Vvardenrim (After Red Year)
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DaRealSlenderMan  [Δημιουργός] 1 ώρα πριν 
The update was also very big, but like i said, cpu changed and harddrive caused me to m,ake this mod a resoruce, I had red mountian built, dungoens, npcs, on part of vvardenfell, but sadly that is gone now.
DaRealSlenderMan  [Δημιουργός] 1 ώρα πριν 
no its becuase theres no way for me to lock the comments. ive already said the reason why an update hasnt come, skywind outbeats this by like 500x if not, 1000x. I have better projects being worked on. and the update that was suppose to contine this was lost due to CPU change and harddrive issues. Steam does not save the update files into cloud only whats been uploaded, this version was too far behind. my current projects outbeat anyother mods ive made, Midas Magic Evolved Storyline coming soon, 8k Texture pack progress, A monster mod/combat revision progress, A shader mod(as good as cryengine) progress, a few others. so this mod is a resource now, for those who want to examine the files, NOT COPY. there are custom things made in here to help people.
Nathan B. K.. 2 ώρες πριν 
after an a year you would think the author would have finished this mod. but no, it's still like the day it was released, a joke. of a mod. i've seen better and smaller mod's than this.
s.horwitz2015 9 Ιουλ @ 3:05μμ 
question is the mod working now
jwadland 3 Ιουλ @ 11:41πμ 
@sgtwinkler It hasn't been revealed to the public yet, so dont worry about finding it just yet
Th3 Whit3 W01f 14 Ιουν @ 11:05πμ 
Spellings Terrible By Spelling i mean the DISC Spelling
Mainoblivion 25 Μαϊ @ 10:30πμ 
Is this mod dead?
sgtwinkler 13 Μαϊ @ 3:08μμ 
Do you know where to find Skywind? I can't seem to find it for all I've heard about it :/
Galameth™ 11 Μαϊ @ 12:17πμ 
Still looks great though. Brings back old memories of playing Morrowind xD
DaRealSlenderMan  [Δημιουργός] 10 Μαϊ @ 11:54μμ 
Plus skywind is so far ahead, theres no way this mod could ever be as good as that.
DaRealSlenderMan  [Δημιουργός] 10 Μαϊ @ 11:53μμ 
i would say its a resource now, becuase i had to vvardenfell almost complete. the base. plus some rocks and dungoens, but the ni had to switch too a new computer. then i started midas magic evolved and other mods. So its just a resource now. you can use it as a base or whatever. to look at in creation kit. Modders Resource
Galameth™ 10 Μαϊ @ 9:34μμ 
Pretty sure author abandoned this mod. It's been over a year since the last update. Too bad. I really liked Morrowind/Vvardenfell.
sgtwinkler 10 Μαϊ @ 3:41μμ 
Is it complete enough (not buggy) as it is now?
SoLoKnIr 6 Μαϊ @ 9:29πμ 
Where is Wak Wak
Daglez 6 Μαϊ @ 12:06πμ 
@DaRealSlenderMan please add dreught and manticore
vice11191 23 Απρ @ 11:19πμ 
those armors are cultist robes ,skaal armors dummer robes and some otheer stuff
I swear. I need a paypal account cause I would endorse the heck outta this.
[STAR}FlyingPigz12 12 Απρ @ 9:17μμ 
why nexus s awesome
David Smith 22 Μαρ @ 6:16μμ 
MAJ_FlyingTiger 16 Μαρ @ 9:32μμ 
i hate nexus.
DEAR GOD 9 Μαρ @ 7:01μμ 
It has been a year since this has been updated, pretty sure it's dead.
|Sith|P|King of Phoenicia 9 Μαρ @ 1:23μμ 
can u make it feel more full instead of it being flat
Chris Kolar 4 Μαρ @ 9:34πμ 
Adding this mod causes my game to crash at startup. Any idea why?
Teshub10 22 Φεβ @ 12:39μμ 
I can not do neus, but will favorite and thumps. Hopefully reconsider updating here.
iloveboomerforever 20 Φεβ @ 10:41πμ 
please please keep working on this i loved vvarrdenfell in morrowind you should add some major citys like vivec balmora ebonheart and some ancient deadric ruins would be awsome too
NieOrginalny™ 12 Φεβ @ 10:25πμ 
So, new versions will be now on nexus?
Syferus 10 Φεβ @ 3:59μμ 
Hey, just wanted to tell you that I'm following your progress. Keep up the good work. If you need any help with advertising it, let me know.
† Artheдain † 8 Φεβ @ 11:07πμ 
really? thats a shame ;_; i would love to play this mod but can't get nexus to work and prefer the workshop

well, good luck with your mod, im sure the nexus guys will like it :)
DaRealSlenderMan  [Δημιουργός] 8 Φεβ @ 10:53πμ 
no it just wont be updated on steam anymore.
† Artheдain † 8 Φεβ @ 2:06πμ 
this mod is dead. such a shame............................
cyborg 5 Φεβ @ 2:15μμ 
is it just me or did oblivion just not feel like a elder scrolls game at all
CaptainPrunes 30 Ιαν @ 4:52μμ 
WOW this is probably one of the best landscape mods!(On Steam) It reminds me so much of morrowind. Too bad I don't have dragonborn...
starbuck2907 28 Ιαν @ 12:31πμ 
I'm looking forward to trying this out. If you keep working on this, I imagine that it will become very popular.
robinsonpablo20 27 Ιαν @ 8:28μμ 
is this DLC done yet?
nharig 27 Ιαν @ 12:43μμ 
Make this please. I'll wait till it is done or close enough.
colsins 18 Ιαν @ 2:56μμ 
and you got to dellete the mod not just unsuscribe go to the data files before you start the game and then deleate the mod
colsins 18 Ιαν @ 2:54μμ 
doood thats how it is in morrowind
Thadian 10 Ιαν @ 3:40μμ 
Skywind team made a new "Red Mountain" model you should look at, I would rather Red Mountain be a REAL volcano and not just a small range of hills surrounding red dirt.
Haxmonster 5 Ιαν @ 4:29πμ 
The items from this mod don't disappear when I remove the mod. How do I fix that?
solid_decoy 5 Ιαν @ 3:08πμ 
i see this going a long way keep up the good work :)
dj_muscat 3 Ιαν @ 6:12μμ 
It's a work in progress of course there isn't going to be many NPC's.
Pirate0986 2 Ιαν @ 9:30πμ 
great idea

Robocop1106 29 Δεκ, 2013 @ 8:54πμ 
great concept you HAVE to keep going and perfect it
korgothlives 29 Δεκ, 2013 @ 4:05πμ 
it was ok but you need to put in some random dark elf people
Soul Snare [ASTF2] 23 Δεκ, 2013 @ 10:56πμ 
SERIOUSLY! The mod looks SOOO cool but everything's wrong. There are very few NPC's In the game and everything is just wrong. Help please! :'(
korgothlives 21 Δεκ, 2013 @ 6:50μμ 
keep working hard im about to try it out and give those crazy bastards at skywind a run for there money
Soul Snare [ASTF2] 12 Δεκ, 2013 @ 4:46μμ 
We'll except very few doors...
Soul Snare [ASTF2] 12 Δεκ, 2013 @ 4:46μμ 
Is it normal for there to be no doors and buildings floating 1 inch off the ground?
lonewolf 30 Νοε, 2013 @ 8:51πμ 
Update, when?
White_Devil 27 Νοε, 2013 @ 10:30μμ 
A Note: This mod caused my game to bug out at the Bethesda Logo, Not sure why.