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City of Fools
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119 commentaires
ricardocasama 7 juin 2016 à 4h23 
Please, add spanish language.
Justicescooby 26 août 2015 à 20h28 
This is on Steam to those of you unaware. The developer never updated this page to redirect.
bopUK_RUS 24 oct 2014 à 6h30 
YoyodubLur 27 sept 2014 à 5h56 
jeu sympa pour des enfants ...
Good Night Left Side 1 sept 2014 à 21h42 
no no no no no no no no no no no nono no no no no no no no no no no nono no no no no no no no no no no nono no no no no no no no no no no no
Noodlediggity 13 août 2014 à 10h33 
I'd play the heck out of this game.
Razer701111 2 août 2014 à 10h56 
a bit weird
Explosive Cappuccino 2 juil 2014 à 7h34 
is this going to be here forever
cheseburguer 30 juin 2014 à 22h30 
seems weird haha
men00fragme 26 juin 2014 à 17h27 
Something different. :-)
Still alive Pepe 25 juin 2014 à 5h56 
I like the style and it's hilarious :)
JamyJ 24 juin 2014 à 4h52 
I like the art style it looks funny!
Manguito PT ︻芫══--- 27 mai 2014 à 11h02 
is good for children
WHG | BraveCat 26 mar 2014 à 15h36 
i think it looks terrible. just.. bleh. looks like a flash game than an actual PC game you should pay money for
Skyfire 10 mar 2014 à 11h40 
How many more votes does this game needs to get it on Steam?
DodoExtreme 9 mar 2014 à 8h38 
Looks hilarious xD
Kejmur - AFK 7 mar 2014 à 14h58 
Hilarious graphics, amusing concept, deserve upvote ;).
urakointi oy 5 mar 2014 à 6h11 
Razzie (Back! :D) 17 fév 2014 à 12h46 
Looks hilarious xD
DrazThan 14 fév 2014 à 2h58 
Looks very different and cartoonish,i would love to try it
aznstlth 19 jan 2014 à 14h56 
Look forward to more wholesome and funny games like this! Not a huge fan of the hidden objects parts, but look forward to the puzzly / inventory quests.
Cranky Old Coot 18 jan 2014 à 9h42 
This looks odd. A bit crazy. A bit nutty. I want to try it. Oh yes.
Αχιλλέας 5 jan 2014 à 23h39 
vvvvvvolvo add
Vaducer 2 jan 2014 à 4h40 
MC Tajger 23 déc 2013 à 0h32 
i don't know what the F*ck is going out there, but i like this :)
Wrangledinkspud 22 déc 2013 à 3h55 
Absolutely insane.
agis 6 déc 2013 à 14h18 
amazing :3
Sophos_NSM 5 déc 2013 à 2h54 

ps: Upvoted. Thanks for the Portuguese. unfortunately few developers give us attention.
You gave us attention. I also give you attention. Upvoted.
Skyfire 25 nov 2013 à 8h34 
Already played a bit and I loved it!
UnlimitedEra 25 nov 2013 à 7h14 
Love it! Already voted yes. Good luck!
Nameless 4 nov 2013 à 2h24 
Люблю игры такого типа.Надеюсь она скорее появится в магазине.
Nakara-san 26 oct 2013 à 10h12 
Nice game xD
GameZard 25 oct 2013 à 15h36 
Gromit 19 juil 2013 à 3h35 
I was watching the video and thinking how much fun it would be to have a load of those characters and environments and be able to manipulate/arrange them to make your own pictures/wallpapers/videos.

Each character could have different expressions or animations and you could select the frames to use and maybe further tweak their position by manipulating their limbs and adding assets etc.

If it was really user-friendly I think it could be popular given so many people seem to like making Youtube videos etc.
^2[^0a^2T^0s^2]^0j^24^0k 4 juil 2013 à 2h21 
looks funneh
BlattMiester 20 juin 2013 à 1h57 
Love the teaser music. Whats the song?
upstarttester 14 juin 2013 à 13h34 
TokraZeno 10 juin 2013 à 20h32 
Love this kind of games :D
[H]OAM 3 juin 2013 à 1h25 
i want it
tobias 8 avr 2013 à 7h29 
Appear be cool, APROOVED
Homer J 7 avr 2013 à 19h36 
Reminds me of the Benny Hill show - now if it just had beautiful women in various states of undress it would be a classic...
Ян Юрьевич 7 avr 2013 à 11h06 
Смешная плюсик!
Smokey 15 mar 2013 à 14h46 
I think these types of games are fun and relaxing, but cant stop thinking on if you only are able to click on stuff and thats it!!

personally i need some sort of a little quest "eks insane aquarium i simply love to chill with that or a game like PvsZ

anyway hopes it gets added :)
Pedestrian X 10 mar 2013 à 17h09 
This looks SICK. I don't know what's going on, but I'll give you a thumbs up just because.
🌶Spicy Cumin🌶 8 mar 2013 à 9h07 
Reminds me of the Humungous entertainment games from when I was a little kid.
Lin64.Dracban 8 mar 2013 à 7h12 
without a linux port: thumbs down
Jason_c_o 2 mar 2013 à 21h12 
Already voted no before. Don't resubmit unless there's sufficient changes and/or reasons for people to change their vote.
Yury1414 24 fév 2013 à 10h21 
Russian language !!!
countwolf1 23 fév 2013 à 18h10 
City of Fools looks fun to play!!!!
cheoffshore 22 fév 2013 à 14h54 
Looks like something I would have avoided back in 1996 when this game should have been released... seems like a big fish game, and not one of their good ones, guess it would be good for people who like that sort of humor tho... but not for Steam