The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Faction: Pit Fighter Travels Add-On
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starlightsong96 2. elo 2.57 
Lol at the idiots asking him to put this on nexus, a quick 5 minute google search shows that he can't because he's banned from there since 2012.

Great mod btw.
Random chooser 1. elo 19.42 
░░░▌░▄▄▄▐▌▀▀▀░░ THIS IS BOB
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Felip 22. heinä 2.53 
game crashes at start up
Money Muncher 19. heinä 4.24 
Thirteen Oranges I found a bug: When fighting in Lillandril, The opponents don't detect you straight away (They are searching for you.) But if you sneak and wait for the eye to fully close you can go right out to them and they will not attack you, They will still attack your allies as well. The same thing happens for the champion.
Mr. Cele 13. heinä 19.42 
excellent mod lacks climax towards the end of the ranks but impressive
Hamfish 1. heinä 9.23 
I wish you would create mods for nexus, yes I read the description but I have played this mod and several others of yours and you are obviously talented, but your potential is being cut short by the frankly ludicrious file size limit placed by the Workshop (100Mb, some armour mods take up more space than this!) and your work would be much better quality and packed if you made it so workshop was a 'lite' version of sorts that only used up 100Mb while you uploaded larger mods onto Nexus. - Just a fan who thinks you have much more potential
Mrbadman96 22. kesä 9.54 
.....|░M░| ...TO SUPPORT HIM!
...."""""""""........../ \...
TomixComix 16. kesä 1.06 
@Fearful Snake, No it does not ^^
Fearful Snake 2. kesä 23.30 
Does this require Monster Mod or no?
BinaryFuzz 23. touko 19.58 
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army.
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us
King Oscar Carling 18. touko 6.15 
I like that he doesn't explain why he doesn't want the mod to be on the Nexus. Dickbaggery Level: 9001
gamerxd311 25. huhti 21.14 
.....|░M░| ...TO SUPPORT HIM!
...."""""""""........../ \...
Ratticus Novegicus 25. huhti 3.59 
best mod ever thx guys
Tazor 18. huhti 1.47 
Gerich isn't spawning in the Provinces meaning I have to exit every time and cannot compete, any help on why this is occuring?
Run_slowly 5. huhti 18.55 
! ! ! This will crash your game upon load ! ! ! I was crashing, so i did some testing, and this mod was the sole problem.
mikeyGlitz 6. maalis 11.45 
This mod keeps failing to download.
Demetrius 22. helmi 12.11 
Why is dawnguard required?
GameForgeProductions 13. helmi 19.09 
You should put in the Arena from Oblivion, and add more provinces. This mod is amazing
Phil McKraken 9. helmi 5.38 
Uh, I'm having trouble with this mod, when I go to highrock arena and I enter the arena the knight wont appear its just be in the arena and nothing happens, help please?
AffectiveAcid9 6. helmi 15.44 
This mod gave me the experience that i got from the oblivion arena.
Darkeness. 20. tammi 20.33 
[PP]Malcolm, that's a glitch in the vanilla game and nobody knows how to fix it. It has nothing to do with any mods you've downloaded though!
[PP]Malcolm CZ ☭ 15. tammi 10.38 
I installed almost every mods from you but I have a problem with random grass flaying around in some cells, especially in some arenas and some rooms idk what causes this problem, any helps ?
BirkTheLirk 14. tammi 7.55 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over

LORENZZO 10. tammi 4.59 
great mod :)
ManOnFire 6. tammi 5.38 
storm its in windhelm at the grey quarter
ManOnFire 6. tammi 5.37 
y u no make any more update/mods : 3
NZstormbreaker 31. joulu, 2014 17.04 
Where is the fighting place
ollyh1202 30. joulu, 2014 10.05 
How do I fight in the new arenas?
Pnsndltn 27. joulu, 2014 3.20 
I used a battle axe to behead a knight protector of Windkeep right on the beheading platform thing. Was awesome.
Ceiis 14. joulu, 2014 11.51 
@Thirteen Oranges
Damit when will you cease being such an amazing modder?

I have always said this: Bethesda needs to hire you pros to help them.
Assassin of old 6. joulu, 2014 6.49 
Valkyrie 22. marras, 2014 21.18 
@SirGamesAlot It is, just look up Factions: Pit Fighter and grab the base mod. Travels is an add-on to it that makes the mod utilize Dawnguard locations as well.
Icenridge 21. marras, 2014 11.21 
can you make this non Dawngaurd dlc?
LumerArkenstone 19. marras, 2014 16.39 
It says this mod starts in windhelm, but I cant fint shit from this mod anywhere, can anyone help?
chrisanthopoulos_babis 11. marras, 2014 6.48 
It makes my game client cras....I can't even begin to play with this mod on
420TheLegitThomasTheDankEngine 7. marras, 2014 3.03 
you should add another part this is great
jamesirayee 26. loka, 2014 1.49 
I've got the same problem as philipp. They turn hostile in every arena except morrowind
philipp 18. loka, 2014 9.50 
the team of Pit Fighters attack me when I want to speak with Gerich to start an arena fight, but just in the arenas of the Summerset Isles, High Rock and Valenwood... if I leave the room to get to the training hall everything is fine... What´s wrong with my game? :D Apart from this, this mod is f*cking awesome ^^
dbQ 16. loka, 2014 18.24 
Good to see the re-release of this mod. I am Legend FTW. If Bethesda ever comes out with a multiplayer version of Elder scrolls (Besides ESO :P) I will accept challenges
TheGasMaskBandit 16. loka, 2014 17.47 
Also, why no nexus version? It sucks having to wait for a hundred or so mods to update before I can get the one I want
TheGasMaskBandit 16. loka, 2014 17.44 
It requires dawnguard because it uses assets from the dlc, such as the DG Fortress
Unbroken 12. loka, 2014 8.23 
This mod does not bring any quest? I really enjoyed new arena and expecially tough opponents. But is this only fighting for money and no new quests?
Master Zaro7 11. loka, 2014 21.45 
why u have to need dawnG
Spooky Hobo Man 5. loka, 2014 11.28 
just buy the dlc cheap people :D 29. syys, 2014 16.08 
And I know you told us not to ask for a Nexus version, but Steam's update feature has been giving me greef over mods, so I'm uninstalling all my Workshop mods. I do have the full game and I have paid for said "luxury," the luxury is just giving me problems :'( 29. syys, 2014 16.06 
Can I haz on the Nexus? :3
OhMyItsBill 24. syys, 2014 5.58 
This is fantastic, hours of fun!
Fragment 21. syys, 2014 15.58 
how do i download from steam workshop?!?!?!?!
bigbadlemongrab 17. syys, 2014 19.51 
please make vanilla for all us broke ass children