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Terraformer Expedition to Mars
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<{BA}>DRAGONART777 22 aug. @ 11:19pm 
dead game please take this off here.. sorry it had to go down like that.. was hoping this would have made it.. but even there sites down and gone blah
iliketocreate 30 mai @ 3:52am 
i se improvement :)
Rydia27 11 mai @ 4:06am 
Has this game DIED already??
I must say i was hoping to say congrats on the vtss forums, and was goint to ask a few questions, but it seems my forum application is still awaiting approval, and i have not seen any new posts since this gained greelight status ??
piggdiggler 10 mai @ 11:54pm 
I love this concept! This is just the kind of game I would love playing. Only concerns I have are 1. Graphics (even the "new ones") don't look too hot, 2. Are there any sound effects other than the breathing? There was nothing but silence from the attacking aliens..., and 3. Multiplayer! I want to terraform co-op with friends!!!
Niflheim 8 mai @ 9:50am 
This is exactly what I have been looking for in a game. It not only will be a challenge but it will also be intellectual which I think is a factor that a lot of games are missing.
jhaughey  [autor] 27 apr. @ 6:31am 
We have improved the gameplay and graphics. Check out our new Demo at and our new video (Thanks Jason). Ready for a" yes" vote on STEAM Greenlight!
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Paranoid Alaskan 26 apr. @ 12:26pm 
i like the game and i could become more then just a mars terraformer you could have a rendom planet gen that makes complete planets that may have an arange of problems to solve
vinicius_fodastico 25 apr. @ 7:56am 
god job
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Santa's D0RIT0's #P1WER 23 apr. @ 3:43pm 
is there anything happening?
morpheus_lucid 19 apr. @ 11:47am 
would be very good as well to have a multi player option maybe future options for things to build things
ionutudor2012 15 apr. @ 7:34am 
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Valve, ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░ADD this PLS! █
Roberto P. Robotnick 10 apr. @ 1:48pm 
Looks very oldschool cool, with a lot of thought gone into mechanics and gameplay. I really appreciated the indept videos too. Very interested.
Xalion 28 mart. @ 11:05am 
Poor graphics, but looks interesting
iliketocreate 28 mart. @ 9:55am 
seems no one have donate for this game
Matisyahu 28 mart. @ 6:52am 
Owney 27 mart. @ 11:30am 
better graphics , maby . But like that, no way
sebow. 26 mart. @ 4:28pm 
this look like idk :) but i can play this game
iliketocreate 24 mart. @ 6:48am 
any thing new going on?
brandonmaynard80 10 mart. @ 5:11pm 
in 2002 this would be a hit with not many terraforming games around. I think this game has a lot of potential with the work.
pete1051 9 mart. @ 4:42pm 
The poor graphics really kill it for me. A 3D world with unlit geometry? really? It's 2014 ya know.
dru-remoh2 8 mart. @ 6:45pm 
single challenge, great way to test the individual means of survival, great for a survivalist.
Lifemaul 5 mart. @ 5:57am 
Looks like something I would play, depending on the price. Poor GFX but looks like it would be a few hours of fun.
kevin 28 feb. @ 6:41am 
looks interessting - but poor gfx
Wolfgar Sigvarthson (NOPE) 22 feb. @ 8:41pm 
Looking forward to playing this!
Razzie (Back! :D) 17 feb. @ 12:41pm 
Looks Promising :)
xXChaosXx 14 feb. @ 2:39pm 
look interessting
## TheDotork ## 7 feb. @ 3:54pm 
Is one game excelent
Ҫýνϵrύs 1 feb. @ 12:01am 
Seems to become a very interessting project
Tony Stark 21 ian. @ 11:45am 
Paladiea 16 ian. @ 1:31am 
Looks good, but the graphics will have to be top notch for this to work.
Reviresco.McEwan 15 ian. @ 12:08pm 
Concept seems fun but making the terraforming beautiful will be key to the success of this game. I noticed a comment that said you were working on the grafics. It seems like a good move. Cool project.
Mr. Pinkman/ YO BITCH! 14 ian. @ 10:39am 
it's very good game
Mephisto 10 ian. @ 6:11am 
Very interesting...
leolithic78 9 ian. @ 7:53am 
The sim has evolved one step further in graphics and gameplay that the videos suggest. Rendering is 100% better, graphics have gotten an awesome boost. Videos should be updated soon.
Buttman 6 ian. @ 10:58pm 
sound like a cool idea for a game, needs a lot of work on the graphics/textures...
kemlyon 6 ian. @ 10:53am 
Daonna 2 ian. @ 8:21pm 
Very neat idea.
SashTB 1 ian. @ 5:03pm 
I've always loved terraforming and mars related scenarios. Looks like a winner!
Mrpapa 1 ian. @ 12:31pm 
look cool
Hazard44 31 dec., 2013 @ 7:58pm 
Looks interesting
SrArdilla 29 dec., 2013 @ 8:15pm 
Parece un proyecto interesante, y segun se desarrolle puede tener mucho potencial.
tCiofa 28 dec., 2013 @ 10:35am 
S1n3d 23 dec., 2013 @ 6:01am 
@Darktitan +1
Wintorez 23 dec., 2013 @ 12:29am 
if main hreo control will be better, i gonna buy this game
Materia User 19 dec., 2013 @ 6:42am 
Looks good - just don't forget to address at some point in the game why those other spaceships were shot down. =P
Bamarob 16 dec., 2013 @ 12:47am 
Glad to see that there is a terraform game based on exploration, discovery, and science. I'm hoping the longer you play the game the more advanced bases you can make (i.e use the phosphorus or other materials to create artificial light). Toss in a little multi-player and smooth controls (if planned) and I will have countless hours of enjoyment.
HaraldOst of Haron'A'Mid. 6 dec., 2013 @ 4:06pm 

You are so right.
Darktitan 5 dec., 2013 @ 10:17pm 
There aren't enough fully immervise/interactive interplanetary games/sims/sandboxes out there, however in the past few years developers are starting to see that it's what players want to see.

I'm waiting for the day when I see one that allows you to start from scratch and work your way up to building an extremely advanced intergalactic starship that allows you to travel not only to other galaxies and their planets, but allows you to seemlessly enter their atmospheres, explore each planet in detail aswell as interact with lifeforms/organics and building materials.

Throw all that together with wormholes and seemeless galactic/system/atmospheric transitioning + multiplayer support and you have the perfect space sandbox.
hellfire 26 nov., 2013 @ 10:11pm 
Good, love games about different planets and their terraform