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Nyan~ 31 dec 2014 om 4:57nm 
On the topic of graphics a few pages ago, something needs to be done about the ahegao tent. It's just not right. I mean, I get the point of being artsy, but...
NG*Panda♥selling_<tf2>keys♥ 22 okt 2014 om 1:58nm 
lol накрко
herO 19 okt 2014 om 8:55vm 
Bin.bin.bin 15 okt 2014 om 4:22vm 
Woody 16 sep 2014 om 10:31nm 
SatroX 6 aug 2014 om 4:09vm 
.. bof
ATOM 28 jul 2014 om 8:28nm 
zocker123414 24 jul 2014 om 12:02nm 
FoNe. CORe4me#522™ 19 jul 2014 om 2:59nm 
RakWarrior 11 jul 2014 om 7:52nm 
good game
SoldWoldMold 3 jul 2014 om 11:30nm 
Chardonay 24 jun 2014 om 10:08vm 
nice game.
YusukeroWTF 23 jun 2014 om 2:59nm 
LethalGunGirl 21 jun 2014 om 9:31vm 
M1k$0n 18 jun 2014 om 9:17vm 
Sir LagsAlot 12 mei 2014 om 2:31nm 
good game add this game
BildySquare 25 apr 2014 om 3:57vm 
Interesting...But for me this game need a bit more action
But I like it anyway ;)
krazedlion 14 apr 2014 om 10:30nm 
no thanks
Nark 5 apr 2014 om 1:28vm 
Very good :)
maikmm30 28 mrt 2014 om 7:58nm 
this good
iCanSmellYourFear 8 mrt 2014 om 10:07vm 
.qwerty 7 mrt 2014 om 7:32vm 
Ashlock 25 feb 2014 om 7:05vm 
Arthas丶 24 feb 2014 om 12:26vm 
ЧВАЛОВ 25 jan 2014 om 2:18nm 
Please add to russian language
ePi 22 dec 2013 om 4:57vm 
nice game
Bolotelli 27 nov 2013 om 12:17nm 
<i><font face="ravie">mai 14 nov 2013 om 7:11vm 
nice game
❾.黒猫「IX」 8 aug 2013 om 2:49vm 
I'm with Blackfyre on this one. I like the visuals and the soundtrack' though. they fit perfectly together...
Blackfyre 5 aug 2013 om 7:16nm 
Extremely simple... Would try it if it was free, but wouldn't be willing to spend money on it.
KRASS 11 jul 2013 om 9:36nm 
nice play
S'moyers 29 jun 2013 om 1:19nm 
Rip off electroplankton much?
sa 19 mei 2013 om 10:02nm 
so cool
Catscratch 3 mei 2013 om 8:20vm 
The game sounds amaizng, but you'll need to hire a graphics designer and add some Mac/Linux support before I'd upvote.
Igor 6 apr 2013 om 2:56vm 
THAKARACK 23 mrt 2013 om 10:10vm 
Simplistic weird game awsome game
Thunder_3k 22 mrt 2013 om 2:49vm 
way too simple,weird game.

this is like a game they put on your phone for free when you buy one.
and for such a simple game,the description is waaaay too long

and finally,the trailer actually gave me a bit of a headache.
i would not buy this on steam.
Celebrimnar 11 mrt 2013 om 5:01vm 
The art is nice but the gameplay is just too basic, sorry
Daec_ G3R 2 mrt 2013 om 4:25vm 
no, put it on newgrounds or something. maybe the google play store or the apple store are more your kind of business!
Zeebrax the Astral Lifejacket 27 feb 2013 om 3:37vm 
Hey, that looks neat!
Lenneye 26 feb 2013 om 8:14vm 
i like th idea, but it looks like a noob game. you just crash in one or two spheres and the rest is doing itself...i dont like
Carooff 24 feb 2013 om 11:42vm 
Dm_Nepeta 24 feb 2013 om 4:46vm 
you paid 100 dollars to put this up? waste of money
jimllfixitok 19 feb 2013 om 2:58nm 
W.T.F ????
Hdawger 16 feb 2013 om 8:47vm 
I agree with the others. This looks like a real stinker.
Mumia 15 feb 2013 om 1:07nm 
i am sick!
Mumia 15 feb 2013 om 1:07nm 
What the hell is that???
knuffr 14 feb 2013 om 2:46nm 
oh god. way too artsy. in a negative way.
[Au_uF]Sanchez420 13 feb 2013 om 12:10nm 
Do yourself and your project a great favor and put up a real trailer.This screenfilming and the audio is embarrasing, your game deserves better imo.
Titus Lebronicus 12 feb 2013 om 9:43vm