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Панда 22. syys 22.52 
Braian oconor 8. syys 14.55 
muy bieeeeeeeeeen
tim228ELITECASE.NET 8. syys 13.39 
SayKesha 19. heinä 1.54 
nice i like it
Realtimeguy 16. kesä 22.45 
EXCLUSIVE 6. kesä 16.10 
sounds like somthing you would find in a happy meal
S4yVer 1. touko 21.14 
жду выхода
flamie 22. maalis 6.46 
✪ AR4ER I magicdrop.ru 15. maalis 11.09 
Sajmon 15. helmi 14.10 
KingTrick 11. helmi 11.45 
player 10. helmi 2.32 
✖SALXTMA✖ 3. loka, 2015 4.54 
Игра класс
PaYAmO CSGOBomb.com 8. touko, 2015 4.07 
laurent  [tekijä] 19. joulu, 2014 11.22 
the trailer is actually worse than the game
Meh 19. joulu, 2014 10.29 
Looks interesting, but never NEVER belive author trailers.
laurent  [tekijä] 31. elo, 2014 20.34 
Espero que no, Pentakill...
Fat Shogun 31. elo, 2014 16.36 
parece um age of mitology do futuro
Preda completista 1/112 Nvl6 24. elo, 2014 14.25 
de que se tratara
Sniper...S.thomton 2. elo, 2014 23.22 
говно игра
yeison_halo4 12. heinä, 2014 16.24 
pero cuando va a salir ya no puedo esperar mas :)
聚众淫乱同好会 9. heinä, 2014 7.27 
DragonKing303 29. kesä, 2014 13.23 
It's different
laurent  [tekijä] 27. kesä, 2014 11.58 
Streaming Gummy Bear™ http://www.twitch.tv/elefantopia
0Х0ТНИК NА 4УВАКИNA 21. kesä, 2014 0.26 
Мне нравиться)
HU.Kolos The Ninja 24. touko, 2014 9.02 
It's awesome
Sharaman 3. touko, 2014 0.37 
Potato 29. huhti, 2014 4.42 
Legal o game.. Parabéns..
Roman 21. huhti, 2014 9.12 
Hello, I'm from Russia and possible errors in my text, this game is great, judging by the video and screenshots of it very funny, amusing, or what things look in the cargo hold of the droid =), that it is original is definitely a big plus, nothing like I have not saw a sufficiently long time, waiting for release =)
laurent  [tekijä] 16. huhti, 2014 15.26 
Redoing the sound is fun!
Killer Keemtrain 16. huhti, 2014 12.01 
Zamato 2. huhti, 2014 3.07 
Gostei do jogo to só aguardando espero que n venha com uma facada junto...
laurent  [tekijä] 26. helmi, 2014 11.51 
Steam Achievements are now linked in.
M4ni@Cn๏๏ßs® 13. helmi, 2014 14.22 
Parece muiito bom. Parabéns...
Millennial Falcon 11. helmi, 2014 1.28 
laurent  [tekijä] 5. helmi, 2014 18.37 
Saving a planet can be messy http://i.imgur.com/JDMQlfP.png
ObserverGames 31. tammi, 2014 15.21 
I like the game I would buy it if it came out I would pay around 20$ good design and gameplay
laurent  [tekijä] 30. tammi, 2014 16.08 
Ah Trello works now !! official bug log place : https://trello.com/b/oHeHcTsQ/mcdroid-bugs
Boumbo 30. tammi, 2014 10.37 
no reinstall it
and it bugs again when i succeed the brain level it doesn't finishes and than at restart the game crashes
Boumbo 30. tammi, 2014 3.21 
i had to clear all progress to avoid starting crashes
Boumbo 30. tammi, 2014 3.16 
end of level diamonds,maybe bonsai could make it grow slowly instead of a strawberry sometime. it could be like ho no i needed strawberry or awesome i earn a new diamond
Boumbo 30. tammi, 2014 3.11 
to do list doesn't gives me choice but subscribe. i can't write a card maybe it is locked for public
laurent  [tekijä] 29. tammi, 2014 23.26 
For trello, you sign up (you can use your google account if you have one, but not steam ;) and then in the to do section to the left you press Add a Card. One per bug
laurent  [tekijä] 29. tammi, 2014 23.25 
I meant ideas to get more diamonds - we're feature lock but stuff that spawn out diamonds is easy to add
Boumbo 29. tammi, 2014 16.30 
A multiplayer on split screen mode you know with a really harder level and more to do and to farm. playing with some friend in a coutch is great.
Specialisation of monsters like differents efficience of weapon on family of monsters.
i saw a great machinegun in video don't have it but i loke it. more missions like the one were mc droid looses he's base have to found it,or the teleportation machine. That was great. differents ressources to farm like other fruits powerfuller or lower tha strawberrys. don't know i have lot of ideas. More levels.
But i repeat it 's already a really great game
Boumbo 29. tammi, 2014 16.05 
I don't find where i can report all of what i found
Boumbo 29. tammi, 2014 16.03 
don't understand how to use trello
laurent  [tekijä] 29. tammi, 2014 15.32 
I'm adding diamonds in chests and other ways to get diamonds. Any idea you want to see implemented?
laurent  [tekijä] 29. tammi, 2014 15.32 
boumbo - can you log them in the trello please? https://trello.com/b/oHeHcTsQ/mcdroid-bugs
Boumbo 29. tammi, 2014 10.45 
i use consumable. but not to much i keep diamonds for reaserchs