Portal 2
Teamwork is awesome! 08
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[LaR7] sesma  [작성자] 2013년 2월 10일 오후 7시 26분 
Ok. I think it is important to know community opinion, about what the chamber need to be fun. Thank you very much!
Rayvo 2013년 2월 10일 오후 2시 17분 
I think the signs are fine its just that we werent looking in the right direction
[LaR7] sesma  [작성자] 2013년 2월 10일 오전 11시 42분 
@ Rayvo - in time. Thank you to use my map to your video. I sugest to you try Teamwork is awesome! 03. It's very nice.
[LaR7] sesma  [작성자] 2013년 2월 10일 오전 11시 41분 
I watched your video. Thank you to rated it up. You taked a long time to find the blue gel. Are the sings confuse? Maybe i need to make some changes. What do you think?
Rayvo 2013년 2월 9일 오후 1시 12분 
Hey man, my friend and I made a video playing through your chamber