Pick up the Bones
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ermak1612 1月11日下午12:31 
Cyrax,спасибо за отличные моды
Cyrax  [作者] 2014年11月12日上午10:50 
Спасибо, чмо.
SAGAN 2014年11月12日上午2:08 
cool mode (говно мод ну ты не русский поэтому я могу его обсирать как хочю)
☢ The Garry's Mod Pest ☢ 2014年7月5日上午5:40 
oh ok
Cyrax  [作者] 2014年7月5日上午2:41 
Its an alchemical ingredient.
☢ The Garry's Mod Pest ☢ 2014年7月4日下午4:08 
What does bonemeal do is it like minecraft's bonemeal?
883Sniper 2014年5月30日下午7:42 
love it
Creepy Creeper 2013年7月26日上午1:21 
Hope somebody takes up this mod and updates it for the newer dlc areas and falskaar, kinda fun stuffing bloody skulls in npcs pockets after you steal their gold and armor without them catching on.
Guittarplayer 2013年4月28日下午12:01 
through a spell or some item you could essentially be a necromancer
Guittarplayer 2013年4月28日下午12:00 
You should update this, and make it so you can make a skeleton warrior, or something
Gearbot 2013年3月23日下午2:44 
Thank you!
Cyrax  [作者] 2013年1月17日下午3:21 
Sadly, no, I am sorry.
flashwitt 2013年1月17日下午12:30 
Any chance that this will be updated in the future? I cannot say enough how annoying it is to be surrounded by mammoth tusks and bones that can't be touched...
Cyrax  [作者] 2013年1月12日上午7:39 
May conflict with other mods that modify game cells. Would not corrupt game saves.
Apo 2013年1月12日上午7:24 
Now when you say "slightly unstable", do you mean... may corrupt your save, may crash your game, or may not actually let you pick up bones? Because those are three very different and important-to-distinguish-between types of unstable. xD
Bafau4246 2012年6月21日上午11:46 
maby make armor?
Cyrax  [作者] 2012年5月16日下午2:33 
@Commander Wiggley Biggley
Not the purpose of this mod and I do not have interest in making that at the moment. Maybe in the future. But I've noted it down.
Commander Wiggley Biggley™ 2012年5月16日下午2:28 
can you make it to where you can craft the skeleton of the animal and carry it around or put it on a stand or make it into an undead skeleton?
Heian Vallusin 2012年5月12日下午11:06 
I remember picking up bones in Oblivion(myfirstelderscrollgameIplayedlolI'manoob) and dragging them arround throwing them into pits in the first underground area near the goblins. I tried to pick up some bones when I got into Skyrim and was like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I am going to subscribe to this and pickpocket people putting skeletons into their pockets xD
goliath001 2012年5月11日下午12:54 
Yes, yes and yes! This mod would go great with the other i just downloaded, the advanced armors one with the bonemold set!
ZyeL 2012年5月8日上午2:54 
Thank you
Cyrax  [作者] 2012年4月16日上午11:07 
Mod updated.
See the description for new features.
Dreugui 2012年3月5日上午10:06 
hello is a good mod but is possibel trad on frensh pliz
Cyrax  [作者] 2012年2月28日下午11:25 
It has always been on nexus..
micheleangelo 2012年2月28日下午6:34 
Can u put it on nexus plz?
CorruptedRogue 2012年2月25日上午9:06 
I can finally collect Spines :D
Leo 2012年2月24日上午10:13 
Thanks for this. It adds much more immersion and realism for my character
Bryss Phoenix 2012年2月23日下午9:18 
@skull eater: That too! Great idea! I was imagining a stone cup with an ankle bone and foot as the base last night... ;)
Weaboo 2012年2月23日下午3:42 
how about being able to make bones into bone meal at an alchemy lab or an anvil?
Starvey 2012年2月23日上午4:20 
@Bryss Phoenix: You sound like you want a skeleton/bone armor :)
Bryss Phoenix 2012年2月22日下午11:42 
Happy to see this mod...I personally HATE not being able to pick stuff up ingame. My only wish/suggestion would be to make the bones more usable. Yes, I know people use them to decorate their lairs...but it would also be great to be able to sell them to crafters', or/and use them in crafting for weapons, armor, even cups and the like...just a thought ;)
Romulus Control 2012年2月21日下午1:42 
Dude thx so much! Now I can be as deranged as i wish!
Cyrax  [作者] 2012年2月21日下午1:40 
Mod updated with the bloody bones.
bryxamus 2012年2月19日下午7:24 
I want a solo jaw. And the ability to enchant it. (Dark Tower Fans WORD UP)
Romulus Control 2012年2月19日下午4:09 
At least tell me how you made them useable and not static, so i can make mod for to pick up bloody bones.
Akinaba 2012年2月19日上午3:15 
Always wanted. NEEDS MORE BONES
Romulus Control 2012年2月18日下午9:51 
Does this let you pick up bloody bones and skulls? That would be kool.
Cyrax  [作者] 2012年2月18日上午5:32 
@ Ryowyn
No, it should not conflict with that. This mod only changes the skulls and bones that are scattered in dungeons.
Ryowyn 2012年2月18日上午5:20 
Does this conflict wit the "Removable Skulls n Stuff" mod?