point on.

I used the one travel crash hotfix and haven't had a problem since.
MrPieMan 5 apr om 2:51nm 
I still play through this mod. It is SOOOOO good. Great Job!!
dmitride 4 apr om 1:28nm 
god damnit this fucking mod corrupted my save game of a level 50 character that id completed all other questlines on and even some other mod questlines this is a great mod ive played it before but now my ONLY save of that character has just been screwed in the ass by this fucked up mod
Johnnyboc 3 apr om 7:11vm 
Can i use this mod with Moon and Star?
jsimeone4 3 apr om 2:45vm 
2 stars here but i must know are you a mod maker or do you work for $%^&thesda missing levers and ya with an Op sword and 1 druga it took 4 swings to put it down na not for me
Hunfolah 1 apr om 10:30nm 
I gotta say, I'm both very pleased and very displeased with this mod. please allow me to go over the basic pros and cons.
1.Great Voice acting, better than most mods.
2.fine storyline, can't complain.
3.Great map design.
4.Has a nice potential

Ok believe me, I tried to find more, but I can't say that i could say more pros about it...

1.VERY buggy. I realize there were "Hotfixes", but they didn't do all so well for me.
2.constant crashing.
3.the enemies seem much harder, although I'm not so sure that's the mods fault.
4.my "Allies" kept turning against me, causing me to yet keep killing them and resetting them.
5.actually corrupted one of my save files.

So if I had to give a rating it would be 3 stars. The pros almost outweighed the cons...Almost.