Portal 2 Survivors
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scout2005 13 apr om 12:15nm 
Sense when could GlaDOS walk?
Fawazthani 12 apr om 5:02vm 
P-body is must be for ellis
❄ Frozen ❄ 9 apr om 9:50vm 
Please could you make this for the L4D1 survivors too please?
Peashooter 9 apr om 5:49vm 
it little weird for glados 0-0
Dr. Taco 7 apr om 3:41vm 
I think you should add their own voices, for example, Glados is easy, because that bitch has enough voices for the rest of her life. Chell can be Rochell, P-Body and Atlas can be P-Body and Atlas.
Angel Flash 5 apr om 7:54vm 

That's the easter egg in Dark Carnival
Dancing Mushroom 4 apr om 6:45nm 
you should make stand alones for the models and put them in the work shop
Wheatley 8 mrt om 1:35vm 
@Lemonator 9000 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=224548371&searchtext=half+life+2 Here you have. All credit to the owner itself. Not me
Jack Schitt 6 mrt om 1:27nm 
why glaDOS and not wheatley?
HollowDaddyO 2 mrt om 12:47nm 
Whats the map?
Pavloff [The PA] 23 feb om 10:21vm 
Dont work :с
탕탕맨 18 feb om 8:18nm 
COOL !!!!
floobadoo99 18 feb om 1:58nm 
:3 i approve of this alot
Ma4eTeRo 16 feb om 4:27vm 
TheFrosty_Drakensburg 10 feb om 10:21nm 
Why doesn't anyone do HL2 survivors for/on the workshop?
[DFS] Darksmilez [classic] 8 feb om 5:21nm 
also do they bleed?
[DFS] Darksmilez [classic] 8 feb om 5:20nm 
DeathAngel 5 feb om 8:29vm 
Gabe Newell 2 feb om 6:40vm 
This is the most amazeballs thing.
Mechanical_Angel 29 jan om 5:36nm 
Do these replace the default survivor models?
gamepro292 29 jan om 1:23nm 
looks coooolllllll
-Kurai-The-Samurai-Keeper- 18 jan om 5:31nm 
Rattmann most be known!!! (fyi he is the one who made portal a good game and why you play as chell and how you lived through the sleep... robot voice:you have been asleep for 50 years
-Kurai-The-Samurai-Keeper- 18 jan om 5:26nm 
how about p-body:ellis Atlas:coach: Rattmann:nick chell:rochelle
how is the map called
Companion-Core 9 jan om 6:22nm 
Mildly Menacing Nikrnikle Dec 30, 2013 @ 11:59am
I would like to use only chell, but not the others. Is there any way i can do that?

If he split it into multiple mods you could (hint hint)
Companion-Core 9 jan om 6:21nm 
If you could like instead of GLaDOS maybe like put a rocket turret on wheels or something that would look better because GLaDOS just looks wrong
werewolf 8 jan om 11:19vm 
haha i like it
Clockwork Comic 6 jan om 6:34nm 
in my opinion it seems cool does it bring viruses
AAG™ 4 jan om 11:20vm 
lol GLaDOS xD.
GLaDOS is on the ceiling, She can't go anywhere, Because she is on the ceiling.
{o.w.n] TRON evolution 2 jan om 7:09vm 
GLadOS wtf?
B3AR 1 jan om 4:30nm 
ℋüsky-ķun 1 jan om 2:27vm 
Mildly, they're on l4dmaps. (Thankfully, since I don't like the GLaDOS skin :p)
Night Wolf 30 dec 2013 om 4:26nm 
The Danger 30 dec 2013 om 8:59vm 
I would like to use only chell, but not the others. Is there any way i can do that?
waffleboy0122 30 dec 2013 om 5:16vm 
nice addon
Gerorge W. Burns 29 dec 2013 om 9:04nm 
can we get a version with the origonal survivors?
[EP] rcmero 29 dec 2013 om 2:07nm 
Why did you add GLaDOS? Why not Bendy? </meme>
Eyolis 29 dec 2013 om 12:59vm 
lol, looks cool
Crazed Gunman 28 dec 2013 om 6:49vm 
Could you add sounds, or would that be a problem? Because Glados saying "Cut that shit out" when shot at makes me feel a bit wierd.
tetTris 26 dec 2013 om 11:28nm 
well l4d2 was free :( because valve unbanned 1200 cod players
Twentry 26 dec 2013 om 7:37nm 
[GL] Akurai 25 dec 2013 om 4:43nm 
This looks cool. I will test it since L4-D2 Is free now
BolognaGuy 20 dec 2013 om 4:20nm 
BoLuo_zzzzz 6 dec 2013 om 2:32vm 
very cool!
ḾأşﮐĬñǥ₦σ. 28 nov 2013 om 11:21vm 
Stalker of the Night 27 nov 2013 om 4:44nm 
Ninja Unicorn 23 nov 2013 om 1:57vm 
Animus ( away for a week) 21 nov 2013 om 3:19nm 
blood81 if you look in the description you can see there are links to download the mods separate for each character
Blood81 15 nov 2013 om 6:57nm 
Hey can I have like only the Chelle skin for Rochelle? I honestly dont want the other skins just want to Chell skin. If you can make a seperate mod for it that would be fantastic
ᴿᴱᴻᴱ™ 15 nov 2013 om 12:02vm 
who wants to get the lovely companion cube as a freaking melee ? :D