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Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] For 16 timer siden 
@Jackthegeneral, @Newb Hunter:: If the map marker back to Wyrmstooth at the Solitude Docks isn't being enabled use 'coc WyrmstoothDocks01' to return.
Jackthegeneral For 20 timer siden 
Yeah is there a teleport to get back or a fast travel point to return? Because I cannot see one anywhere.
Newb Hunter For 23 timer siden 
Is there a way I can use the console to simply appear on the island?
mitchscott7500 For 23 timer siden 
thanks again, and once again, this was a FANTASTIC mod to the game. very well crafted
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 22. sep kl. 10:53am 
@luock : Yes.
luock 22. sep kl. 9:57am 
does this work with falskaar?
Gol Zin 22. sep kl. 3:08am 
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 22. sep kl. 12:47am 
@Gol Zin: It takes about a week in-game to rebuild normally. You can however force it to rebuild with the following console codes:

'setstage wtrebuild 10'
'setstage wtrebuild 20'
'setstage wtrebuild 30'
'setstage wtrebuild 40'
Gol Zin 22. sep kl. 12:15am 
Well my PC has completed all the quests killed the Dovah causing the problem ( + 2 more that happened by and wanted to try their Thu'um against the DB's.....needless to say that was a BAD idea) and has rebuilt Fort Valus to the extent it can be...... the mining town tho iis still in a bit of a shambles....all i get from Lurious when he talks to him is if he wants any more done to the Fort...iand it's done...I'd like to see the Town rebuilt but how long does it take? Meanwhile my PChas returned home to Lakeview Manor.
mitchscott7500 21. sep kl. 11:15pm 
the set aggro worked, never really used the console commands before, only other thing is that i cant get back, it said there were some other quests that might come open there later, there is not a map marker around solitude that takes me back. Just curious
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 21. sep kl. 7:48pm 
@mitchscott7500: Return to the mining settlement and he should attack. If 'getstage wtbarrowofthewyrm' doesn't return 250 use 'setstage wtbarrowofthewyrm 250' otherwise try selecting the dragon in the console and use 'setav aggression 3'.
mitchscott7500 21. sep kl. 5:43pm 
Get all the way to the final dragon fight and he never aggros to me or the town, just flies around in circles, hit him with arrows, magic, etc and still wont fight and i dont do damage anyone had this happen and fixed it?
Gol Zin 21. sep kl. 2:37pm 
Any plans for additional updates to this mod
Newb Hunter 21. sep kl. 12:35pm 
I have the same problem not being able to get back to wyrmstooth, The fast travel marker just takes me to the solitude docks, I pretty much just have graphics mods and all of the unofficial patches, so i'm not sure what could be causing this.
I KICK KATZ 20. sep kl. 3:13pm 
Amazing! Must try!
inglett2011 20. sep kl. 11:25am 
A good idea Post a link in the Desription to the Nexus site. Thanks. I had to search the Past posts to find the link.
inglett2011 20. sep kl. 11:12am 
Do you have a link to it for the Nexus I can't seem to search for the quest.
inglett2011 20. sep kl. 10:56am 
Great I will get it from there.
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 20. sep kl. 10:53am 
@inglett2011 : It is on Nexusmods.
inglett2011 20. sep kl. 9:52am 
Have you thought putting on the Nexus. So, you are above the 100mb cap and could put in everything that you wanted the Quest to be?
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 20. sep kl. 3:33am 
@G3n3ral B3t4: About 95mb.
TTA*Gamer 20. sep kl. 3:13am 
@Jonax0r : Still not working:/ It takes me to the ship, but I can't use the ship.
G3n3ral B3t4 20. sep kl. 2:50am 
@Jonx0r How big is the mod?
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 20. sep kl. 2:24am 
@TTA*Gamer : If the map marker isn't appearing at the Solitude docks, try the Map Marker Hotfix: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173281668 to force it to appear, otherwise try 'coc wyrmstoothdocks01'.

@Andrewgwolf : Return to the mining settlement and he should attack. If 'getstage wtbarrowofthewyrm' doesn't return 250 use 'setstage wtbarrowofthewyrm 250' otherwise try selecting the dragon in the console and use 'setav aggression 3'.

