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Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost
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kalinka666 20 кві о 3:55am 
ionutudor2012 18 кві о 7:06am 
tiagofranco7 9 кві о 5:51pm 
yes but i think will be better if don't exist this large inventory, just a little you can open when you want. and i think the characters are boring whiout animations
Guest1982 7 кві о 5:52am 
Roshie Luna ,=,e 11 бер о 11:50am 
I am a person that loves Puzzle games and would have a great time figuring out this game
ER<RUS> 8 бер о 11:53am 
Trualala 26 лют о 4:30am 
I like it. That looks cool.
Dreno 21 лют о 10:05pm 
Oooo, A creepy point and click with such varied environements.... Yes I shall.
PerryThePlatypus 8 лют о 7:30pm 
Like it. This World needs more adventure games with nice graphics.
ramuel_944 20 січ о 8:50am 
You have to puts efforts in the story to come up with a good game. Keep going then.
Orbister 18 січ о 11:05am 
not another mary sue adventure... pls no...
ShizZ 15 січ о 9:58pm 
no linux version --> no greenlight support.
hunter7654 14 січ о 11:27pm 
looks like another point and click adventure game, but it also looks like it may have some creepy elements to it. Put simply enough a decent looking game
Den.EXE 12 січ о 3:45am 
[STH & MLP] Юрчик 2 січ о 5:57am 
графика красивая
adrtTTttTtTt 31 гру 2013 о 10:02am 
kiolan 30 гру 2013 о 12:24pm 
with enough deep in the story it could be interesting
MelisendraZ 29 гру 2013 о 12:38pm 
looks nice ;)
Dead_Man_Walking 25 гру 2013 о 8:25am 
Bo 22 гру 2013 о 10:57am 
good point-and-click games are indeed rare - go for it
jjppgg 22 гру 2013 о 1:52am 
too bad?
MARTIN GARRIX 7 гру 2013 о 5:50am 
на любителя
666 GESTAPO 666 1 гру 2013 о 7:21am 
да игра классна
lukezach1 29 лис 2013 о 9:29am 
Any chance you could make this for mac too?
ricardocasama 31 жов 2013 о 1:21am 
Please, add spanish language.
Conterini™ 22 жов 2013 о 3:15pm 
bad game ,
DonFloppy 6 жов 2013 о 8:35am 
good point-and-click games are rare these days and it seems to be good one
PReCuRSoR 1 жов 2013 о 7:11pm 
Seems to be a good game but I'm not sure if I have the time for this game... :(
Stan 27 вер 2013 о 3:19am 
no way ... this game suck ... nice song but, bad game
DavitosanX 14 вер 2013 о 9:40pm 
'Find the object' games aren't my favorite, but I like the art style :D
soul-fire88 17 сер 2013 о 1:25pm 
A great game! I played the demo on Big Fish!
magicpocket00 3 сер 2013 о 8:25am 
Looks great
TheHairball 28 лип 2013 о 6:25am 
Looks rather nice.
TentacleOv3rlord 27 лип 2013 о 10:16am 
I love the style of the game! I'm not really good at adventure games but I still love playing them and this looks super fun! I hope i get to play this game one day. :D
riki 25 лип 2013 о 2:44am 
русский язык плиз!)
jujuryan77 24 лип 2013 о 6:37am 
I love these sort of mystery adventure games.
Aermax64 22 лип 2013 о 11:28am 
Seems to be great.
Xena 13 лип 2013 о 5:08am 
Looks interesting to me.
Levelzero 12 лип 2013 о 5:02am 
Recently remembered how much I love point and click adventure games...
Anon_2 10 лип 2013 о 2:57pm 
looks good
vnsbloo 4 лип 2013 о 3:48pm 
love the artwork!! looks like a game i would really enjoy :D
mmazanza 2 лип 2013 о 11:25pm 
I love the art of this game! also, I am a famboy of graphic adventures so... you have almost sold this to me!
TitanSwarm 28 чер 2013 о 7:46pm 
reminds me of those old ispy games in the 90s
Mf[R]O 26 чер 2013 о 8:46pm 
It's really cool!
Magus 11 чер 2013 о 5:51am 
This may sound rude, but I don't believe this really belongs on Steam, or on PC at all. This type of gameplay works just fine as a mobile game. I'm not going to downvote it, though.
chrislubu 28 тра 2013 о 10:10am 
Its amazaing ! <3
The Andy-Christ 27 тра 2013 о 6:31pm 
Seems like a great game! I can't wait!
Хохло Кіт 20 тра 2013 о 1:25pm 
not bad!
Sporkman 15 тра 2013 о 2:13pm 
Thios hidden objects game seems to have a background. Such as i think i saw a representation to the River of Styx and similar things in mythology. It tweaked my interest.
Gizmo 3 тра 2013 о 11:45pm