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Snowman Race
133 commentaires
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DigitalCrest 4 août à 16h23 
A nice idea, but this would need a lot more work to be worth my vote.
N1ghtcrawler83 28 juil à 4h20 
Agreed r1 does look funny. Also reminded me of N64 snowboarding game
Niccotine! 15 juil à 23h23 
It look funny hahaha I'd like to play it
thekingofopness 27 juin à 3h10 
It would be awsome if it was on pc , steam!
Ritoto Chikikuto 26 juin à 17h26 
Nikifor92 25 juin à 12h41 
Bardzo fajny pomysł na gre zimową:) i grafika przypominająca młode lata:)
jugj gh gr ftyfh
psymin 19 juin à 8h44 
I'd upvote this is it were called Tux Racer and were free to play.
justbrink 2 juin à 12h16 
NEWS! now on the app store and muliplayer cuming soon
[M] 27 mai à 20h40 
^oo^[Linux] 26 avr à 7h28 
Tux Racer with a Snowman? No !
krazedlion 9 avr à 18h52 
Alix 28 fév à 21h17 
Looks neat, but because it's snow man, it seems like a game that people would only be in the mood to play in the winter. On top of that, there's too little content for me to form an opinion. More videos would be helpful but for now, I vote no.
Arxisosiys2000 14 fév à 18h16 
HADES2001 15 jan à 11h40 
another mobile game heres a no
SecondSol 2 jan à 15h19 
It looks fun. Hovever I think it needs multiplayer in order for me to buy it.
frozen_josh 2 jan à 4h02 
This would be nice as a mobile game... I wouldn't play this on my computer
* PANZARSCHRECK 1 jan à 13h27 
Funny :D
Хлоя Морец 24 déc 2013 à 5h37 
Неплохая идея
Mercadier 21 déc 2013 à 13h42 
Wor, how Christmassy! :D
BigTankist 26 nov 2013 à 9h54 
Неплохая идея игры, давно хотелось покататься на санках)
rrae 28 oct 2013 à 16h05 
there should be an option to play a scary snowman. and there should be peasants and animals like in carmageddon.
metal sonic ( youtuber) 20 oct 2013 à 10h24 
looks awesome
Electro_Bit OfflineForSomeTime 1 oct 2013 à 19h47 
it needs a multiplayer! D=
ReZuS_FactoR 18 sept 2013 à 16h33 
no multi-player((
n0thingwasthesame 14 sept 2013 à 19h04 
seems like a good idea for mobile, not so sure about pc though
"Bob" the Space Cadet 15 août 2013 à 21h22 
@Krissy you're too nice. You can't honestly say you'd play every game on Greenlight - and if you can, I wish I had as much time to play games as you do.
feust 14 août 2013 à 16h58 
girtehfennec 14 août 2013 à 14h36 
V i was legitimately going to mention amped V
Spat856 30 juil 2013 à 20h27 
Amped meets soviet russia
Cholaroyd 8 juil 2013 à 13h59 
Not interrested, Steam isn't a mobile device like Ipad.
Roverandom 6 juil 2013 à 5h40 
Looks simple control-wise. Same-desktop multiplayer would make it a hell of a laugh
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 29 juin 2013 à 23h23 
People are being way too mean in the comments :P I'd play it, it does need co-op / multiplayer though, would be pretty boring to play alone
Slore 5 juin 2013 à 18h37 
I wouldn't pay for this...sorry
=DiG= Dragged & Chopped 28 mai 2013 à 7h44 
epic! fuck nfs!
A Male Gardevoir 22 avr 2013 à 16h54 
Add More Chars, Multiplayer & more levels and we'll talk.
Unexpected Buddy 13 avr 2013 à 13h34 
hahaha looks funny.. sell me a 4pack cheap and i buy this game loll
Sosoishero 12 avr 2013 à 5h55 
One if the shittiest game ever made. Even WarZ play better than this.
Relizee 5 avr 2013 à 13h50 
Seems like a wii game to me
tfwdead 1 avr 2013 à 10h41 
really hope this shit is a joke.
FoxyRussianLady 28 mar 2013 à 13h16 
looks more like a student project then a game people would pay money for
Omali 26 mar 2013 à 19h21 
Is this a troll submission? What a waste not just of $100 but the time of whoever created this.
PeanutCarl ♥ L*ded* 26 mar 2013 à 16h21 
This looks nice to spend some time, but if there was a way to add multiplayer it would be really cool. Voted yes.
Muscular Toast 16 mar 2013 à 16h53 
is this a fucking joke?
caryhartline 10 mar 2013 à 22h47 
@Exatrive The idea of Tux Racer was taken from one of the oldest ideas in gaming. Snowboard racing down a hill has been around for a long time. Tux Racer is definitely not original.
Gorlom[Swe] 8 mar 2013 à 2h40 
This thing is still on here? I actually believed that the author of this project would be shamed into taking it down. There has been said some hurtful things in the comments section.

Good for you being brave enough to stand your ground :)
SgtRicko 3 mar 2013 à 19h01 
And what, pray tell,, separates this from the hordes of other Mario Kart kiddie clones out there?
Selexo 27 fév 2013 à 12h56 
Was thinking the same thing.. TuxRacer.
Cyber Killer 27 fév 2013 à 1h21 
TuxRacer/PlanetPenguinRacer anyone?
xIceSmashx 26 fév 2013 à 15h18 
Well i think i will love it a little bit, it looks funny, but i dont have enough money to pay it if its not free.