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Darkened Light
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TankSquirrel-ITA nov. 27. @ du. 5:03 
Nice great game.
DALLAS aug. 30. @ de. 6:46 
Ностальгическая игра напомнившая мне Марио)
What a FUCK` aug. 11. @ de. 11:06 
La1bLe aug. 7. @ du. 11:03 
Pixel_Crusher júl. 1. @ du. 6:06 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve add this ░░░█
Moca Cola jún. 30. @ de. 6:50 
nice retro
LuanzimMaluko U general jún. 27. @ du. 11:48 
' Nico :D jún. 23. @ du. 2:43 
Jack_Daniels™ jún. 13. @ du. 12:51 
2-nd terraria,nice
☭Vovs☭ jún. 13. @ de. 4:07 
retro style)
Youth! Full Power!! jún. 8. @ de. 7:53 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
Ћ F0renzix jún. 1. @ du. 9:19 
I woul play this game as I generally really like this style of gaming and certainly like what I am seeing so far!
septeries ápr. 28. @ du. 9:48 
Played the demo and wow nice music, it's modern yet has an old school sound to it.
Reminds me of castlevania or similar style game and that's one of my favorite 2D genre.
~kyokatsu~ ápr. 10. @ de. 9:16 
i want this game!!!
{KDG}MisterOps ápr. 7. @ du. 8:30 
well done for create this game
.ıIı. Army .ıIı. márc. 28. @ de. 12:43 
Lembrei do meu nintendo hahah bons tempos, parece promissor esse jogo :P
RobsAlGhul574 márc. 15. @ du. 9:48 
Looks good! Reminds me of the good ol days of platform gaming!
Вообще обидно márc. 8. @ de. 10:04 
Damn thets good!!!
DANGER_DOG jan. 20. @ du. 11:46 
Looks interesting, keep it up!
Gabriel 2013. dec. 16. @ du. 12:37 
Needs a lot of polish, but it looks promising. I'll wait to see some progress before voting.
syky_finisher 2013. nov. 9. @ du. 3:25 
Then I'm excited!
RaheemWala 2013. nov. 9. @ de. 3:30 
i like the music
Ojuaraed 2013. nov. 8. @ du. 9:15 
DEADmonkeyMAN 2013. okt. 18. @ du. 7:11 
yah ninjas right
Ninja Stu 2013. szept. 15. @ de. 11:52 
Looking good. As some have stated, the character animation could be improved. I'd also suggest adding something to the backgrounds, the levels look sort of barren and undetailed.

Can't wait to see the final product though. The gameplay looks like it's shaping up well and you're definitely getting a thumbs up from me.
I'm On a Red-Nosed Horse 2013. szept. 14. @ de. 7:18 
Apart from the animation this lookes great!
☮ Nerraruzi ❄ 2013. aug. 31. @ de. 12:59 
Clearly a lot of work has gone into it, but it may not be suitable for today's market.
INDIE:J Games 2013. máj. 14. @ de. 11:51 
Gameplay looks good, character animation needs to be improved. Tracking this one. Good luck.
Princess Dajve <3 2013. ápr. 28. @ du. 4:57 
Looks good, but the title is kind of silly.
Grognard_87 2013. ápr. 20. @ de. 5:21 
I agree you should update the video as for the moment it looks a little like your standard flash game project.
Maximus 2013. ápr. 19. @ du. 6:12 
Looks like a modified version of Mario Bros
Celebrimnar 2013. ápr. 11. @ de. 8:01 
I will save my vote for later, you get funded, so now you can have a proper artist and designer. Please upload a video as soon as you improve the game
AtomBlade 2013. ápr. 8. @ du. 6:03 
so, the game is currently better than the video says huh? ok, update the video soon, then ill vote up if it looks better.
RiderGames  [készítő] 2013. ápr. 5. @ de. 11:46 
I wanted to touch base with save points and a map. We had thought these would make the game easier then we intended. Having a map is good in a lot of games but we want this game to be about exploring our maps and finding collectables. As for save points, we believe that each map is long enough to present a challenge for completion based on your health points but short enough to allow for breaks in between maps. As always we want to make the game enjoyable and if enough people do not like this we will have another look at it.
RiderGames  [készítő] 2013. ápr. 5. @ de. 11:18 
Hey guys keep up the constructive comments, the game has changed completely. Even the demo needs to be updated since the last time we posted it. Sword now only has a 1 hit sequence and Jump has been given more gravity to hold down Vincent. background variance is at an all time high and our mobs are being looked at to balance the maps. Thanks again everyone!
Stwff 2013. ápr. 1. @ du. 12:15 
I love 2D platformers and this looks like a fun game, but I'm a bit of a graphics elitist as well... I love old school graphics, however the animations and graphics for this game looks too simple and frankly a bit lazy. I'm afraid they probably would detract from the game experience and enjoyment.
commodore256 2013. márc. 28. @ du. 12:47 
I played the Demo. (The visuals have changed since the video was made, it looks better)

I like the music, (there should be more varriety) but the plot isn't very good and if you're going for metroidvaina, you should have a map and save points. If you want good metroidvaina, get un-epic.
Orfeo 2013. márc. 19. @ du. 12:38 
I wanted to upvote, but the main character's animations bug me too much. He's always standing up straight, even at a full run.
DONE 2013. márc. 18. @ du. 1:00 
Graphics too simpe
Chillin' 2013. márc. 18. @ de. 10:59 
Sword's not an instakill, definitely. I recommend trying out the demo which is here:

Speaking of RG you guys should make that info more available here (unless I'm blind) by tossing a direct link via discussion or something. I had to get to it by clicking your IndieDB page and then your official site on the right side, some people would miss it or wouldn't want to look.
Rick72 2013. márc. 17. @ du. 8:17 
Se ve interesante y entretenido.
Nargubot 2013. márc. 16. @ du. 4:19 
Looks fun and innovative, but it seems as if that sword is an instakill. Might want to consider nerfing that or players experienced in this genre could easily speedrun the game. But other than that, excellent gameplay, nice oldschool graphics, and a overall a great 2D platformer. Up-voted!
A3AS-X 2013. márc. 16. @ du. 2:06 
We need more 2D plataform games!
Chillin' 2013. márc. 16. @ de. 8:44 
Demo is a major improvement in gameplay from the original. It's giving me this side-scrolling Ys feel now which I like. Just gotta work on them animations a bit still as well as the graphics (Bigger trees and statues, bit more variance in tiled textures, etc.).

Keep at it!
RiderGames  [készítő] 2013. márc. 15. @ du. 12:31 
The game has changed massively. I would encourage everyone to give our demo another try. You can find it at our website. Thanks everyone.
Jeasonfire 2013. márc. 12. @ de. 11:42 
Mana-bar doesn't make it a RPG. It's just an action-platformer.
Bootfailure 2013. márc. 12. @ de. 12:08 
i dunno why but it looks like Megaman meets Shinobi when looking at the graphics here.
doug098765 2013. márc. 6. @ de. 11:00 
Once I saw double jumping I was in.
CC Ricers 2013. márc. 4. @ de. 12:22 
The action seems well paced, but it needs better sprite work, particularly on the level art if you want to have a good atmosphere. The bosses stood out as they looked very hand-drawn compared to the rest of the graphics. Overall a few things are clashing visually.
Chillin' 2013. márc. 2. @ du. 4:03 
What's the word on this? I hope you guys haven't given up.