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MorphVOX - Voice Changer
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Screaming Bee  [автор] 27 июн. 2016 в 8:19 
gmod uses the same audio system as CS and other Valve games. You can set the MorphVOX as the default mic, or directly for Steam games. http://www.screamingbee.com/support/MVPro40/MorphDocIntegration.aspx
Radontrax 24 июн. 2016 в 17:57 
How do i use it on gmod?
=ĤĕŔǿĨή= 22 окт. 2015 в 5:32 
какашка платная
Screaming Bee  [автор] 24 мар. 2015 в 7:09 
MorphVOX Mac is not available on Steam. Please visit our site at http://screamingbee.com to get the Mac version.
HikariPMA 9 мар. 2015 в 18:23 
I couldn't use it on mac??
GeT_MeMeD 19 фев. 2015 в 14:57 
wont work with gmod for me
SNOO-PIE 17 янв. 2015 в 5:14 
hi! ive used this product before on a free trial, i didn't know how to use it cause i didn't really like it, but just wonderin... does this work on G-mod?
My Names is 820 2 окт. 2014 в 10:23 
Llama 26 июл. 2014 в 13:37 
iSmoke | Rosinenbomber 29 мая. 2014 в 12:39 
its nice ;) the lich voice ^_^
Antanov 10 фев. 2014 в 3:50 
DeW 9 фев. 2014 в 10:02 
LoudCore 7 фев. 2014 в 2:06 
The best app for cross dressers and trannys
dukeraider2 4 фев. 2014 в 13:55 
love this
Lee Sin 29 янв. 2014 в 18:38 
How to i sound like a computer in movies that are like "computer status" etc.?
whippedbaby88 24 янв. 2014 в 17:49 
Screaming Bee  [автор] 22 янв. 2014 в 8:20 
Dota 2 should already work. Any game that uses a microphone can use MorphVOX. Just set your default microphone to our Screaming Bee Virtual microphone and run MorphVOX. If you have troubles just contact Screaming Bee support.
✪ AOOlsson 22 янв. 2014 в 7:46 
When will it be able to use it on Dota 2? :) @Screaming Bee
Screaming Bee  [автор] 22 янв. 2014 в 7:10 
We test all our software before making it available for download and it is virus/spyware free. We don't even install those annoying toolbars on the free version.
✪ AOOlsson 19 янв. 2014 в 7:53 
Yes, just YES!
[DERP] Derped_Cat 18 янв. 2014 в 4:40 
I want to change my voice in the game.Do this Please!
Scream-Wow-A 17 янв. 2014 в 5:45 
psyrhyn 15 янв. 2014 в 21:56 
For no mere mortal can resist, The evil of the thriller
*Into maniacal laugh, in deep echo*

*grins* It sounds like hours of fun by yourself or with friends.
bnder123 13 янв. 2014 в 15:51 
Luke I am your Father. I'm dying to get this!
Darknisfan1995 | gamekit.com 13 янв. 2014 в 7:36 
OMG thats amazing!!
Sierra3 ღ S 12 янв. 2014 в 6:01 
Jesus Of Nazareth 12 янв. 2014 в 4:00 
I've already used this and we need it, no reason for it not to be accepted :)
Killerbee 9 янв. 2014 в 14:24 
Take me to your leader..!
MrBisto ITFN 9 янв. 2014 в 3:00 
i hear goood things bout this.
Cheatsaw 5 янв. 2014 в 18:06 
MedikamentenManfred 2 янв. 2014 в 7:28 
Einfach nur klasse mit der Stimme
Broxigar Saurfang 1 янв. 2014 в 13:43 
Отлично, ведь в сети так мало достойных программ которые служат для смены голоса.
I Drained Your Bum 1 янв. 2014 в 9:04 
fisilfox 31 дек. 2013 в 6:47 
Звук это прекрасно, а хороший звук тем более(пользователь greenlith) особенно в skype
ale-nerd 27 дек. 2013 в 1:35 
I have it without steam, I don't need steam version of it. But I like so "LIKE"
[PME] Zallandyr 25 дек. 2013 в 18:51 
The demo sounds like shit but it's free on the internet and actually really amazing.
Topsy 24 дек. 2013 в 13:04 
sounds good
The Gift that Never Gives 24 дек. 2013 в 7:02 
Can't wait until a kid uses this wrongly.
eazy 24 дек. 2013 в 6:43 
NAT 22 дек. 2013 в 5:04 
i like this
Wrangledinkspud 22 дек. 2013 в 2:54 
Seems useful.
Catari 19 дек. 2013 в 14:04 
It should be free or under $5.99 if put on steam.
Alex72 12 дек. 2013 в 5:14 
Someone below said they wanted the sound packs to be included for the price. Well to me it looks like you can make all voices without buying the packs. I think buying the voices is the easy way to get them?

I hope at least that the program allows the user to create their own voices like making your own sounds on a synthesizer (able to make any type of voice the developers can do). There should be sliders/settings for everything so that we ourselves can make every type of voice we want.

That would be a "good" program. If it depends on buying voice packs that you cant create yourself then its not a good one for me personally. I praise creative freedom in programs.
SKELET 10 дек. 2013 в 7:38 
Кульно!!! А записывать можно?
Sayrthara 9 дек. 2013 в 23:56 
This looks old and complicated
Luminλll 7 дек. 2013 в 3:09 
Valve add this, that is epic!
The Adderall Admiral 7 дек. 2013 в 1:35 
Wow that actually sounds really cool. The main thing I like is that you can use it in game. I may have to check out that trial soon!
ᅚNSA 6 дек. 2013 в 12:36 
i dont like the echo in the voice
Chaython 5 дек. 2013 в 0:25 
there's better softwares for cheaper
DragonFist 4 дек. 2013 в 12:26 
easy to use