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Drox Operative
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Drakken ápr. 16. @ de. 3:20 
This game is remembering me "Space Rangers", and i liked Space rangers..
I may buy this game a litle later since i have my hand full with games for now.
desolation0 febr. 24. @ du. 11:07 
Hah, good on ya, glad to see this finally up.
Be2maru248 febr. 22. @ de. 2:11 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
Soldak Entertainment  [készítő] febr. 20. @ du. 12:44 
I'm not sure anyone will see this since we are now live on Steam, but I greatly appreciate all of the votes and kind words that helped us get Greenlit!
sahornback febr. 18. @ de. 9:32 
Drox Operative is now available in the store 0n sale for 50% off initially.

mlwhitt febr. 13. @ du. 3:17 
Own every Soldak game and expansion and love them. Drox is my favorite of all though. So glad it is on Steam now.
[34]Heelidar febr. 13. @ de. 9:26 
YES! Good job. You deserve it!
catwhowalksbyhimself febr. 11. @ du. 5:50 
Finally! Should have been sooner, IMO, but glad that it's happening.
com truise febr. 11. @ de. 5:01 
Great news and congrats on the greenlight! This game is so unique & fun to play, it deserves a much wider audience.
sahornback febr. 10. @ de. 7:31 
The author is working to get Drox in the store ASAP.
zero febr. 10. @ de. 12:35 
...Dammit I thought I could get it right now -_-
zero febr. 10. @ de. 12:34 

Guys, just so you know, it was all my last comment that got it greenlit :P
DonTheDon febr. 7. @ du. 8:32 
Holy fucking unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it on steam now now now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Half-Lime febr. 7. @ de. 9:45 
Finally! Grats on the green guys :)
Star-X febr. 7. @ de. 7:09 
Awesome! Now I just have to hope my friends take the plunge and buy this game too once it gets on Steam...it'd be sweet to be able to actually play this game with multiple people :)
FuneralMile febr. 6. @ de. 11:14 
Congrats, waited so long for this to be finally greenlit. I hope this great game gets the recognition it deserves.
saddysally febr. 6. @ de. 6:19 
That day has come! Long live Soldak!
RinSatori febr. 6. @ de. 4:05 
congrats finally!
­­­­­­tenquixote febr. 6. @ de. 3:19 
Wob Wobley febr. 6. @ de. 1:38 
Yes! Now, please get someone like TotalBiscuit to play your game and think of us while swimming in money.
Fedya febr. 5. @ du. 10:40 
ricmadeira febr. 5. @ du. 4:57 
FINALLY!! Congrats to everybody, woooo!
Expanding Man febr. 5. @ du. 4:21 
Oh my god FINALLY!

Yay for one of the best and most under-appreciated games of the last five yeras.
sahornback febr. 5. @ du. 3:03 
Yes, Thank you, zero! They finally listened to someone! :)
Korriban febr. 5. @ du. 1:48 
At long, long last! Good work, zero.
Arkblade febr. 5. @ du. 1:41 
oh my god! Drox finally get Greenlit today!

btw, when drox come to the steam store?
and existing users where tell to get steam key ?
zero febr. 4. @ du. 6:46 
why the hell is this not greenlit yet?? -_-
helacious jan. 31. @ du. 1:16 
Bought this game a couple days ago directly from the dev's site, didn't know it was on Greenlight. Definitely deserves to be greenlit. Really fun and surprisingly deep. Easily worth the money.
spleendamage jan. 30. @ du. 12:02 
I already own this (and the expansion). Awesome game, should have been greenlit ages ago.
Star-X jan. 28. @ du. 6:53 
Cool, game bought from their site then. Looking forward to getting a Steam key when/if this gets greenlit then :)
sahornback jan. 28. @ du. 2:56 
Star-X, the author stated this earlier about steam keys: "cicero: That is still true. If we get greenlit, we will gladly give a Drox Steam code to people that buy Drox from us and request a code. " I will add that if yes voting picks up just a little, Drox may make it to Steam sooner than later. Soldak just needs a few more votes!
Star-X jan. 28. @ du. 2:45 
I'm seriously thinking about buying the game directly from your site since Greenlight's taking way too long for my tastes. Any chance of giving buyers from your store Steam keys? If not, I guess I can wait for Drox to be greenlit...but I kinda expect that'll take a long time given the much worse games that've been greenlit before this :(
Famicry jan. 27. @ du. 9:08 
I really hope for its further development!
Famicry jan. 27. @ du. 9:02 
Сюжет бы ей, а так она великолепна! :) Улучшенный Space Rangers I-II.
Great game after SR!
Princess Misery jan. 27. @ de. 6:46 
If you guys haven't played their previous games, you should! I haven't tried Drox yet, but I'm sure it's going to be just as fun as his previous games. This guy is a genius. Old school looking games that are unique and very fun. Please support him, I'd love to see his company grow and release even more games. He recently just had a new baby with his wife too. Please if you can, support this developer!!!
Power_Bert jan. 23. @ du. 8:05 
Im playing this game since its official release in 2012 and im still loving it. Imagine Diablo in Space while interacting with different alien species to reach your goals (Domination, Diplomacy, Economic Victory etc.). Even if youre not into Hack&Slay games you might like this because of its 4X elements. Yes it has a steep learning curve, but everything is explained by tooltips and optional hint messages, so what gives?
Chosen One jan. 23. @ du. 2:33 
People love fancy graphics, this is major reason of lack of attention it need to have. A bit more Dynamic lighting and bump-mapping and such stuff would be good for it, and some more advanced and detailed ship looking.
sahornback jan. 23. @ de. 8:33 
Shouldn't be too much longer provided Drox continues to get more yes votes. Help with the final push to get this game on Steam! Get your Steam friends to vote.
Arkblade jan. 22. @ de. 1:28 
1/22 Greenlit list has been revealed. of course still no Drox.
mprod jan. 21. @ du. 4:08 
Great Game. Get this greenlit.
SuperHyperDopeMegaFresh jan. 21. @ de. 5:14 
This looks awesome. Talk with Steam and get this game ot us!
JorgMan jan. 21. @ de. 3:01 
Great Game.
gric.nz jan. 20. @ du. 8:04 
greenlight aready
Pandorych jan. 19. @ du. 2:59 
Хотелось бы на русском языке,модели кораблей посерьёзнее.It would be desirable in Russian, models of the ships are more serious, quests are more various.And any prevention that you play more than two hours!
Runtus jan. 16. @ du. 4:20 
Нет Linux версии? Я буду голосовать назло нытиков как Shizz
No linux version? I will vote just to spite whiners like Shizz
Aron von Richthofen jan. 16. @ de. 1:09 
This game is one of the most original that I have played in a very long time and I can't fathom why it's not on Steam yet.
fav_krez jan. 16. @ de. 12:08 
Good game.
Gfamad jan. 15. @ du. 12:55 
Drox Operative is another Gem from Soldaak. Each of their game is magic, and I can only highly recommand it.
HaVoK308 jan. 14. @ du. 11:15 
It is a damn sin this game has not been Greenlit yet. Looking over the latest batch to make it through, I find it hard to comprehend how some of them rated higher than Drox Op.
Soldak Entertainment  [készítő] jan. 14. @ du. 2:21 
Version 1.034 is out! Since the last official patch, the patch fixes a bunch of minor issues.