Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Death Inc.
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621 opmerkingen
Nino_0319 26 jul om 1:13nm 
TheBigJB 18 jul om 10:21nm 
why i can't see the photos? not only this game
Leviathan 9 jul om 12:02nm 
nice game
*+* 13 mei om 10:06vm 
I'm legaly dead 29 mrt om 9:26vm 
Looks cool
Panis Cupcake 3 mrt om 3:32nm 
Looks nice
BalaBeastX 24 feb om 5:08vm 
SreyTT- 4 feb om 7:50vm 
Diegodiaz1256 27 jan om 10:42vm 
Very good game
TheExecutor 20 jan om 8:53nm 
i like that game. Hope will come out soon. lol
JennyNV@ 9 dec 2015 om 11:40vm 
Nice perspective view from above , playing this cute creations would make us feels like we are in the Catroon animation stories itself. One of the rare developed game i ever see.. looking foward for the Launch
AngryPutin 20 nov 2015 om 12:51vm 
can't wait
Waffles are Evil 19 okt 2015 om 3:36nm 
This is sad, I wanted this game for real.
Grimwood 11 okt 2015 om 1:03vm 
Pretty much most promising Kickstarter project ever. And it got cancelled. Still can't believe. Artwork is some of the greatest in history, and alpha was pretty great already. When will this finally emerge from the dead?! :(
Batman 31 jul 2015 om 9:20vm 
Mr.Artik_ 26 jul 2015 om 3:44vm 
HaNaMi TH.{ZERO}LGM 11 jul 2015 om 9:19vm 
LonelyWhiteWolf 3 jul 2015 om 12:10nm 
MakSon 25 jun 2015 om 2:21vm 
SHAMAN 18 jun 2015 om 2:07vm 
YOBA 30 mei 2015 om 6:32vm 
croclock 4 apr 2015 om 10:08vm 
Acid_Piss 17 mrt 2015 om 1:17nm 
pretty good
MinMinMin 15 mrt 2015 om 7:06vm 
TheLRGamer 14 mrt 2015 om 8:52vm 
looks good
Eugnene 11 mrt 2015 om 8:01vm 
Deadninja` 10 feb 2015 om 8:00vm 
=éží=¨¸ 5 feb 2015 om 5:12vm 
Don Vincenzoo 57 10 jan 2015 om 3:13nm 
where i_s the game ?
Vagabonage 20 dec 2014 om 2:17nm 
Thats really a bummer... Its tough to see a game with this much promis go downhill. :/ still ganna fav in the hopes that someday they revisit it. :D
[Daos]BLACK KNIGHT 2 dec 2014 om 1:27vm 
@Vagabonage they went bankrupt :(
▴▴ 2 nov 2014 om 7:05vm 
Deerman 28 okt 2014 om 9:27vm 
nice trailer! :-)
Vagabonage 5 okt 2014 om 10:15nm 
oh, just read comments... Why is the game dead? it looked sooooooo good...
Vagabonage 5 okt 2014 om 10:15nm 
So whats the deal with the game and website? I'd love you help fund/play but the website is not accessable for me. :/
tjvansomeren 20 sep 2014 om 4:35nm 
make it avalable
enemy.1g 19 sep 2014 om 7:48nm 
very nice
Sonicdeath37 10 sep 2014 om 4:31vm 
xxxpurplespritexxx 7 sep 2014 om 1:18nm 
how is it nice you cant play it its dead you cant play the game :C
Strange 7 sep 2014 om 9:13vm 
xxxpurplespritexxx 2 sep 2014 om 7:51vm 
for you guys who dont know the game is dead
xxxpurplespritexxx 2 sep 2014 om 7:51vm 
man i want to play theis game
China II (Rest in Peace China I) 22 jul 2014 om 3:26vm 
It's a shame that the studio shut down. I was looking forward to this game.
adamsdownunder 19 jul 2014 om 9:19nm 
WTF????? I can't buy it????
Viper 16 jul 2014 om 8:13nm 
Goode Game
DINOXAURZ 13 jul 2014 om 9:06nm 
Sad ... I was stoked about this.
Snuffles 4 jul 2014 om 10:18vm 
Hope they actually get it on steam because the developer sorta shut down this game
xxxpurplespritexxx 1 jul 2014 om 3:15nm 
WELL theis game come out on xbox 360?
dumbomalo 25 jun 2014 om 3:09nm 
cool game!!
sergeubabay 23 jun 2014 om 8:22vm 
Пиздец как мне нравиться.