Back To School (Chapter 1)
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Unca Scruug Apr 13 @ 11:37pm 
It Crashes Each time i even try to Load it. It's ethier i have to much addons, Or it's a Bug.
Master Chief Apr 13 @ 6:34am 
die kampange is totale scheiße
dasschmiert jedesmal nach 5 min ab un ich weiß nich weiso
KillerDude W.T.F Mar 28 @ 8:47pm 
when i load the game it will either go back to the desktop and log out of l4d or during the game it logs out any ideas?
DJPoppieRocks Mar 24 @ 8:30pm 
Common infected TOO STRONG!!!
Mr.Pancake 117 Mar 18 @ 3:03pm 
everything works except that lots of the tress and some signs are not loaded and all pink
Swalsh Mar 15 @ 5:43am 
the campaigns are conflicting with the campaign content. And the campaign content is "obligated" or thats what it says
MrBigly Mar 15 @ 1:10am 
Left 4 Dead, Directed by Micheal Bay!
Azazel Mar 14 @ 9:23am 
yes me to
[MKAY] Darkassault Mar 11 @ 6:59pm 
Call this map hax land. Errors and pink everywhere, zero gravity, and unlimited ammo.
colt47 Mar 11 @ 6:31am 
I'm having the same problem with all the entries conflicting with one another.
JazzaNova Mar 10 @ 3:50pm 
Same problem as The Doctor. Just downloaded the 7 parts but i have conflicting problem with all of them. (all are red in my workshop)
The Doctor Mar 10 @ 6:35am 
Chapters 1-7 are conflicting with each other. Help?
DeejaymasterR Mar 9 @ 1:28pm 
i see many errors!
Zsavage1 Mar 1 @ 3:04pm 
Running win7 64 bit all latest drivers for everything.. game won't even start.. soon as it loads and gets ready to start.. game crashes to desktop :( have all 7 addons.. took them off and even reinstalled in order and still same ..crash to desktop
«Waz★Mix» «K★P» Mar 1 @ 4:33am 
veriu funeh 10/11 (turneh te spekerz üp tu 11!)
Dragonborn Feb 28 @ 6:07am 
i am seeing big red ERROR messages in the game itself!! how to fix that??
( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) Feb 27 @ 11:39am 
This is epic.
CyberUmbreon Feb 25 @ 8:50am 
Best campaing i've played so far,
love the easteregg and refrences! going to try this on Tank rush. Real challance!
ich liebe dich doch <3
XmiwX Feb 19 @ 2:03pm 
Thanks :D now I can die in peace :)
Thetin Bourne Feb 19 @ 11:28am 
Thanks a bunch, love it and the campaign!
100_o/o_f@ke  [author] Feb 19 @ 10:43am 
There are 3 keys - in chapter 3, 4 and 5. Each of them opens one secret (with easter egg inside) on each map.
Two more tips for you:
Keys are on the same map with the secret, which they can open.
Keys are not so very far away from the secrets - in same building or on the same floor or just across the street.

Also campaign has a lot of other easter eggs: some of them - just references, others are interactive and very hard to find, and of course most obvious and ongoing - "spying" teddy bears throught all maps.

I think we've made fourteen or so medium to big easter eggs (not counting teddy bears).
XmiwX Feb 19 @ 10:11am 
What is that fucking key for? it's killing me xD
100_o/o_f@ke  [author] Feb 19 @ 6:51am 
@Thetin Bourne, You can download it here[].
Thetin Bourne Feb 17 @ 4:01pm 
Anyone know the name of the song used in the credits of the campaign?
DongSquad Feb 12 @ 1:13pm 
at the part where you are supposed to find something to blow up the wall in chapter 1, it doesnt work and the game breaks. any idea?
erson03 Feb 11 @ 4:10am 
Don Juan Feb 9 @ 7:38am 
OMG it looks amazing! u have amazing talent!
Silent Kid Feb 8 @ 12:14pm 
the trailer has me hooked on like a meat hook
Help... I ha\/e the campaign content and at least chapter 1 - forest checked, conflicting, but it keeps crashing and showing the models/infected/hulk_l4d1 not found.
100_o/o_f@ke  [author] Feb 3 @ 12:17pm 
You need all 7 parts of campaign properly installed - Read here.
Also you need Valve's Missing Content Fix[], until next update.

@[GFL] epic wolv (Angus pounder)
No, I've made this church myself, from scratch.
o and to fix that get css it works for gmod so
is it the church from silent fear map
cAnt wait to play ths sounds awsome and as soon as im finished getting this one im gonna get the others
Pedro Feb 3 @ 10:38am 
everything is ok except that many of the textures are purple!! like trees, fences etc! how do i fix it? thanks
Bogdan♛︻デ═一 Feb 2 @ 7:21am 
i don t remember what is was the name but is was the same church but they was some humans no zombies
100_o/o_f@ke  [author] Feb 2 @ 6:49am 
Can you remember where exactly did you see that church? That map it was? At least can you remember that game it was?
Bogdan♛︻デ═一 Feb 2 @ 5:24am 
i can t chop the cable at cinema,and the church the part were u get inside i think i see that church and in a nother map im sure i see it on a nother map
100_o/o_f@ke  [author] Jan 29 @ 1:18pm 
@XxVeNoMxX, Read this first.
XxVeNoMxX Jan 29 @ 12:27pm 
every time i go to make a game it takes for ever to load then once it gets to the end it will crash.
Sandman Jan 29 @ 9:18am 
Best custom map ever !
Tr3ger Jan 28 @ 10:25am 
Diky moc super mapa :)
bigattraction Jan 25 @ 4:54am 
[¤TpW¤] Dani$h_$i$ Jan 24 @ 5:21am 
The weapons in the trailer ;)
100_o/o_f@ke  [author] Jan 22 @ 2:45pm 
I don't understand. Weapons in trailer?
[¤TpW¤] Dani$h_$i$ Jan 22 @ 10:19am 
Whats weapons plz...?
Rob77 Jan 20 @ 10:06am 
mr j Jan 18 @ 9:40pm 
potatomaniac go to and download
frafabis Jan 15 @ 7:29am