Portal 2
One Busy Door 1
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Petutski 2015. júl. 21. @ de. 9:41 
Niceyl done relaxing chamber! Thanks!
daloboy 2013. febr. 13. @ du. 2:27 
Was fun! As other mentioned, since we can portal just beside the pedestal, no need for the brige!
Please test one of mine and comment! Thanks.
Fatalys93 2013. febr. 12. @ de. 10:31 
I did it without the bridge! take out it!
Andi 2013. febr. 11. @ du. 1:14 
This chamber is pretty simple and straight forward. There's quite a few elements in a single room but you made the room big enough to accommodate them all which is good. Some chambers try to cram too much into a small area and it becomes a jumbled mess but you kept it nice and clean with a clear goal. Thumbs up.

Would you mind trying one of mine?

gooseflight 2013. febr. 10. @ du. 1:14 
You don't need to use the light bridge.
^1uLTRa^7|MaEtUgR  [készítő] 2013. febr. 8. @ de. 7:22 
thx 4 your feedback guys :)
ZAEROS 2013. febr. 8. @ de. 3:00 
Nice positioning of laser switch in the pit. Good fun map, thank you.
th3gargoyl3 2013. febr. 7. @ du. 3:28 
Like a portaly jigsaw puzzle. Easy to put everything in it's place, but fun doing it.
Bayram 2013. febr. 6. @ du. 1:01 
Rather easy, just requiring patience for trial-and-error.