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SeriousLogan преди 2 часа 
kill yourself king hadu
KING HADU преди 9 часа 
You should make this Paid buddy, you will make a lot of money with this
Commander Tunaman преди 12 часа 
Thank you very much for keeping this free.
Lockdown преди 13 часа 
Very good mod. I actually thought it was in vanilla :) But this is pure gold
Elistix(Qc.) преди 19 часа 
Thanks for not putting a price on this! Great mod!
Shadowstep преди 20 часа 
@Nicho It shows the amount of space the mod will take up to the right of the pictures. It takes up 149 megabytes, so that is much less than 1GB (1024MB). Hope it helped.
Nomad_One преди 20 часа 
I have this and Falskaar. When completing a mission, the music or message is delayed, sometimes by minutes. You won't know if you completed a mission until it pops up all of a sudden 3 minutes later. That's the only glitch I've noticed other than the long list I've mentioned weeks ago.
Darroch 23 април в 12:37 следобед 
Hey guys, can you have falskaar and this in the same save? will it work?
Nicho 22 април в 4:12 следобед 
how large is it really in Bites, like in GBs? (i'm new on steam so forgive the noobiness :P )
HoodedMongoose 21 април в 7:43 сутринта 
An amazing mod! Sorry I never commented sooner. Fantastic stuff! I wish that I could give you specifics, but I loved everything about it! :)
blacklost1 21 април в 6:13 сутринта 
how do i download?!
Weak Chin but Strong Soul 20 април в 7:17 следобед 
Can I just say that you, sir, are awesome. You rock. Good job.
thx1138j 20 април в 5:29 сутринта 
played it with no trouble and a great amountof pleasure , a fine effort , thoroughly professional !!
Ananka 19 април в 4:38 следобед 
Hi, definitely enjoying this mod so far. One thing I ran into... During "A Priceless Commodity" If you agree to hear out the spriggan but then kill her anyway, the quest appears to bug and you can't hand it in to Bolmar.
ObscureBiscuit 17 април в 1:45 следобед 
Fantastic. It's rare to find a mod with such a rich variety of content. It does, as you say, add hours of new content. I would gladly pay for this solely based on the sheer amount of fun I had playing through this.

Also, 2 dragons in the same amount of minutes: wtf?
FlamingSausages 16 април в 8:43 следобед 
One of the best mods ive seen in ages.
Jonx0r  [автор] 16 април в 8:22 следобед 
@[TGA]Menewa : It's in the description ^^
Sasha/Spyke - Muton Futbol! 16 април в 8:04 следобед 
Great mod, Main quest line felt rushed at times, and some extra dialogue / mini quests that made you venture the island more instead of going straight to the barrow for...idk even why except "dragons gotta be there, man!". A quest to go check on the mill, or chase down the marauder leader for the sword key would help smooth out the pacing while letting the player venture around the island more.

That said, the Barrow is absolutely insane. It's massive, grindy and absolutely glorious, especially when you fall straight into dimfrost. At times I was wondering if it ever ended. Would love to see some wyrmstone / brimstone armors, was dissapointed when I discovered I couldn't craft them.
Fortification545 16 април в 1:11 следобед 
Great mod, job well done. :)
[TGA]Menewa 16 април в 10:26 сутринта 
The best mod I've seen so far, thumbs up! One question though: What do you do with the ores/ingots? Can you craft stuff or sth?
Ya boi Constructor bot 15 април в 4:18 сутринта 
[FERP] [GL] Toaster 14 април в 1:54 следобед 
I unsubscribed then resubscribed from the mod, and it works. Nice mod! Island works awesome, like something Bethesda would create (or did...with Dragonborn). Overall, best mod I've seen yet.
Jonx0r  [автор] 14 април в 10:17 сутринта 
@Lord Farquaad : Read the readme file.
Lord Farquaad 14 април в 10:11 сутринта 
The courier dude just follows me around and wont give the dialoge to start the quest
Jonx0r  [автор] 14 април в 8:37 сутринта 
@jrm5465 : Glad you enjoyed it! :-)
jrm5465 14 април в 6:04 сутринта 
Have really enjoyed your mod... It's the best mod ive found in the game Thank You :)
Hoochfox 13 април в 8:17 следобед 
@Jonx0r So you did, I missed that. I'd love to help out, but I have very limited experience with Sculptris and effectively no experience exporting models from there. I could try working with any concept art you might have, with the caveat that I don't know how far I can actually get with it.
Jonx0r  [автор] 13 април в 7:51 следобед 
@Hoochfox : There already is a note about this in the description above ^^:

Q. What can I do with the Wyrmstone and Brimestone ore?
A. I'm hoping to include new armors and weapons in a future release. If you're a 3d artist and would like to contribute to this project please contact me at wyrmstooth@gmail.com.

