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Bollywood Wannabe
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247 kommenttia
devotee 31. heinä, 2016 10.02 
Any news?
fjmac65 3. maalis, 2016 9.55 
Any details on an impending Steam release?
Frankie ITA 4. joulu, 2015 15.11 
This game is similar Sally Bollywood tv Shows.
TJF588 6. marras, 2015 19.16 
Came to mind again tonight. Still anticipating getting Steamy in here!
Xiang 6. marras, 2015 13.45 
Are you releasing on Steam sometime this century?
Lucien Dark 26. elo, 2015 7.19 
Any news on the release? It's been nearly two years now :-(
Gang Warily 7. joulu, 2014 13.04 
Will this game ever be on steam, or the Greenlight was for nothing?
Vekter 28. marras, 2014 17.45 
Just wondering, how close is this game to actually being released on Steam?
wutoupal 27. heinä, 2014 6.25 
cooljammer00 18. heinä, 2014 19.18 
The Giant Bombcast discussed Bollywood related games this week. This game would probably be right up their alley. Is it up on Steam yet?
Flowers_and_Dreams 5. heinä, 2014 0.05 
Guess not. =(
Spaz McBomb 7. touko, 2014 23.24 
Just played a half hour of this and loved it, it's hilarious. Can't wait till it hits steam.
Flowers_and_Dreams 1. huhti, 2014 22.40 
This got greenlit ages ago, is it ever going up?
Invisigoth 1. maalis, 2014 19.55 
looks good
Letsgetarded🐼 13. joulu, 2013 1.35 
I just fukin love this. :^)
pearce64 7. joulu, 2013 18.10 
not sure what to think....
Ampa 5. joulu, 2013 15.38 
Conratulations on being Greenlight - but PLEASE tell me your going to add controller support!!
لإسعنهأهةث 23. marras, 2013 10.38 
OH... MY... GOD... I must buy it, it's genious! For me and my mom, she loves bollywood, and that's 2in1 - her beloved music and game!
Selexo 23. marras, 2013 3.46 
I just saw this got Greenlit.. and I am one of the suckers that voted this through.. OMG I'm so going to buy this ?????? game.. lol..
[wkG]Hokura 22. marras, 2013 10.41 
sounds cute, seems like a fun console game that you could have motion,etc....
sergioreynel 19. marras, 2013 16.51 
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Borzoi-Feet 19. marras, 2013 11.11 
It took forever but you made it! Congrats!!
bad 15. marras, 2013 8.17 
Hilarious, grats on getting Greenlit!
CobaltRex 13. marras, 2013 8.24 
Greenlit! OMG! I'm so happy!
Get ready to dance, world! :D
[TPG] Kanati 13. marras, 2013 6.40 
This looks GENIUS! :D
AlloyForce 13. marras, 2013 1.16 
...C..congrats? (I can't exactly put my opinion on this one)
Starmine 12. marras, 2013 21.35 
Congratz on greenlit!
TJF588 12. marras, 2013 15.07 
Yes! It's Greenlit!
92nami 12. marras, 2013 10.50 
the game no one asked for but everyone deserves
Cup of Midas 11. marras, 2013 9.51 
Fricking sweet
Karol 30. loka, 2013 13.48 
KiNG 24. loka, 2013 8.25 
Purple Fiction 14. loka, 2013 19.04 
This looks about as entertaining as a Bollywood movie.
Amora 4. loka, 2013 6.31 
I played it a lot. It's a very funny (and addictive) game. I would buy it (again) here without problems.
Mighty Joe 20. syys, 2013 2.32 
This looks hilarious. I probably won't buy it, but the video alone gets my vote.
Kirkaccio 15. syys, 2013 0.12 
Just a word: LOL!
Scrotey 13. syys, 2013 21.18 
This game's hella cool. You've got my vote.
My only advice is that it needs to be more difficult! I was able to breeze through it on hardest with the greatest of ease. Perhaps a mode that prompted you specific directions, rather than whatever you feel like pressing?
The Mighty Fighty Shush-Bugs 9. syys, 2013 3.52 
I get it, their clothes are different than ours!
Poplar 9. syys, 2013 3.51 
Nothingness 無 6. syys, 2013 14.52 
Bought the game from the Indie royale bundle, I don't really like rhythm type games/mini games, but this was actually fun.
Is there a download for the theme of the game?
Party Yeen 4. syys, 2013 21.32 
A Bollywood music game. Why didn't someone think of this before?
hibikir 4. syys, 2013 20.34 
This game is in dire need of code improvements. 3.8ghz i7, Radeon HD 6870, and the animation is so choppy that I can count the frames in the bottom bar. If there's something a rythm game needs is good animation for the bars.

It's a good game otherwise, but for god's sake, make that animation more fluid.
Slow 3. syys, 2013 19.55 
love it. GREAT music
Sombie: Fake Fatty 2. syys, 2013 9.14 
lol... What a retarded game... Voted for anyway xD
Allen 1. syys, 2013 1.11 
AHUEHAUEHUEA Caraca, procurei gameplays deste game e como eu raxei a cara rindo!! Deve ser muito divertido de jogar, acredito que vou adquirir pelo Indie Royale :D
Grechu47 31. elo, 2013 11.15 
It's soo funny haha :D love it
Appley Hooves™ 30. elo, 2013 21.51 
I might get this because of the Indie Royale, but if it has/had this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9qvCTdBLDs) ,
it would be awesome (being serious here). Keep up the good work!
Magictroll 30. elo, 2013 4.57 
Wow, I love it! I really hope you get greenlit!
TubaPlyr 29. elo, 2013 23.58 
Very original game I like it.
Labanych 29. elo, 2013 23.46 
крутая игра