Faction: Pit Fighter Travels Add-On
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philipp 18. loka 9.50 
the team of Pit Fighters attack me when I want to speak with Gerich to start an arena fight, but just in the arenas of the Summerset Isles, High Rock and Valenwood... if I leave the room to get to the training hall everything is fine... What´s wrong with my game? :D Apart from this, this mod is f*cking awesome ^^
debeq 16. loka 18.24 
Good to see the re-release of this mod. I am Legend FTW. If Bethesda ever comes out with a multiplayer version of Elder scrolls (Besides ESO :P) I will accept challenges
Maximum Overdrive 16. loka 17.47 
Also, why no nexus version? It sucks having to wait for a hundred or so mods to update before I can get the one I want
Maximum Overdrive 16. loka 17.44 
It requires dawnguard because it uses assets from the dlc, such as the DG Fortress
Unbroken 12. loka 8.23 
This mod does not bring any quest? I really enjoyed new arena and expecially tough opponents. But is this only fighting for money and no new quests?
Master Zaro7 11. loka 21.45 
why u have to need dawnG
tech kill 5. loka 11.28 
just buy the dlc cheap people :D
jtd.rocks 29. syys 16.08 
And I know you told us not to ask for a Nexus version, but Steam's update feature has been giving me greef over mods, so I'm uninstalling all my Workshop mods. I do have the full game and I have paid for said "luxury," the luxury is just giving me problems :'(
jtd.rocks 29. syys 16.06 
Can I haz on the Nexus? :3
Anatrax 25. syys 22.58 
Dawngard Really?!?! It didn't require it before you can do better!
ohmyitsbill 24. syys 5.58 
This is fantastic, hours of fun!
Fragment 21. syys 15.58 
how do i download from steam workshop?!?!?!?!
bigbadlemongrab 17. syys 19.51 
please make vanilla for all us broke ass children
AfroSun 12. syys 1.21 
PLEASE ADD MORE TO THIS. THis mod is wonderful
ArcaneStone 3. syys 18.35 
The fans from previous ones could just stick with the previous ones, or ask nicely for a non-dawnguard version...
Jmanghan 18. elo 9.51 
Why on Earth would you make it so that it requires Dawnguard when the original DIDN'T. I understand you need dawnguard for certain buildings, weapons, and such. But it's possible to compromise so that you can still have all your fans from the previous ones.
NotZach_ 12. elo 18.56 
I wish the arena in the Imperial City was in this
mytomboy216 12. elo 18.16 
it dont work on my laptop
wowheadco 1. elo 15.15 
umm everytime i get to the area were the fight start the guy who i need to talk to isnt there ...help
Virtualslayer 27. heinä 10.42 
could you please make a patch for open cities?
TravelingBread 23. heinä 18.15 
obviously you do as it says it in the description
Ray The Starknight 19. heinä 11.43 
do u need dragon born or dawnguard?!
Rikss 16. heinä 7.33 
For u all mod i need DLC DagonBorn ... ??
Darko Bomb-Bastic 13. heinä 19.26 
Why do every good mods have to use Dlc's D:
FinalLvLRogue 13. heinä 10.31 
works well
President_Sheogorath 10. heinä 13.53 
Just to let you know SKSE 1.7 is out.
Bones-Reaper 10. heinä 13.31 
I got a question What are the Coc's for the arenas i'd like to vist them when not in a fight
That Super Guy 5. heinä 13.24 
MORE!!! :D
Ingenium 23. kesä 7.07 
There's a conflict between your mods. After installing travels add-on my game kept crashing.
Meister Francis 16. kesä 5.36 
Why do no fighters appear on the fights that are just one on one? Help!
noboundries1969 15. kesä 9.02 
I downloaded Faction: Pit Fighters. Did this addon overwrite the that one?
The_Assassin711 6. kesä 10.48 
I'm having a problem, when I talk to Gerich (or the doorman for the Windhelm Arena for the matter) I get through the entire speech with them, but then the speech just closes and it doesn't load me into a fight (or in the case of the doorman to watch a fight.)

Anybody else have this problem or is it just me?
Ǥuardiaƞ 4. kesä 15.36 
veeery cool
sgtwinkler 30. touko 17.07 
Beautiful locations! Awesome job with this mod, keep it up!
J R Sparks 23. touko 14.47 
Is the Open Cities mod still in conflict with this mod?
robert_james3 16. touko 17.47 
Thirteen Oranges will you make another mod anytime soon?
Sir Dunberry 15. touko 17.45 
Does anyone else run into a problem where they can't access the Ashlander fights and or the Champion fights? I've not been able to access those fights for some time and just wanted to know if this is a problem others have encountered, and perhaps, if anyone had a possible solution for this bug, thanks!
molson 15. touko 17.30 
You start the quest be going to the training hall in windhelm grey quarter(the right side) and talking to some of the people.
molson 14. touko 16.24 
I FOUND A PROBLEM when you do the fight when you fight the ash lander tribes i dont remember exactly what they said but they mentioned something about the "read year" i think it is meant to be the red year.
arhimondled 9. touko 13.27 
Very interesting quest. Fight with enemi how on arena/ Very fun.
talos_aah 7. touko 13.45 
TheEnderGuy 5. touko 23.19 
The oringinal was quite fun, but I can't download the Add-on cause I don't have DAwnguard
Araanim 27. huhti 20.18 
I understand that if I make the first mod a Master File, then I can use those assets in the second mod. Okay, but how do I upload that to Steam? You can't edit the file as an esm in the Creation Kit, so what do you do? You can convert it back, yeah, but doesn't that mean that nobody who downloads it is going to have the esm version, and therefore the second mod won't have anything to use? I don't understand how this is supposed to work! Clearly your Pit Fighters Add-On uses the original Pit Fighters mod. How? Am I making this way too complicated? Thank you for your time, I'd really appreciate the help.
Araanim 27. huhti 20.18 
Hey, I'm a huge fan of your work and was hoping maybe you could help me. I have a simple mod that adds a few quests and NPCs and monsters, whatever. But I'm working on a second mod that I want to function as a sequel to the first mod. I'd like to keep them separate, so I can still edit the first most and so everyone's not forced to download both. But I have no idea how. I've been playing around with master files for days and I don't see how it's supposed to work. I
Oceanout 17. huhti 10.31 
I have a problem , after getting to Title Warrior , when i speak with Gerich about challenging other provinces, once i get teleported to the requested area thats when im getting attacked by Gerich and everyone else .. I tryed playing it without any other mods on, except the required, but still the same thing again and again and when im going back to the Training Hall at Windhelm everything's just fine O_o im trying to find whats making it but i cant find it :/ Please i need some help.
ThirteenOranges  [tekijä] 8. huhti 13.07 
@Good Day: Experiment with your load order.

@3litec4ke: The none dawnguard one is Pit Fighter without this add-on. That's why I made it as an optional extra. Without Dawnguard assets this add on would be a practically empty file.
Good Day. 1. huhti 20.05 
Tried using this with just his 5 quests and pit fighter, and it crashes at the front end loading.
babygirl4595 28. maalis 23.18 
Does this work with Skyre?
ZenKilla 20. maalis 10.15 
was up this is a awsome mod keep up the good work. and make a weapon and armor mod
♕[BigAl]♕ 15. maalis 10.10 
can you make a non-dawnguard one?