@Krazymace: The crash-on-load issue occurs if you removed a mod that another mod depends on, maybe take a look at your load order and make sure Wyrmstooth.esp is as far down in the list as possible.
TTA*Gamer 19. sep kl. 11:25pm 
I fast travelled from the island and I can't get back. HELP!;(
Andrewgwolf 19. sep kl. 11:12pm 
So what do I do about the dragon just flying around the mining town. He wont attack. Tried reloading, uninstalling/reinstalling. nothing works..Is there something I need to do?..PS great mod otherwise.
Gol Zin 19. sep kl. 8:48am 
As alays a pleasurable quest Ive just recently re-installed (and completed) this quest and while I did notice a few niggles I noticed the improvements more...the merchants in Fort Valus actually SELL things the Bard will sing if requested to do so....maybe some day this mod will get a Hearthfire modification and the Dragonborn will be able to move his ( or her) family there..The Muster building at Fort Valus is definitely large enough and a childrens room / area should be possible.....I attribute some of the Nigglles to other mods interfereing because once I found a way to CHEAT myself around certain areas the mod on the whole worked fine.
cutnorth 18. sep kl. 8:38pm 
Lots more playing time and remains interesting throughout. I like the enchanted necklace on offer at end of mod. Talk to the NPCs that accompanied you. Top mod.
Conta Banida 18. sep kl. 7:53pm 
I completed all the mission... I'm not good at english, but you guys did the best mission in the game or MOD. Thank you for all time you spent doing this masterpiece.
Krazymace 18. sep kl. 4:58pm 
I mean like, I had other NPC and creatures when I installed this. Was that the reason?
Krazymace 18. sep kl. 4:57pm 
I have a question. I want to play this but when I installed it, it crashed my Skyrim. Should I uninstall my other NPC and creatures mods to play this? This looks super fun.
xFrostbiteBeastx 18. sep kl. 2:28pm 
I was able to play it for a little while, then my game crashed during the draugr mind-control bit. I subscribed to both hotfixes, ran some trouble shooting, and tried again. Same thing. After I tried a third time, the game just crashed after the Bethesda logo showed up, not even giving me the load option. I liked what I could play, though now I'm stuck.
dblvajra 18. sep kl. 8:34am 
@keezila31 Thanks! Should've thought of that myself. I'll give it a go.
keeziia31 18. sep kl. 5:19am 
@dblvajra I used Dragonrend and he dropped to the ground.
dblvajra 18. sep kl. 5:01am 
Fantastic mod. I've enjoyed it more than the official Dragonborn DLC. Well done. Unfortunately the boss dragon just keeps flying over the mining town and will not engage in combat. Suggestions?
Ron Paul and the Tin Hat Brigade 17. sep kl. 4:29pm 
@jonx0r not all quests, just ones in wyrmstooth
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 17. sep kl. 12:06am 
@Ron Paul and the Tin Hat Brigade: If you can't speak to any NPCs and quests aren't updating then there may be something wrong with your copy of Skyrim. You might want to try the 'Verify Integrity of In-Game Cache' option in Steam to check for any broken files. Also if you have any mods installed that intentionally disable NPC greetings, maybe try unloading them.
Dragazhar 16. sep kl. 10:00pm 
This is brilliant! I am currently playing thru this and very impressed with it so far. I have the best fork ever as well! I cannot wait for more content. If this is too big.. hey why not add a new esp with extras in as a separate file here. I have not reached my mod limit yet :) Or just stick it in the nexus site and put a link here to grab the additional content. I can assure you.. we will come. :)
Ron Paul and the Tin Hat Brigade 16. sep kl. 8:22pm 
fast travel not working. i go to the docks, no one is talkable. icon just transports me to the boat. quests don't work either. whenever i get a quest item the quest doesn't update.
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 16. sep kl. 9:33am 
@keeziia31: I put the Thalmor in as a possible future questline teaser. I'm also currently writing up Wyrmstooth as a short story and I'll elaborate about it in there. I'm looking to include new armors and weapons craftable with the new ores, but Steam has a filesize limitation and Wyrmstooth is already scraping that limit so it's a bit difficult to squeeze it in.
keeziia31 16. sep kl. 9:22am 
I have to say that this is probably the best adventure mod I've played; I've tried others, but they didn't have the quality this one does. I do have a few graphics glitches - some of the rocks in certain areas are hovering well above the ground, as well as in some of the dungeons. There are a few things I have yet to figure out: 1. still don't know what exactly the thalmor are looking for (although they mention the old hermit). 2. can't figure out what to use to create anything with the blue and red ores on the island, I tried to talk with people and read the book and only thing I can figure is college of winterhold? Would like to give kudos to the one who came up with man-o-war's warriors of the world letter in the tavern - made me laugh :)
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 15. sep kl. 8:05am 
@The Skeleton King: Known issue caused by a mod conflict, I've got a solution in the readme file: http://pastebin.com/02jsvbkg
The Skeleton King 15. sep kl. 7:55am 
I talk to the guy in the solitude docks. Screen goes dark but i stay in solitude. wtf?
lanvaren446 15. sep kl. 7:22am 
Strange Im getting the same on acouple other mods to. But ty for the info.
Jonx0r  [ophavsmand] 14. sep kl. 7:03pm 
@ lanvaren446: If Steam is having issues, try Nexusmods: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25704

@Dragonborn Tom: If I can squeeze them in, otherwise I'll have to keep the latest updates to Nexusmods and Moddb only.
lanvaren446 14. sep kl. 5:42pm 
I keep getting a error 16 trying to download this mod. Any help please ty.
Mein Führer 14. sep kl. 5:42pm 
Mein Führer 14. sep kl. 5:13pm 
Im on the final part where you have to defend the town but the dragon just keeps flying in circles around the townn. Please help!
MSzynisz 14. sep kl. 4:17pm 
I must say, this mod is amazing. Beautiful locations and very good quests! I played Falskaar too and though Falskaar has more quests, Wyrmstooth is my clear favourite - almost no bugs, very decent voice acting and I really like the map. It just feels like a proper DLC for Skyrim. :)
Dragonborn Tom 14. sep kl. 2:52pm 
Will you continue the DLC? As the new ores are not usable right now?