Faction: Pit Fighter Travels Add-On
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Jmanghan 8月18日 9時51分 
Why on Earth would you make it so that it requires Dawnguard when the original DIDN'T. I understand you need dawnguard for certain buildings, weapons, and such. But it's possible to compromise so that you can still have all your fans from the previous ones.
NotZach 8月12日 18時56分 
I wish the arena in the Imperial City was in this
mytomboy216 8月12日 18時16分 
it dont work on my laptop
wowheadco 8月1日 15時15分 
umm everytime i get to the area were the fight start the guy who i need to talk to isnt there ...help
Virtualslayer 7月27日 10時42分 
could you please make a patch for open cities?
TravelingBread 7月23日 18時15分 
obviously you do as it says it in the description
Ray The Starknight 7月19日 11時43分 
do u need dragon born or dawnguard?!
R i k s s - 7月16日 7時33分 
For u all mod i need DLC DagonBorn ... ??
Darko 7月13日 19時26分 
Why do every good mods have to use Dlc's D:
FinalLvLRogue 7月13日 10時31分 
works well
President_Sheogorath 7月10日 13時53分 
Just to let you know SKSE 1.7 is out.
Soul-Reaper(I'm a vampire) 7月10日 13時31分 
I got a question What are the Coc's for the arenas i'd like to vist them when not in a fight
That Super Guy 7月5日 13時24分 
MORE!!! :D
Ingenium 6月23日 7時07分 
There's a conflict between your mods. After installing travels add-on my game kept crashing.
Meister Francis 6月16日 5時36分 
Why do no fighters appear on the fights that are just one on one? Help!
noboundries1969 6月15日 9時02分 
I downloaded Faction: Pit Fighters. Did this addon overwrite the that one?
The_Assassin711 6月6日 10時48分 
I'm having a problem, when I talk to Gerich (or the doorman for the Windhelm Arena for the matter) I get through the entire speech with them, but then the speech just closes and it doesn't load me into a fight (or in the case of the doorman to watch a fight.)

Anybody else have this problem or is it just me?
Ǥuardiaƞ 6月4日 15時36分 
veeery cool
sgtwinkler 5月30日 17時07分 
Beautiful locations! Awesome job with this mod, keep it up!
J R Sparks 5月23日 14時47分 
Is the Open Cities mod still in conflict with this mod?
robert_james3 5月16日 17時47分 
Thirteen Oranges will you make another mod anytime soon?
Sir Dunberry 5月15日 17時45分 
Does anyone else run into a problem where they can't access the Ashlander fights and or the Champion fights? I've not been able to access those fights for some time and just wanted to know if this is a problem others have encountered, and perhaps, if anyone had a possible solution for this bug, thanks!
molson 5月15日 17時30分 
You start the quest be going to the training hall in windhelm grey quarter(the right side) and talking to some of the people.
molson 5月14日 16時24分 
I FOUND A PROBLEM when you do the fight when you fight the ash lander tribes i dont remember exactly what they said but they mentioned something about the "read year" i think it is meant to be the red year.
arhimondled 5月9日 13時27分 
Very interesting quest. Fight with enemi how on arena/ Very fun.
talos_aah 5月7日 13時45分 
TheEnderGuy 5月5日 23時19分 
The oringinal was quite fun, but I can't download the Add-on cause I don't have DAwnguard
Araanim 4月27日 20時18分 
I understand that if I make the first mod a Master File, then I can use those assets in the second mod. Okay, but how do I upload that to Steam? You can't edit the file as an esm in the Creation Kit, so what do you do? You can convert it back, yeah, but doesn't that mean that nobody who downloads it is going to have the esm version, and therefore the second mod won't have anything to use? I don't understand how this is supposed to work! Clearly your Pit Fighters Add-On uses the original Pit Fighters mod. How? Am I making this way too complicated? Thank you for your time, I'd really appreciate the help.
