Gildergreen Regrown
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WolfNeedle 6月13日 15時16分 
Oh Thank You :)
Arthmoor  [作成者] 6月13日 12時19分 
@WolfNeedle: You need the Unofficial Skyrim Patch to resolve that bug with the dead tree.
WolfNeedle 6月12日 2時28分 
I Installed This of Nexus Mods, But the dead default tree is still there and the sapling has grown to match the tree causing this clipping going on with both trees. ???
Glarthir 5月17日 1時39分 
Will tihs work if i install after i have done the quest?
menae8 4月22日 9時07分 
I can't get rid of the the old dead tree. How do I do that?
cmdunn1337 4月3日 8時18分 
@WishSeeker lol
WishSeeker 3月15日 11時35分 
prefer taking the sapling over sap
kinda felt bad in a way hacking the tree ^^; ironic since I dont mind cutting down npcs for the fun of it :x
Sgt Dr.KillJoy :) 2月2日 8時57分 
will i have to delete the old tree or will it go away its self
Deliph 1月11日 8時52分 
I had to use the console to delete the original tree (sapling inside bug) Other than that its working perfectly as far as I can coming bk to see how big its got now and then:)
deltaacid 2013年10月23日 23時22分 
Woa, lost my question, wow... this patch will still grow the tree back to full size for me?
deltaacid 2013年10月23日 23時20分 
Arthmoor, The quest is completed in my game. The "stunted tree" grew from within the dead Eldergleam and so eventually I set the dead tree as "markfordelete" through the console and now there is just the "stunted" tree. Thanks
Vardis 2013年10月8日 1時31分 
Yes, since before the quest is done, the tree is still dead.
chardo527 2013年10月6日 15時03分 
So will this only work after the quest is done?
EASTRIDER 2013年8月6日 3時47分 
Very well done mister arthmoor that bug with the tree really bugged me, but now because of
your hard work and job well done in can enjoy a nice big blossoming tree in whiterun.
It's looking great thanks allot mister Arthmoor.
Creature of Purgatory 2013年7月29日 5時58分 
I am so glad this mod exists. It really bugs me when a quest that supposedly affects something in the world doesn't actually come up outside of the quest itself. Thanks!
Subpolar 2013年7月23日 17時35分 
Ah. Yeah I just downloaded the USKP and that fixed it. Im really surprised they left that bug in. Thanks!
Arthmoor  [作成者] 2013年7月23日 17時14分 
If you mean the dead tree is still there, you need the USKP to fix that bug. This mod will work fine regardless of when it's installed.
Subpolar 2013年7月23日 16時14分 
Will this work if the quest is already completed? or maybe after you have already turned in the quest but the sapling has not sprouted yet? or does it need to be installed before the quest is finished. I installed it after the sapling sprouted and the tree is still there. im really surprised Bethesda didnt fix this after the last time i played it...
Arthmoor  [作成者] 2013年6月29日 23時17分 
@Evil Nosferatu: USKP = Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

@isaachudson49: I don't see why not unless that mod specifically alters the tree quest in such a way as to break this.
Talin 2013年6月29日 18時16分 
will this work with requiem?
Evil Nosferatu 2013年6月24日 23時34分 
USKP? What do you mean by that? Can you please update your mod description with details for those of us who have this happening? A dumbed down version of what you mean would probably be good. Perhaps a link to somewhere that explains it? That would also be fine! :D Thank you for this mod btw, it's one of my very favorites!
Arthmoor  [作成者] 2013年6月11日 12時05分 
You need to use the USKP to get rid of the old dead one.
DuneManta 2013年6月11日 10時02分 
Same problem, the new tree starts growing, but the old and dead one doesn't get removed. I can see the tree starting to sprout through the old trunk but it just won't disapear.
thlzrdfodd 2013年4月18日 3時54分 
I had done the quest, but I could not get the mod to work right, I do like the idea fo rthe mod, maybe, I am missing something, what would happen is the younger tree would grow, but the old dead tree was not being removed. Any thoughts, or help would be welcomed, I may try this mod again later, if the problem I have with it is work out some how, thank you, ttyl
Donkeydonkeyin 2013年4月15日 2時23分 
I just completed the quest and then discovered the mod. Will the new tree be in place or will it activate only upon completing the quest?
win7x64 2013年4月12日 11時54分 
at what stage of the 6 month growth cycle is the gildergreen pictured above?
