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Interstellar Flower Power
108 kommenttia
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Sylvanoshi 2. marras 6.44 
для ачивок
#Kingpin 11. loka 15.23 
Raikeran 5. loka 13.02 
Pew pew games are always a must for time killing.
[HoRtR] jimkakour 9. syys 5.57 
where my Whiskas 4. syys 6.59 
DJ Heady 29. elo 5.02 
Very nice music.
MadMadDude 21. elo 8.54 
Anoyhrt Nice Game, I Like it...
ShiroiAkuma 16. elo 18.46 
Good game
Bulvui 5. elo 21.03 
looks pretty fun.
pew and pew and pew lol what can we see
masta._. 20. heinä 2.10 
BuDuZefores 30. kesä 16.16 
not bad
KtoChcesz^^ 27. kesä 8.37 
Nice game!
Cat 27. kesä 5.14 
good game! Good gameplay and world!
Rincewind from Ankh-Morpork 26. kesä 15.13 
so much pew pew
Striker 25. kesä 0.38 
Mr. Brown 24. kesä 0.00 
Universal_Gemini 21. kesä 7.47 
pretty =)
*cy4ka|228*>> 16. kesä 19.24 
Красочная , приятная игра :)
BrutalPussyDestroyer 5. kesä 6.38 
КоЛоБоК 22. huhti 11.18 
просто интересная игра для развлечений
DoctorPARK 28. maalis 1.06 
14. maalis 19.18 
if there was an online co op than i might buy it (at the right price) but right now i feel like this game is something i could get for free in a online game website. I also think that the graphics need a slight improvement but other than that Great Job!
Shell 6. maalis 1.04 
its fun
Miss Queens Killer™ 4. maalis 15.57 
Nice music ^^
jackaho 4. tammi 2.46 
The music is intruiging!
Myxomatosium 30. loka, 2013 7.46 
Boyancyoperated 29. loka, 2013 14.46 
Interesting game idea, love the music it makes it feel so ambeant as space is, well done, it's a yes from me.
:) 10. loka, 2013 11.30 
No thanks :D
Kiko Bajoras 10. syys, 2013 1.35 
Polybius like game
Skillet 29. elo, 2013 7.20 
Gameplay rafraichissant ! :D
QUAKEMS 15. elo, 2013 8.01 
i love retro space shooters so I'd probably buy this even if the music and visuals weren't as amazing as they are
Lord Crownicsz 22. heinä, 2013 13.26 
Liked the music, liked the visuals, love the fact that there's local co-op.
Good stuff.
Ramonak 20. heinä, 2013 0.32 
Интересует космическая тематика.
Corpsolian 9. heinä, 2013 21.34 
A bit of a strain on the eyes, this.
TheOneTrickster 9. kesä, 2013 8.07 
interesting enough for me to greenlight thanks
Nick Offerman 6. touko, 2013 13.11 
The soundtrack is simple but awesome thats the best part i saw!
Nick 26. huhti, 2013 1.53 
just waiting for the coop :)
Cyanide 24. huhti, 2013 21.59 
I could never vote on a game without trying it first. The experience of watching a video (imaging your playing) it totally different from actually playing. I feel that if the the game is as soothing as it is in the trailer, it has my vote. I know it's a- ummm, could you even say violent when there's no blood or graphic content? Like ya I guess you could/would say that. Anyways demo it up LOL
snidelyclyde 14. huhti, 2013 22.35 
I think I just had a seizure...MOAR COLORS!!!
ddperisic 18. maalis, 2013 16.51 
looks colour full and fun
Aria 8. maalis, 2013 13.50 
Nice simple concept, I'll be watching for this-- but everyone does have a point about the contrast.
PetTechGuy 27. helmi, 2013 1.33 
dat contrast and bloom. no.
Butternine 25. helmi, 2013 11.35 
If it's cheap I might it up. Otherwise it looks like something more suited for a mobile device.
Frasier 23. helmi, 2013 21.49 
Great, psuedo hippies learned how to code games to show the world as seen through their eyes.
BlackJudas 21. helmi, 2013 17.30 
Can't play it on my platform =(
ricardo dark0 4. helmi, 2013 19.59 
maybe in google play bro
Kana 1. helmi, 2013 9.48 
Perhaps you should consider adjusting the contrast and bloom settings.

No, just no. Absolutely no.
Tykey-Wikey 1. helmi, 2013 7.01 
The colours.. they're so prettyyyy *licks the screen*