Araanim 4月27日 20時18分 
Hey, I'm a huge fan of your work and was hoping maybe you could help me. I have a simple mod that adds a few quests and NPCs and monsters, whatever. But I'm working on a second mod that I want to function as a sequel to the first mod. I'd like to keep them separate, so I can still edit the first most and so everyone's not forced to download both. But I have no idea how. I've been playing around with master files for days and I don't see how it's supposed to work. I
Oceanout 4月17日 10時31分 
I have a problem , after getting to Title Warrior , when i speak with Gerich about challenging other provinces, once i get teleported to the requested area thats when im getting attacked by Gerich and everyone else .. I tryed playing it without any other mods on, except the required, but still the same thing again and again and when im going back to the Training Hall at Windhelm everything's just fine O_o im trying to find whats making it but i cant find it :/ Please i need some help.
ThirteenOranges  [作成者] 4月8日 13時07分 
@Good Day: Experiment with your load order.

@3litec4ke: The none dawnguard one is Pit Fighter without this add-on. That's why I made it as an optional extra. Without Dawnguard assets this add on would be a practically empty file.
Good Day. 4月1日 20時05分 
Tried using this with just his 5 quests and pit fighter, and it crashes at the front end loading.
babygirl4595 3月28日 23時18分 
Does this work with Skyre?
ZenKilla 3月20日 10時15分 
was up this is a awsome mod keep up the good work. and make a weapon and armor mod
♕[BigAl]♕ 3月15日 10時10分 
can you make a non-dawnguard one?
ISLAU 3月12日 19時49分 
If i go werewolf will i be attacked
tupac 2月25日 3時30分 
is dawnguard requiered to play?
SuicidalChocobo 2月24日 23時01分 
is it possible just to download the files without having skyrim on steam
Pedobeer 2月23日 11時31分 
I hope I don't get kick or banned because of using vampire lord in pit!
[RvK] I_I_I@yP/\/\@ 2月15日 10時15分 
and where exactly are these arenas
[FL] kampf-keks 2月13日 7時17分 
I have to report a bug: Always when i try to challenge a champion from the travels add on all my team members attack me
MyNameIsSean 2月12日 17時23分 
this mod was making making my computer crash and my skyrim unplayable, i just recently fixed it then came on this page straight away and noticed Dawnguard required. *facepalm*
KILLERBUDDY777 2月10日 22時33分 
Thirteen! What's the latest man? It is unfortunate that it seems you have no more time for modding, all of your stuff is the best. Was looking forward your next mod that you had mentioned on Twitter, with some custom stuff by PrivateEye again, but then you dropped off the grid. I hope your situation has improved since last I read. I'll take it that you having no time is better to your living situation hopefully. With the recent improvments to some major issues with Skyrim's memory thanks to the community (you can read about it over at the ENB site, and you don't need to have the ENB enabled as well which is awesome!), I am able to put back in a lot of the content I wanted in the first place which I couldn't due to going over a certain limit.
ThirteenOranges  [作成者] 2月7日 5時22分 
No. Mostly because it would increase the likelihood of conflicts and removes the option to disable and enable individual mods. Standalone mods allow more flexibility. Also because some of my mods come close to the file size limits so having all the data in one wouldn't work anyway. In addition, "merging" isn't really a thing. It'd take more work to try and get all the content into one file than it would to make two or three entirely new quest mods (which I dont have the time for anyway) and like I said, theres no benefit to it, in fact theres only downsides, so it'd be an insane amount of work that only results in a worse product...
mindw0rk 2月5日 9時56分 
WTB merged file of all your quest and ToS mods into one.
The Night Man 2月1日 13時31分 
I am honestly at a loss for words. All of your quest mods easily make it into the list of the greatest I've ever played. And I've been playing Elder Scrolls for quite some time, my friend.
benppneb 2月1日 7時04分 
Whats skyrim nexus?
Blast Lord 1月31日 22時53分 
I do hope you'll add more new features to your pit fighter guild addon mod
Blast Lord 1月31日 21時43分 
Love this mod and been using it since you got my rate
aMYTHa 1月28日 15時16分 
I've got a question, ThirteenOranges. .. I love all your mods, by the way. The "Bigger they are" quest however crashes on me each time I get near the Monument. Anyway, why is it that when I travelled to fight in Valenwood. . all my team members turned to fight me instead?