Arthmoor  [作成者] 2013年3月18日 16時27分 
Should all be good now that 1.9 is up and the USKP and this have both been updated.
The Canadian Mafia 2013年3月15日 13時48分 
That's funny, I haven't installed this mod and yet my Gildergreen has gone walkabout as well. I wonder what's up?
Takeda 2013年3月13日 18時08分 
I have to agree with the others sudenly the Gildergreen has disapeared entirely, hope with the patch 1.9 will be fixed.
Arthmoor  [作成者] 2013年3月13日 17時36分 
It's an LOD issue. It will be corrected once Patch 1.9 has gone live and the update is uploaded.
Aries72 2013年3月13日 16時37分 
Im With Shoes on this one. i had done the quest he died but i brought back the sapling and the tree then turned back to the way it was for about a year real time. But now its gone completely not sure what thats all about maybe skyrim patch had something to do with it. ill subscribe see if that fix it.
Shoes 2013年3月2日 14時51分 
I've recently discovered that Gildergreen has disappeared entirely. Is this a bug or are there some mods that cause this to happen?
DBCreeper 2013年2月18日 13時20分 
Yea you kinda need to be carful cuz i went wif da guy and we wnet through the hot springs and he stole a bow ._. and then started a fight and died luckily i saved.
Whilemaner32 2013年2月12日 10時19分 
He does not respawn as far as I know the best way to avoid his death is to fast travel to the location.
║▌│█║▌║│ 16X 2013年2月12日 4時54分 
That guy died on the way there for me, I don't want to hurt the tree, but I don't know if I can get him to respawn.
Dead Again 2013年2月7日 9時53分 
@leto85 what he is saying is, when you use the violent option you get a beautiful and big tree in the center of whiterun, whereas is you go the non-violent root (like the pun XD) you end up with a sappling in whiterun's center, what this mod does is makes the sappling grow into the big tree that you get when you go the violent route over a course of time.
leto85 2013年2月6日 15時37分 
I like this story, but unless I'm missing the point here: you don't have to use violence in that quest at all, if you choose to let the guy who comes with you interact with the tree so nobody get killed. Still I got the feeling I am missing the point. If someone can explain it to me, would be nice. :)
Aaron of Minneapolis 2013年2月5日 7時56分 
@Reconz99: That's a known bug[] in the base game, not this mod. It's fixed in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
Divah 2013年2月4日 12時39分 
I like this story.
TravisAren99 2013年2月4日 8時58分 
The dead tree is still there for me no matter how long I wait, any help?
Arthmoor  [作成者] 2013年2月4日 3時28分 
It shouldn't unless he's moved the tree's area for some reason.
Zula 2013年2月4日 0時38分 
I have Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun by Aplestormy, will this affect it?
Arthmoor  [作成者] 2013年2月3日 20時02分 
Yes, you can install this prior to doing the quest and it will simply wait to start.

No, in the vanilla game the tree never grows beyond the sapling stage if you take that side.
Sacarik 2013年2月3日 15時43分 
so wait it said somthing about replacing the dead tree, but the nice quest giving lady tells you the trees never really die only go into long hibornations, YOUR LORE IS BEEN MUHAHAHAED!!! muhahahah the lore bandit strikes agin!
A Sickly One 2013年2月3日 14時12分 
I'd like to know that too
SoloRogue 2013年2月3日 11時21分 
Question, if i install this mod before doing the quest, will the old tree remain there until i do it?
Foster 2013年2月3日 9時22分 
Gravy raises the right point. Doesn't this tree grow on its own over time?
Gravy 2013年2月3日 6時46分 
If you wait a week or somthing after doing the quest, the leaves grow back. Thats the effect of doing the quest. So you are just removing a big tree for a small one.
inanatto 2013年2月2日 14時14分 
Brilliant! I'm tired of being punished in every Bethesda game when I try to be peaceful.
MNG Rampant 2013年2月2日 12時46分 
nice idea man !