Portal 2
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mood3rd 27 кві о 8:52 
good demo
I liked the getting passed the laserfield.
excelent explanation, for those who have not seen reflection gel before.
not ideal visually, looking through the grating.
but your hands were tied here.
I still saw enough to complete it.
but a lot of spray it everywhere & assess it later.
I took this approach, partly due to visibility & partly because of short timer.
but later it made sense.
thumbs up
Andi 29 січ 2015 о 18:50 
Okay, I'm stuck. I have the cube and I have reflection gel all over the place but I'm missing something.
Geneosis 3 лип 2013 о 13:22 
Hehe, sorry but I randomly found a nice exploit in this one :p Nice puzzle anyway ;)
| \_/ ()  [автор] 20 чер 2013 о 9:08 
Phrendon 7 лют 2013 о 9:32 
Not broken, GlaDOS!