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Fatty Maze's Adventures
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139 commentaires
VintageEngine 14 jan 2016 à 14h31 
"Release Date: 2013"

Architects 29 oct 2014 à 15h21 
interested game
Lilthrasher 23 août 2014 à 7h03 
stolen assets and just a terrible looking game, your about 6 years late with this technollogy.
Mojogunner 3 août 2014 à 20h39 
Not sure about this one. Not my cup of tea. But to each his own.
aGGi 15 juil 2014 à 22h38 
looks like a simple maze...
Cyril Figgis 11 juil 2014 à 12h58 
Would have been a fun game on (insert random webbased games portal) 5 years ago.
If this ends up on steam I am switching to Origin.
effex 6 juil 2014 à 17h41 
wow luv it
$ Paw $ 21 juin 2014 à 20h57 
Looks pretty boring.. :D
no offence, but this is TRASH
Opason 5 mai 2014 à 0h05 
No offense but having your 4 year old son write your game description isnt a bright idea.
Shdw___¸.•'¯) 26 avr 2014 à 12h13 
SPONGE 18 avr 2014 à 15h49 
good game ;d
WhatEver® 2 mar 2014 à 6h30 
Funny :)
collin.david 2 fév 2014 à 9h38 
It looks like something that would be on Yahoo! Games....
ChazMan 10 jan 2014 à 17h59 
Not something I would invest money in. Best wishes, either way, though.
Nakara-san 26 oct 2013 à 10h13 
nice game
Purple Fiction 14 oct 2013 à 18h41 
rysi 1 sept 2013 à 8h26 
nice logic game
☮ Nerraruzi ❄ 31 août 2013 à 1h01 
More suitable for the mobile platform.
"Bob" the Space Cadet 21 août 2013 à 17h34 
Another phone port... blergh.
Dunkley 15 août 2013 à 13h31 
What the fuck?
Shuffleblade 9 août 2013 à 6h01 
These are just so... Embarassing....
radar2670 4 août 2013 à 20h39 
Get this crap away from Steam. It is a mobile game it should stay they.
Aritex 21 juil 2013 à 14h03 
Seems like a good maybe facebook, or phone game, but a steam game? No thanks.
désenchantée 4 juil 2013 à 10h56 
Ajax 1 juil 2013 à 0h29 
sorry, keep it on a phone bud.
JaCK 27 juin 2013 à 7h33 
ну между играми поиграть веселая бродилка
ZULU 27 juin 2013 à 5h23 
funny game
THe ADHD Turnip 8 mai 2013 à 7h57 
No. Keep it on the cell phones....
Princess Dajve <3 28 avr 2013 à 17h16 
Ought I to be offended?
Skyfire 13 avr 2013 à 5h15 
What's this? A maze game from view above? I remember a maze game with eye view and you had to open doors, traps, etc. now that was cool, because you didn't now wich direction it went. can't remember it's name. But NO to this game.
Izi 6 avr 2013 à 2h58 
live vlone die vlone 5 avr 2013 à 20h13 
it would be better on ios
Sir.Cupcakers 26 mar 2013 à 8h37 
I would maybe, just maybe even play this gmae if it was free. We needmore higher quality games and this does not help the cause of greenlight
Sadron 19 mar 2013 à 12h25 
We don't want your inferior mobile games that you can charge more money on.
Tweed 7 mar 2013 à 15h10 
So much mobile runoff
Daec_ G3R 4 mar 2013 à 8h32 
It really would be great if everyone would stop, to spam greenlight with his/her shitty mobile apps.
ⱠȜȜŦⱲ₳ҒҒȽԐϨ 28 fév 2013 à 4h32 
..Wasn't this one already more or less "No thanks'd" by the entire community months ago?
Fire Walk With Me 26 fév 2013 à 11h47 
Steam is supposed to have a higher quality game not .99 mobile games.
dre' 24 fév 2013 à 13h38 
this reminds me of storm in a teacup i hated storm in a teacup
Yury1414 24 fév 2013 à 10h19 
Russian language !!!
Pedestrian X 24 fév 2013 à 5h35 
I want it
Caelistas 21 fév 2013 à 21h55 
Moustache Gracias !! 14 fév 2013 à 9h01 
fatty ftw
DeathClaw 13 fév 2013 à 13h39 
The kids would love this game. Good luck to ya getting on Steam.
I could see why a fat person might have to solve puzzles.
jes98 9 fév 2013 à 19h56 
LittleBlackRainCloud 9 fév 2013 à 14h51 
wheeeee point click adventure, although the music is hypnotic, and using a fat guy is "different" ~
103 9 fév 2013 à 9h48 
shit mobile game... maybe gtfo?
ℳℯℊℊ𝓎 ℳℴℴ 8 fév 2013 à 7h50 
unless you change the name to obese maze (lets face it, fatty maze is not half as catchy), i won't be caught dead buying this.