@[FERP] [GL] Toaster : See the readme file for a list of steps to check whether you've installed the mod.
Hoochfox 13 април в 7:17 следобед 
Guide-dang-it word of warning: At this time, wyrmstone and brimstone are vendor trash. I sorta wish I'd known that before investing so many hours into grinding smithing skill and mining my way across the entire island. Maybe I can use the ingots to play checkers.
[FERP] [GL] Toaster 13 април в 5:53 следобед 
Courier not coming?
Jonx0r  [автор] 13 април в 6:05 сутринта 
@MOMZILLA : Thanks :-)
MOMZILLA 13 април в 1:33 сутринта 
Loved this mod. The quest lines were awesome and the scenery was beautiful. You did a great job.
fluxtorrent 12 април в 8:06 следобед 
sorry I should have elaborated. unsubbing and resubbing, as well as leaving the datafiles open during sync seems to have fixed it XD
Jonx0r  [автор] 12 април в 8:02 следобед 
@fluxtorrent: Try doing a manual install from Nexusmods (instructions in the readme), Steam probably downloaded a partial file again.
fluxtorrent 12 април в 1:38 следобед 
probably the same issue affecting a fiew of us with a number of mods, the mod won't stay checked in datafiles
Jonx0r  [автор] 11 април в 9:18 сутринта 
@Prosinecki : Can you rephrase that? Do you mean you can't access any Wyrmstooth locations? If so then make sure you didn't unload the mod by accident.
DJ Meow Mix 11 април в 9:14 сутринта 
@Jonx0r thanks
Prosinecki 11 април в 4:42 сутринта 
Can someone help me? I played 8 hours ago, killed Volun, saved in his tomb and quit the game, now when i enter the game the whole wyrmstooth disappear...
Jonx0r  [автор] 10 април в 8:49 следобед 
@DJ Meow Mix : They'll follow you until you finish Barrow of the Wyrm.
Erik 10 април в 4:21 следобед 
thank ya
DJ Meow Mix 10 април в 2:48 следобед 
i am trying to get the followers away but they keep following me anybody know how i can fix his (and i dont have a save before i started it)
Jonx0r  [автор] 10 април в 2:05 сутринта 
@The Friendly Heavy c: : See the readme file for a full changelog.
The Friendly Engi c: 10 април в 1:53 сутринта 
I see that the mod is now 149 MB, did you update the mod? Whats new?
Jonx0r  [автор] 9 април в 7:38 следобед 
@Hoochfox : The unofficial skyrim patch (UKSP) should fix this.
thewrongbrother2 9 април в 5:36 следобед 
Ehh, I don't trust nexus all that much.
The_Ripper2527 9 април в 2:12 следобед 
Fantastic mod. The island is amazing and the random encounters with dragons is awesome. The voice acting is far beyond what I would have expected, along with the caves/burial areas. One glitch that I did find though was the dialogue of Lurius after I killed the dragon where he gives me 10000 came twice so I earned 20k. I think I hit esc on accident and then E to talk again which may have caused this bug. Im just letting you know this happened. Could even be a Skyrim problem, probably is.
Hoochfox 9 април в 12:42 следобед 
Great piece of work. However, I have a teensy issue with Faelor. I just told her to 'wait here' in order to avoid alerting an unsuspecting vic criminal with her elephantine footfalls and terrible breath, and she will now not accept the command to follow again. Fortunately I saved just prior to this, and it doesn't seem to be a persistent issue, but I thought I'd bring it up.
jjww5 9 април в 12:40 следобед 
This is a must have masterpiece. I enjoyed every minute!
Jonx0r  [автор] 8 април в 8:11 следобед 
@thewrongbrother2 : Try Nexusmods if you're having problems with Steam.
thewrongbrother2 8 април в 5:42 следобед 
Scratch that, it's not even downloading to my game correctly