The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Thalmor Battlemage Robes
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YoYoduh 2013년 7월 30일 오전 12시 33분 
OK got it ! fabulous set of threads... SOOoooo much POWER As the Emporer in Starwars said " Unlimited Power " with the right Items of of enchantment ie. left and right hand rings amulet headpiece etc . it's just one lightening bolt and sparks and I cleaned out every gang of Thalmor that confronted me 8= D Thank You Ethan_Cole.
YoYoduh 2013년 7월 16일 오전 5시 08분 
How can you get into theThalmor Embassy other than the one time in the story line when you infiltrate it to find out what they know about the return of the Dragons ?
Silas_Cole  [작성자] 2013년 5월 8일 오전 9시 51분 
The only thing that might be affected is the texture, i have yet to figure out how to give individual objects different textures than that of the original. i know i should of figured it out already but i just haven't been on the creation kit for awhile.
jodahavatar 2013년 4월 29일 오후 5시 22분 
Does this use the same mesh files as the Thalmor robes? IE, would mods that affect the Thalmor robes visually also affect these?
-AT- Hyperion 2013년 3월 5일 오전 5시 43분 
Well this is indeed overpowerd -.-
Riz'e 2013년 2월 25일 오후 1시 22분 
cheers and no problem
Silas_Cole  [작성자] 2013년 2월 25일 오후 1시 03분 
Find it at the thalmor embassy barracks. sorry that i didn't post that, just updated.
Riz'e 2013년 2월 21일 오전 3시 34분 
where to find it
The Friendly Derakor 2013년 2월 16일 오후 4시 13분 
Silas_Cole  [작성자] 2013년 2월 13일 오후 12시 51분 
Yeah, I guess I could put this armor on some of the Thalmor that you see out and about. I'll see about doing this, the only reason why i didn't before is because of how expensive the armor is and seeing how you could seek them out and kill them and get it all the time i figured it would be OP but in the other hand they could be harder to kill and therefore making them more of a boss fight and it being worth it. I'll look into it.
The Friendly Derakor 2013년 2월 5일 오전 8시 50분 
oh sorry i knew that, you did say before and thats cool, but just saying it would not only be lore friendly, but also cool to see your work on the normal thalmor guys or maybe a follower, just some ideas if your still working on the mod ^.^
Silas_Cole  [작성자] 2013년 2월 5일 오전 8시 49분 
If you wait 10 days the chest will respawn, allowing you to get more than one. But if it doesn't tell me so I can update.
The Friendly Derakor 2013년 2월 4일 오후 2시 39분 
looks cool, will you be updating it to be on the thalmor later on? so more then one can be found?