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Guise Of The Wolf
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Leba [FIN] 6 Jul às 23:33 
This game remids me little bit Wolf among us
Jupe 19 Abr às 9:39 
Way to go people, you got this to Steam. Well done!
Wolf SK 19 Abr às 2:30 
Škoda tejto hry... Tešil som sa na ňu a teraz vidím že asi je nekúpim. :-(
juliusz.horst 17 Fev às 19:51 
@FUN Creators
Nice to see FUN Creators are slowly working to fix this mess.
Reina ! 17 Fev às 13:22 
Looks like the ban is gone, this is a step forward.
DLordZero 16 Fev às 21:25 
You know something is wrong when the finished game looks worse than the demo. :/
It's like Colonial Marines all over again, only at least in this case it's still the same game.
Mishi 5 Fev às 1:05 
People love to whine like babies and group together to hate on everything as a large gloppy mass of whininess. Sure this game looks like it needs some polishing but overall it looks very interesting and intriguing. I agree with caden_chaos, the larger number of people tend to be ignorant and whiny.
caden_chaos 2 Fev às 14:28 
I think its funny that everyone assumes im a dev just because i enjoyed the game and would reccomend it to werewolf fans. So what if the game isnt perfect? I dont care, i enjoyed the game mechanics and the story. Since i like skyrim, I must be a dev for bethesda right? Peoples ignorance astounds me. LOL
Obi 24 Jan às 7:53 
INC 24 Jan às 7:36 
im really excited about this game!
Yellow Tea 24 Jan às 3:37 
С новым графоном эта игра выглядит офигенно !
caden_chaos 22 Jan às 18:00 
I beleive the game is only single player.
Offizier auf finnland 22 Jan às 12:49 
is there online co-op, and/or multiplayer for this game?
caden_chaos 22 Jan às 7:09 
@Hachiko's ❄ Promise

I agree with you, graphics don't matter, gameplay does. My favorite game ever (up to this point, hoping guise of the wolf takes 1st place) was morrowind, i preffered it to skyrim even though skyrim had superior graphics, I enjoyed the gameplay of morrowind more.
Hachiko's ❄ Promise 21 Jan às 16:52 
I could care less about the graphics unlss it is for Call Of Duty. But mst games re for the enjoyment and un. Call of dty, almost everyne wants the graphics to be better. Which battlefield 4 on xbox was a disppintment for graphic. In my opinion.
Cazamech 21 Jan às 9:06 
Oh, It's got it's new look, now I can't wait....
Hervor Kanavar 21 Jan às 7:21 
My money is ready! :D
FUN Creators  [autor] 18 Jan às 14:04 
@Hachiko's ❄ Promise
This is our sincere purpose; enjoyment & FUN :D
FUN Creators  [autor] 18 Jan às 14:02 
@Chaosprower sometimes you will feel it is cartoony, but sometimes you will feel it is realistic (while meeting characters, looking at doors & flames). This is very customized art style & we hope it will act as a +ve point for the game :)
FUN Creators  [autor] 18 Jan às 13:56 
It is 14.99USD with 30% release discount, the package includes the OST as well
Hachiko's ❄ Promise 18 Jan às 13:09 
As all games are meant.
Hachiko's ❄ Promise 18 Jan às 13:09 
Boo Hoo, the game is meant to be enjoyed.
Chaosprower 18 Jan às 10:24 
Watched the new trailer, I don't like the new graphic style at all, too cartoony, like trying to mimic that of Telltale's The Walking Dead or The Wolf Within Us which I didn't like either.
caden_chaos 18 Jan às 7:17 
Just curious, how much will it cost?
FUN Creators  [autor] 18 Jan às 6:41 
@ caden_chaosyes, yep it's live after few days :)
@ Hachiko's ❄ Promise loool, get bitten or run & hide :D
Hachiko's ❄ Promise 17 Jan às 14:36 
Who wants to wait? I want to get bitten.
caden_chaos 17 Jan às 13:49 
so it's live Jan 24 2014?
FUN Creators  [autor] 13 Jan às 21:12 
Thank you all for your appreciated patience, but I think nne of you want to wait any longer right? :D
Hachiko's ❄ Promise 24 Dez, 2013 às 20:35 
it probably will be under construction for even a longer time.
INC 19 Dez, 2013 às 11:45 
when will this come out? it has been ''under contrsuction'' for some time now..
Lobo_DA_Noite 4 Dez, 2013 às 6:02 
Esperando o jogo chegar na Steam *-*
Hephaest 4 Dez, 2013 às 3:19 
When the release date?
!DE! Dr. Angela Merkel 10 Nov, 2013 às 11:27 
Hi. Gives an beta-version for testing? I think the game is realy interesting. I would translate the game into german, to reach more interested people around the world. ;)
Bearholdnshark 10 Nov, 2013 às 3:40 
love it
Sgt.Fluffers 29 Out, 2013 às 14:55 
Its a step in the right direction, its just missing that feeling. It's not missing much, just a touch here and a touch there. (Just an opinion based on the movies relaesed above.)
Firelord Azula 29 Out, 2013 às 14:46 
when's the estimate release day on this game? i'd love to get it
Xenomorph Warrior 26 Out, 2013 às 17:17 
but need better graphics
Xenomorph Warrior 26 Out, 2013 às 17:17 
I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xxxGrayWolfxxx 26 Out, 2013 às 14:49 
A first person werewolf game with lots of cool adventure and action elements? COUNT ME IN! My only suggestion: better graphics. I'm not usuallly a stickler for this but I want this werewolf game to be the very best!
Captain smitha67 25 Out, 2013 às 9:57 
FINALLY this game has been greenlit, im looking forward to seeing the finished product!
INC 22 Out, 2013 às 8:12 
Is it confirmed for when the full game will come out?
Sir Metal-Heart 14 Out, 2013 às 12:23 
Looks good, hope it comes out soon.
rileybonz 12 Out, 2013 às 11:09 
Looks fun, good luck.
Manjaro 8 Out, 2013 às 21:12 
any word on a demo of the current version? or a release date? I pre-ordered already.
I dont Die™, i /\/\ultiply® 7 Out, 2013 às 0:29 
Looks like Werewolfs version of Thief deadly shadows and that is good!
Ghost 28 Set, 2013 às 5:15 
Game good!
Snxpshot 24 Set, 2013 às 9:44 
buen juego por lo visto
[FAVELA™] S T O Y A 24 Set, 2013 às 7:39 
nice game..
MIESTA WHISKAS 21 Set, 2013 às 18:20 
Is it me or does this have some of the same physics as amesia? When you open a door and there is that hand thing? This look really great! Steam should add this!
™Denis 21 Set, 2013 às 4:38 
клёвая игра!!